Learning doesn’t come with a particular age, every passion is subjective and exclusive. The hassle arises when your passion of being an interior designer coincides with your other jobs. If you are also stuck with a shortage of time and money, then don’t worry the modernist technology has got your back. Gain a degree or learn interior designing at the comfort of your house, flexible within your schedule and compatible with your savings.

Here are some interior design courses free and paid that would help you keep your passion in check with the utmost facilities.

1. Domestika

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Converting your precious little space into a cosier one without knowing the core essentials and measurements would be quite chaotic. Therefore, in this “Interior Design from start to finish” by Nook Architects course where you will learn how to transform your space like a pro with proper essentials step by step; detailing the final project, learning the best colour combinations and textures.

The course overall provides 22 lessons, 45 downloads, 19 exercises and a course final project to ensure that you are good to go as an interior designer. Providing one exclusive forum where you can interact with the instructor and other students and a certificate to illustrate your presentation. Unlimited access to the course content and online learning at your own pace.

2. Planner 5D

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This multifaceted app provides you with a digital platform to upgrade your design capabilities at your own pace and helps you learn from scratch. From an introduction to interior design to furniture, lighting & decor, it gives an overview of every little detail. Course duration: 9 modules with each of 15 mins with a homework task which will be reviewed by the instructor but with no particular deadline to complete your course.

After the course, you can create a basic 3D design professional project and get feedback from a professional designer for the same. Uploading your refined designs after turning into a top-notch designer and receiving a planner 5D certificate would be worth it all.

3. Udemy

Udemy provides a wider range of approach towards every course varying from the level of beginner to the advanced level. Flexible enough to drive their way into anyone’s regime without occupying too much of their time. Two of the best courses of Udemy are “Interior Design 101” and “Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design”. The former course duration consists of 17.5 hours and 84 lectures focusing on your drawing skills and the latter consists of 1 hour 18 minutes courses on a beginner level with quizzes and full-time access focusing mainly on the basic knowledge of interior design.Best online courses to learn interior design

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One con of the courses here is that they are reimbursed, but you can be benefitted by the discount on courses they offer to provide you with a certificate for your participation.

4. The Interior Design Institute 

Making people happy and themselves happy is the sole motto of everyone’s life but an interior designer’s whole life depends on it; making clients happy with their creative minds. This course will guide and train the interior enthusiasts on the right pathBest online courses to learn interior design

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Course content consists of 12 modules with 12 interactive assignments. Hypothetical real-life renovations that would include everything from upholstery to decoration, mood boards, preliminary costing of your clients that would boost the confidence level of the students to apply in real lives. Feedbacks from your tutor with 24/7 access to the course content and a guidance and safety services for the students just tops up to why you should prefer these courses.

5. Inchbald School of Design:

This online school of design ignites your interest in detailing of and furnishings of your house a little more. A 12-week online course that walks you through the aspects of design and decoration, from ergonomics and portions of spaces to the unique use of colour and texture, lightning, materials, and fabric choices.

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Detailed information from how to create a room with a view to what accessories can be used and where is taught here. The only requirements are Internet access, basic illustration knowledge and the urge to gain knowledge.

6. MIT OpenCourseWare:

The principle of design is the name for interior design course on the online learning site of Massachusetts university. A free and forever accessible learning site with a bifurcation of 26 serial course contents along with daily assignments graded by the mentor.Best online courses to learn interior design Image source – Pinterest.com

What better way to learn about the insights of interior design than from a prestigious university itself without having to go there. Amateur designers can build a legitimate foundation from this MIT program.

7. Skillshare

Skillshare provides a wide assemblage of short courses on several topics. “Interior design master class: ultimate essentials & insider techniques” is one of the interior design courses that is a 1-hour course which is divided into 5 sections and a bonus section where lessons are filled with examples about how to harmonise with suitable colours and principles of designs that are essential.

A free online course that comes with a flexibility of all the levels of designers.Best online courses to learn interior design

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8. Oxford Home Study

An esteemed university like Oxford provides an online course for the interior design aspirants. A short course with a duration of 20 hours endorsed by the Oxford home study centre. An introductory session that is free of charges but comes with a diploma, certificate, and advanced courses which are chargeable. A reliable source trusted by several interior designers.Best online courses to learn interior design

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9. Create Academy

The title itself screams creation, creation of your identity with your passion. This academy has a lot in store for interior enthusiasts owned by an eminent interior designer, Rita Konig. Inspiring students with her techniques and unique skills, around 36 lessons with exclusive content and a downloadable guide and lifetime access on the content.

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If you’re unsatisfied in the early days the course is also refundable and it is accessible on its app called Teachable. A great opportunity to learn from an interior designer herself.

