The most crucial task involved in home designing is deciding on the interior shades. The walls in a room are the biggest determining factor in the décor composition of the entire space. The easiest way to refresh or reorganize your rooms is to get the walls some fresh coats of paint. Painting the walls, are no more a boring and basic job as now you have a plethora of options to choose from. So, in today’s page, we are going to break down the recipe to 10 beautiful interior wall paints ideas that you can achieve at your ease with creative liberty.

Paint bedroom


01. The Pastel Palette

You just cannot go wrong with a pastel combination, no matter how hard you try. This combination will work the best for you if you want to go for a more minimalist and softer finish to your room. Start with picking on a shade and then paint your feature wall with the darkest one in the range. White and Ivory are the best complementary shades to these combinations. So, try to blend in these colours into the décor pieces of your room. The soft glam interior design with a mix of pastel walls can add a serene and peaceful essence to your abode.

Pastel Aesthetic


02. The Vintage Stains

Vintage is the new vogue. Well, to be honest, it never went out of style. But now, with the rise in demand for the rustic interior designs, vintage walls are making a major comeback. These are created by using antique faux finish techniques or by distressed painting. Thus, we suggest you consult with professionals for the purpose. This style of paints fits both classic vintage homes and rustic layouts and gives a very refined richness to the rooms. In the following snap, we see a very vintage sitting area with a backdrop wall painted in rich textured teal, which adds to the antiqueness in the frame.

Vintage Walls


03. The Motifs and Murals

A simple and clean mural can make your feature wall look incredibly fancy. This trend has made sprucing up your basic walls the easiest. In case you want to avoid free hand-painted motifs, you can opt for the stencilled murals to get more neat results.

These designs fit best in a traditional home space. But you can surely make some exceptions with a modern layout as well. In that case, you will have to carefully incorporate the colours of the décor pieces and furniture in the room. For example, in the following snap, we see a very clean room with a little pop of colours on the wall with that beautifully textured tree mural.

Motif on Wall


04. Swear by The Nude Shades

This combination is undoubtedly the all-time best friend of a modern home. These shades are the perfect combination for the interior walls and have a very warm touch to them. You can also include some muted shades of browns and pastel tones to create a little variety in your space. If you’re into earthy tones, then try out the darker tones in the palette on your feature wall. If none of these appeals to you and you are more into the minimalist approach, work with white as the complementary shade.

Nude Shaded Paints


05. Vibrant Wall Arts

If you are one of those who love sewing in your creativity in your home space, this paint idea is ideal for you. This one trend blends in best with a messy boho styled crib. This is a great way to include your personality in your space. The best part about this trend is that you can go for any shades and combinations. This trend holds up the raw essence of interior designing as a true form of art. You can decorate the space with some organic and handcrafted décor pieces and create a perfectly imperfect space.

Wall Art


06. Polished Dark Aesthetics

Want to add some polished neatness to your home? Get your walls some coats of dark shaded paints with the silky finish. These walls contribute to luxurious home space and define a refined personality to the room. Though dark walls are usually a “big no” in the rule book of interior wall paints, sometimes they make a beautiful base to a gorgeous modern home space. These shades fit well into the study, office rooms and even work well in the modern bedrooms. Just, make sure to focus on the lighting arrangements of the room, keep the ceilings white and you’re good to go.

Polished Dark Shades


07. Traces of Textures

This one is probably the trendiest of all. Textured walls the new favourite of this generation. There are multiple options to choose from, starting with scraped concrete textures and smeared paints to the tinted bricks. The textured walls are not only a good pick for the living rooms and bedrooms, but they also make some great kitchen space and bathrooms. Textured walls are also a great substitution for the printed tiles and marble slabs in a kitchen space. Not only they bring a rustic rawness to the layout but also transforms the rooms with very minimal effort.

Textured Wall


08. Quoting in Some Inspirational Bits

This one adds on a bit of a teenage dream to your room. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up to some hearty motivational phrase? Well, now you can. With modern interior designing techniques, now you can easily stamp in your favourite quotes into the walls of your room. There are various ways to get this done. You can get it stencilled on the wall or freestyle paint it or even get pre-styled stickers.

Quotes On Walls


09. Playing Out Patterns

Patterns and geometric shapes are an integral component of modern interior designing and work best on the walls. They were one of the elementary components in the evolution of home space interior designs and even now, they are one of the best trends in spicing up a plain wall. This style fits almost every type of modern home layout and works extremely well in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. A structured geometric wall or an overlapped patterned wall brings more fun into space and lights up the area.

Patterned Wall


10. Black and Bold

Here we are again, back to the basics. Yes, we are talking a clean and classic black and white space but with the twist of an accent wall. We suggest to go with white as an overall shade and place the black accents on your feature wall. This trend works great for a simple futuristic modern home based on clean lines. This combination will look stunning on a formal living room and even a minimalist study/ office room.

Classic Black and White


Now, that brings us to the end of today’s page. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to take some creative liberty with the painting schemes of the home space that you are residing in. Try to experiment with the shades and styles. Interior painting is a very taxing task and often gets boring. So, don’t forget to put in your personalized touch to it and while at that, have fun designing!



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