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Dressing Room Design Ideas

A dressing room or changing room is a room or area of a house, apartment or other area, designated for the people to change their clothes in privacy. Sometimes a small portion of a washroom can also be available in it. A perfect modern dressing room is a well-ordered space that combines various elements of the bedroom and a walk-in closet, where we could store our stuff. There are different dressing room designs, that will suit different houses, depending on its whole design.

Dressing rooms are a part of the house that can be freely decorated by the homeowners. The primary purpose of any dressing room is to supply storage for various important materials including dress, shoes, and other things. So, the room should be designed with a closet, several cabinets, cupboards, shelves, racks and other storage spaces, for showcasing your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. One can use neutral color schemes like natural wood tones, white or other light colors; bold colors and patterns can create a subtle mood to the whole room. Smooth hardwood floors or soft carpeting can be used as the dressing room floor option, which helps in giving a comfortable walking area. Installation of soft lighting can bring about an elegant and stylish look in the interiors of the room. Accessories like a dressing table, mirror, padded hangers, shelves, a coat-stand, some pieces of furniture and seating arrangements, are needed for any dressing room. We can also opt a few antique pieces and modern materials, as showpieces, which helps in creating a unique style. There are mainly three types of dressing rooms design styles, including, country, minimal and classical dressing room.

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