We often ignore our bathroom in the house while doing the interiors. If you are disregarding your bathroom due to space then, we have got you covered. If your bathroom is short of a few square feet, that does not mean that you can’t rock that small space. There are some great tips and tricks that will make your small space bathroom look bigger and better. Here are the Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas that are going to make your bathroom look elegant and desirable.

10+ Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Choose Paint Colours that Make Your Bathroom looks Spacious

Some Colours and shades successfully give the illusion of space. Lighter shades of colours within the family of whites and nudes will make your bathroom look brighter, airier and spacious. Avoid darker shades that make your compact spaces look even smaller. If you want to add some colour to your Bathroom Interiors, you can have an accent wall or add some tiles for a pop of colour and keep the rest wall in neutrals. Another option is contrasting Bright Coloured walls with a lighter floor.

Small Bathroom Interior Colour Ideas


Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and colours and thus make space look bigger. Large mirrors give the illusion of larger space and, that’s what we need. You can use a large mirror above the vanity that covers most of the wall or extend a mirror to the wall. Not a fan of a large mirror? There is another option for you. Put multiple mirrors of different sizes. They will do the same thing one large mirror would do, reflect light and colours and make your bathroom look bigger.

Bathroom Interior Mirror Ideas


Choose Showers Instead of Bathtubs

When you have a small space, you have to plan the layout accordingly. In case of small space bathroom, you might consider replacing the bathtub with a shower since a bathtub consumes a lot of space which can put to other use. If you want to put a bathtub, go for smaller bathtubs will lower height, they might cover the same area, but they create the vision of larger space to the eyes. Or you can go for oval shaped Bathtubs for extra space.

SmallSmall Bathroom Interior Ideas

Wall Mounted Toilets

Since we are short on space, strategically use the space. Wall Mounted Toilet seats help to preserve the area of both wall and floor. You can even go for wall mounted taps to save the inch.

Bathroom Interior Ideas

Opt Glass Doors

Adopt Glass Doors in the shower instead of shower curtains. Curtains cover a lot of space while a glass door helps to open up space by allowing the light inside and looks elegant. You can even choose Sliding Glass Doors or Frameless Glass Panels if you want to go for something Modern and Adventurous.

Bathroom Interior Glass Door Ideas

Curve it Out

We often get devoid of a lot of space due to the Corners. You put to use the corners by placing cupboards or storages space for your supplies that fit in those corners. Curving out your sink and shower in the corners will save you some area.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Extend the Storage to the Top

One of the main issues with Small Bathroom Interior is the lack of storage space. Don’t shy away from extending the cabinets to the top. The area below the sink is the priority space for storage. You can go for movable cabinets which are helpful with space and movement. Recessed shelves are storage as well as area friendly and, that is what we need.

Bathroom Interior Storage Ideas

Install Small Sinks and Floating Vanities

Sinks often occupy a considerable amount of space in a bathroom and, we don’t need that. In that case, choose small sinks or wall-mounted sinks that save space for storage cabinets or other furniture. Compact and Floating Vanities in ceramic are classy and space-efficient.

Bathroom Interior Floating Vanity Ideas

Add Pocket Doors

Adding a Pocket Door instead of In- Swinging door is a space-saving option. Use this area for storage options. Placing a sliding door is also a smart option since it saves the space that gets covered by In-Swinging Doors.

Small Bathroom Interior Ideas



Light it Up

Lights are the go-to option for enlarging the space. They make everything look elegant and spacious. You do not want your Small Bathroom Interior to lack perfect lightning when its the easiest and best option to increase space. Apart from the mainstream lights, you can go for scones above the mirror, lights behind the mirror or skylight. They will make the bathroom look bigger and brighter.

Bathroom Interior Lighting Ideas


Detachable Furniture At Rescue

To rescue your bathroom from small spaces, you can use Freestanding Furniture that is movable according to your preference. Also, prefer furniture that is freestanding as well as multifunctional. Detached Racks and Storage Tables allows better usage of space and are a flexible storage option.

Bathroom Interior Detachable Furniture Idea

Deceive the Eyes with the Tiles

Using the same tiles across the bathroom to the shower area tricks your eyes to believe that its the same space and makes it look larger and sounds fun. Use the same tiles on the floor and walls or go for the same colour scheme for the floor and wall to create a bigger space.

Bathroom Interior Tiles Ideas

Don’t forget to Invest in Made-to-Measure Fittings

Small space Bathrooms are all about strategically using the space to make most of it and give the illusion of a bigger space. The smartest option is going for Made-to-Measure Fittings. The measured fitting options are better than ready-made options. They save the extra space that might get wasted with ready-made options.

Bathroom Interior Ideas

It is always a challenge to design small space. But it becomes more challenging and fun when its a Bathroom. Here are the Best Ideas to give the illusion of bigger bathroom space and help you with Bathroom Interior. You can experiment with these and come up with your personalised Bathroom Interior Design.

Happy Designing!


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