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DLEA is a multi – disciplinary design firm based at Chennai with roots in architecture, interior design, master planning and graphic design. The firm comprises of adept architects and civil engineers, structural engineers, landscape consultants, MEP consultants, lighting consultants, who were specialized in residential, commercial and institutional projects. This rich team with experienced professionals allows the firm to work on varied scale and type of projects depending on the need.For us, architecture is beyond designing buildings and built spaces; it involves designing the lifestyle of the users. We constantly explore and experiment on how to give character to a space in relation to the user. Architecture, according to us, should strive to move us, and make us feel a particular way. Architecture too, like music, has the ability to influence one’s mood. The built space should make us happier when we are happy; it should comfort us when we are sad. It should calm us when we are disturbed. Architectural practice is an interesting interweave of built space versus human emotions. It explores how the character of space changes with its usage in respect to the number of users.Life shall ooze into a built space and it shall live in happiness with us when it breathes, when it is exposed and when it has some emotions to express. We design the built space keeping in mind that it is a living being which always serves its users.

DLEA Architects DLEA Architects - Architect

Home designs

Office designs

Hospitality space designs (cafes/restaurants/bars)

Lifestyle space designs (spas/salons/gyms)

Medical facility designs(clinics/hospitals/labs)

Educational facility designs(playschools/schools/colleges/study spaces)

Retail outlet designs

2d/3d Designs

Space planning

Furniture design or selection

Color consultation

Lighting selection

Accessories / Decor


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Other styles



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