There is no point in denying that interior designing is an extremely time-consuming task which not only involves some hefty investments, but also an equal amount of effort. Hence if you’re planning to renovate your place anytime soon, it’s better to make your basic choices wisely. And along with materials, shades and colour palettes, interior design trends are one of the most important things to consider. Picking on the trends which are going to stay relevant for a longer period of time will help you ace the home styling game. Hence, today we present you with 10 modern home interior trends that we are going to see more of in the coming years. These trends are super chic, has a very modern outlook and are easy to adapt. Let’s take a look into it.

New Interior Trends

01. Customized Modular Wardrobes

Modern interior designing is all about utilizing your available space in the best way possible. And that is why the concept of modular furniture and cabinetries are making such huge waves. Gone are the days of those heavy and structured single unit wardrobes. This new trend of modular furniture pieces has us obsessing over the amount of flexibility that they have to offer. Firstly, these are customizable, which means that you can always add or deduct storage space from these, as required. Secondly, they are also very easy to install and can be dismantled and reinstalled without any hustle. The cherry on top is that these pieces are of extremely chic and sleek built, and thus, fits perfectly into your modern home space.

Modular Closet

02. Sleek and Defined Pendant Lamps

Want to bring a classy vibe to your home, without making things too obvious? Get some pendant lights hanging on your diner ceiling. These little hanging beauties instantly elevate the glam points of the room by throwing in a little elegance. This modern trend has us replacing the big old lampstands, the ones which took a significant space of the room. These hanging lights instead, can be installed in customized angles, heights and they barely even take any space. These lamps are available in all forms and materials, starting from wicker bulb balls and wooden pendant lamps to crystal chandelier set.

Pendant Lights

03. Wallpapers All Over and Everywhere

As an object of age-old debate of wallpapers and paints, the former has proved its own worth, time and time again. If you aren’t a fan of all that messiness around the wall painting procedure, then you should definitely try out some wallpapers. The thing about wallpapers is that they are available in multiple shades, textures and styles. To add on, they can be installed pretty neatly with ease. Though they are mildly more expensive than the paints procedure, they do have the advantage of longer durability. They are also easy to replace and re-do.

Wallpaper Feature Walls

04. The Infectious Biophilic Interior Designs

We absolutely can’t get enough of this new trend. Most of the interior designs in recent times are showing a rapid growth in the use of earthy elements for the purpose. In simpler terms, biophilic architecture, in general, refers to those interior designs and architecture that brings in the essence of nature into the home space. These investments have proven to be an excellent medium of relaxation that one can have in the comfort of their own homes.

Now, there are multiple ways to bring in biophilic ambience to your home space. One of the easiest ways is to add some beautiful green corners to your rooms, I.e., plant more plants. You can also get your furniture in some natural or raw element, with a little rough or edgy finish. For example, wicker or rattan furniture are very in this season. The larger management organizations or commercial units like apartment complexes and office buildings are also investing heavily on the living walls. Yes, they are a bit expensive and requires professional aid for maintenance. But given the overviewing aesthetics and eco-friendly advantages of these green walls, it seems they’re totally worth it.

biophilic interior aesthetics

05. Mapped Out Maximalism

People are finally getting over all that minimalist home décor styles. We do agree that the white and pastel minimalist approach to the modern home interiors does look pretty and dainty. But it’s also fun to switch things over once in a while. And that’s why maximalism is the new way to go. No, we are not talking about a disturbingly busy makeover for your rooms. Maximalist interior designing is all about bold beautiful and effortless styling of your abode. Just in case if you don’t know how and where to start, we will soon drop an article on the maximalist interior designing. Be sure to check that out!


06. Bring on the Colors

As we mentioned earlier, soft and pale palettes are going out of trend. This generation isn’t afraid of experimenting with fun colours and bold styles. Chic interiors with a subtle pop of colours are the new favourite makeover of the modern home interiors. Bright feature walls with complementary monochrome furniture pieces blend perfectly into a soft glam home interior. Moreover, this is a perfect excuse for going a little wild on experimenting the different options for your home interiors.

More colored palettes

07. Duo Toned Kitchens

Kitchens, in general, can score big in interior styles. Being one of the most used areas of the house, your kitchen space deserves to be spruced up. Starting right from the kitchen appliances and gadgets to the cabinetries, setting a primary shade to the base is very important. And this where the duo-toned modular kitchens are creating a new hype. These kitchens particularly showcase clean lines and chic aesthetics.

If you decide on going with the dual-toned kitchen interiors, pick the darker shade for the grounding purpose. This will bring lightness to the place. For example, if you want to opt white and a shade of midnight blue put the blues in the base and layer up with the white. Even for the woodworks, place the darker shades in the base cabinetries and keep the countertop light toned.

Duo Toned Kitchen

08. Best of Both Worlds

It is perfectly fine if you want to swear by one particular theme for your home interiors. And it’s even better if you decide to blend in multiple styles at once. Layered modern rustic rooms and industrial-chic furniture are the new picks of this era. But there is a borderline to the amount of blending styles up. Trying to fit pastel shades, rustic style with sleek furniture can turn into a total designing disaster. Instead, we suggest you to simply go with two complementary styles, like modern vintage or earthy toned rustic interiors.

Blended Industrial Chic


09. The Modern Vintage

Classic and elegant rooms with some minimal modern touch are in the higher tiers of the trending interior designs for quite sometimes. This one is getting more popular with time as it allows us to mix our modern and antique pieces all together to create a stylish vintage vision. Putting all similar and complementary elements in a room can make it look very boring. The artistic contrast that any vintage piece brings to a room elevates the classic ambience. If you don’t have a great collection of vintage furniture or décor pieces and you still want to opt this style, worry not. You can always try out the beautiful vintage walls with both wallpapers and paints. In the case of paints, you might opt for techniques like distressed painting or colour washing.

Pastel Modern Vintage

10. Muted Earthy Tones

This one is definitely for all the minimalist lovers out there. Picking a theme comes prior to picking a colour palette for the home. And if you’re a minimalist at heart and still want to go for a trending interior look, definitely consider the earthy-toned interior designing. These shades along with the whole raw and rustic home decors are becoming a quick favourite. This style involves nature-inspired shades like browns, muted crimsons, greens and greys. All in all, try to maintain an allover warm-toned palette for the purpose.

Earthy Toned Living Space

And that was all about our favourite 10 beautiful interior trends that are winning hearts. Each of these has proven to be wise and good investments and definitely worth giving a try. Nonetheless, on clear note trends can never replace personal preferences, which should always be prioritized. You can’t love your home if don’t love the elements in it. Thus, consider the pros, cons, budgets and preferences wisely before you jump into your home designing project. And while at that, have fun.


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