There are so many little things that get disregarded while doing the interiors of our house and bother us later. Stairs are one part of the house that often get ignored while they play a role to upgrade the whole vibe of your Interiors. The basic design of those square-like structures has become a thing of past. Here are some elegant, graceful and modern Interior Stairs Design that will complement your Home Decor.

12 Interior Stairs Design for Your Home Decor

Traditional Wooden Stair Designs

Wooden stairs are evergreen and give the whole rustic vibe. Timber has something to it that provides a cosy vibe, and the traditional feeling manages to complement the Rustic House Decor. You don’t have to stick to the mundane wooden stairs. Experiment with your options with wood. Contrast dark coloured wood with light coloured wood for your Interior Stairs Design and, you will not get disappointed. You can pair it with either metal or glass railing since they both go well with wood. The best part of the wooden stairs is they are compact.

Interior Stairs Design

Playing With Geometry

Don’t want to go mainstream with your stairs and want something unique? Go for geometrical Interior Stairs Design. You can choose a few shapes than the usual square-shaped stairs. If you are into spirals, you can go for a slight turn or have square-shaped stairs with a U-turn or triangle shaped stairs in between while curving out. Helix shaped stairs are a bit modern and unique and look exotic and, every angle of them is visible.

Interior Stairs Design

Illuminating the Stairs

Lighting up your stairs gives a warm fuzzy look. If you are in favour of shiny and bright lights, this is the best option for you. You can put some light on the railings if you want to keep it that way or you can have lights installed below every step. If you have glass stairs or metal stairs then, lights below the stairs will give it a graceful look. In case of wooden stairs and metallic railings, lights around the stairs are your pick.

Stairs Design with lights

Cornered White Stairs

The best part about cornered stairs is that they are at the designated corner of the house and don’t interfere with the rest of the layout of the house. Also, they save some space on the corner. They are classic and never go wrong with any colour scheme and Decor.

Interior Stairs Design

Narrow, Small and High

Devoid of enough space to build elegant stairs? You can go for narrow, small and high stairs. How are they going to add a little something to your home decor? Narrow stairs made of lighter materials are compact, comes in a variety of colours. They have smaller planks and can be secured with glass railings or panels to give a little aesthetic touch and, they are built higher than usual stairs.

Interior Stairs Design

Open Stairs

If you want to go for a little adventure with your stairs, then you should go for Open stairs. They are open and generally don’t have railing or panels to support them. They are not suited for houses with kids and older people. But you can add thin metal bars to give a safe option and to keep it elegant. The best part about these stairs are they being airy and convenient to clean and maintain.

Interior Stairs Design

Get Metallic

Metallic stairs have become common in Indian Households. They look good combined with both glass and wood. Steel stairs offer safety as well as strength which most of the Indian houses desire. The only drawback of these type of stairs is the lack of ease while dismantling them.

Interior Stairs Design

Spiral It Out

Stop believing in the myth that spiralled stairs are only for outside. You can have spiral stairs inside your house as well. The only thing you need to keep in mind while building spiral stairs is the space. They require a larger area than the regular stairs. You can give a majestic look with your spiral stairs by using wooden planks and heavy metal railings. Or a modern look with all metallic spiralled stairs.

Interior Stairs Design

Stairs With a Catch

The storage in a house is never enough and, if you are already short on space, stairs with storage facility are your option. Build a few cabinets for your storage. We got it covered. You can also use the area below the stairs for other purposes. Build a cosy space by putting a settee, coffee table and a couple of chairs. Or, you can use that space to make a study area by adding a table and a few shelves. Making a bookshelf below the stairs is one of the most intriguing ideas. It will appeal to your eyes and add a new angle to your Interior Stairs Design.

Interior Stairs Design


Keeping it Simple with Angles

The angular stairs have much-needed simplicity to it. If you have vibrant shades around your house and want to keep it simple and sweet with stairs, angular Interior Stairs Design is your pick to keep it minimal. They don’t take up much of space so small homes can inculcate these stairs. If you want to mix it a bit, you can go for nudes and contrast it with wooden railings or glass railings with a hint of metal in it.

Interior Stairs Design

Marble Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Marble gives an authentic warm look to the stairs and the whole vibe of the house. They look elegant and have a few colour options to go. White marbles are a classic but, white is harder to clean, earthy hues are the next best option in the list. You can have your pick from the usual stone or the textured one as well.

Interior Stairs Design

Combine Metal with Glass

Metal and glass as a combination look great. You can have glass stairs with metallic railings or have metallic stairs with glass panels. Either way, they will look sophisticated and beautiful. If you have a neutral tone around your Home Decor, then this is going to be your calling.

Interior Stairs Design

It may sound easy to decide your Interior Stairs Design and have them made that way. But it takes a lot of considerations while designing them. Keep in mind the space you have for your Stairs, and the direction to begin. If you do not want to change the already built stairs then, you have a few options that a few decor items can help you with and, if you are going to design them from scratch, aforementioned are some sophisticated and cost-friendly options for you.

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Happy Designing!


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