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Architecture and Interior Design is a conscious process by which designers attempt to propose and create an appropriate built environment for the desired programmatic requirements. It involves measured mindful plunging into thought process today for a better tomorrow. Spaces, volumes, forms, materiality can give birth to a myriad thoughts, feelings, emotions parallel to the various musical ragas that can evoke nava rasas (9 emotions). In addition to fulfilling a functional and societal need, some of the architectural projects, even years after they are built, get centrally interwoven into the lives of infinite number of people creating a live canvas for their existence, thus etching lifelong potent memories.

Architecture Continuous Architecture Continuous - Architect

B A Interior Designing

Office designs

Hospitality space designs (cafes/restaurants/bars)

Medical facility designs(clinics/hospitals/labs)

Educational facility designs(playschools/schools/colleges/study spaces)

Retail outlet designs

2d/3d Designs

Space planning

Furniture design or selection

Accessories / Decor






Other styles


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Suprith Nagaraj

Nice workmanship

Amjath Ali

Professional team, good office , car parking, good dealing

Deepak N

Nice, dreams come true


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