10. Think Interior Design Academy

What if you never have to search for a beautiful house instead you can make your own house a beautiful place, sounds appealing right? That’s what think interior design academy helps you do. Enhances your abilities by teaching you innovative designs that would help you turn into a professional interior designer. Best online courses to learn interior design Image source – Pinterest.com

Doesn’t just help you interact once but helps you get mentored by renowned designers to give you a better experience and not go astray in your passion. Access to their secured online studio with no flexible timings as per your schedule.

11. New York School of Interior Design

Substitution of a college is what this course is. With a specialisation in interior design education, it has both non-degree & degree programs. Benefitting you with a broader perspective on interior design software applications both 2D and 3D, building codes, safety requirements, textiles materials, space planning & sustainability.Best online courses to learn interior design

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Meeting the professors that you would meet if you were on its campus and learning some high-quality actual life learning from them.

12. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

This program is specifically only for the people who are keenly interested in interior designing. It provides a Bachelor degree in interior designing online and shorter degree of 4 quarter also a diploma in residential planning.

The course content includes interior designing history, space planning, textile and materialistic knowledge along with etiquettes in the interior designing business world. This program of a year guarantees to turn you into a professional interior designer.

13. Lynda Interior Design and Visualisation Courses

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Turn your humongous house sixes dreams now into reality with the courses that Lynda.com  offers. Brightening your dreams with the perfect light, decorating it with contrasting accessories, furnishing it with apt colours and materials with skills of 3D visualisation, software rendering, and drafting is what you would learn and execute with these courses. 30 exclusive courses with 815 video tutorials to turn you into the man/woman on your dreams.

14. National Design Academy

A quality content that every course provides but one quality that makes this course inviting is that it provides a personal tutor who teaches a huge variety of content with personal attention and gives feedback on assessments.Best online courses to learn interior design

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Providing 15 courses with each with different tutors and course duration of 12 weeks the platform being zoom, with going to downloadable guide. With a reassurance that all of your doubts will be solved personally and would mould you into a perfect interior designer along with you being a jack of all trades in software’s, real-life application and choices on bettering the bland spaces.

15. Decorating Studio

A course with clear and precise knowledge of the tiniest detailed aspect of interior design. Including 6 classes that include teaching from the decor of children’s room, garden interior to the colour of windows, doors and other accessories that are apt. It doesn’t go much into technicalities of interior design rather it just briefs you precisely about the basics of interior designing and forges you into an amateur interior designer.

16.Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design

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An award-winning eminent interior design creates an exemplary guide on her own experiences and contemporary tastes which she uses herself. Creation of interactive videos, tutorials and her secretive tricks for choosing the apt tones, backgrounds, colours, and textures that contrast with the spaces is made exclusively for aspiring designers.

The course content of 17 lessons to turn your imagination into your own space. Demystifying her chic interior designs. And giving an insight on how to stay confident with your designs.

17. Online Diploma of Interior Design (ISCD)

It gets a little chaotic to learn interior design online when we can’t implement it in real lives. But this course solves your dilemma by providing a course that the aspiring commercial or residential interior designers can confide in. Best online courses to learn interior design

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Ensuring that the candidates of this diploma would graduate with an insight into industry knowledge and contacts with renowned mentors, an admirable portfolio work, and skills to pave their way into the interior design industry. Skills like technical hand drafting, photoshop, CAD and confidence in building your foundation. The course duration of 15-20 hours per week up to 24 weeks with exclusive content and special ability of client analysis.

18. The Interior Design Course

This 12-module training course moderated by the Professional Design Institute (UAE), touches all the aspects of interior design with an ability to showcase your client your creative imagination on turning their place into an ideal one. The course duration is of 13 weeks maximum of 18 months which refines and hones an individual’s skills and after successful completion of these courses, a diploma certificate will be provided by the esteemed international institutes.

19. The Open University

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Design thinking is the course for interior designers in this online university. In this era of technology, the introverts are benefited with the option of the online university. The course provides Schedule of design thinking and how it impacts on students, in addition to this they provide a virtual design studio, Opendesignstudio, where the students are expected to submit their weekly assessments with images and visuals to discuss it with your peers and tutors. Bifurcation of this course is into three blocks and five assessments.

20. YouTube Courses

With the increment in technology on a large scale, youtube walks on the same page with it, with an awestruck collection of tutorials and information in depth for interior designers. It provides minute details from how to sketch to what colour would contrast with your blinds, what accessory would suit your preferable coloured wall etc. A large platform to learn, share or refine your skills.

Course duration from two minutes to even 1-2 hours it is subjective.

21. Cocos Kelley

Best online courses to learn interior designA precise curator which would fit right in for the people who prefer visual learning as gives you a tour to their already written blogs on farmhouse, Apartments and hotels from all around the world. It is most definitely not an introductory session which doesn’t have particular design rules but instead, it focuses on making a house into a cosy one.


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