A home haven with all 3 essentials.Decorating your room is similar to decorating your own self with a tinge of colours that highlights you or blends within you, with you illuminating your self and accessories that outdo your look. It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to sorting your interior designs out for your room, therefore, here are 3 pointers which will give you a head start to sort your sanctuary out : 

1. Congenial color palette: 

Congenial color palette

After a tiresome day, all you ask for is a soothing or relaxing environment according to your own preference ; nothing better than a person’s own choice of convenience, feels like a homely environment to them. Colour has the power to make or break your own sanctuary, therefore, here for different age groups lies different colour suggestions that they would find it soothing:

  • Senior citizens:

    With their increment in age, the surroundings that would soothe their soul;  something that would give away the sense of security and warmth i.e hues of pastels would fit in right. Rich colours like mustard, gold & orange that would turn the room into a huge. Schemes with high contrasts would be top-notch for them to distinguish between surfaces easily.

  • Adults & teenagers:

Creating a perfect haven for yourself is what most teenagers and adults desire, therefore, they tend to refine their colours themselves; going from bright colours that they favour to pastels colours that they find relaxing and complements their mood swings. Putting floral motifs can cheer up the environment and if your personality wavers a lot which leaves you unsatisfied with your prior colours, a suggestion of pop colour that complements your decor can be done.

  • Infants:

a whimsical environment can be set up for them to cheer up whenever they aren’t at ease. Something with softer shades like greens, blues or pinks which can help them rectify the colour with the surroundings.

2. Cosy lights: 

Cosy yellow lights

Your eyesight adjusts according to the light which means that if there is an apt selection of light your eyesight will find it delightful to watch the surroundings every time you enter your room. Warm feelings increases usually when people are exposed to bright light with hints of reddish hues; domination of bluer light gives away the sensation of perturbation; an orange light gives away the feeling of warmth and cosiness; a bright white light which enhances the night, these are some common preferences of do’s and dots of lights.

3. Enchanting accessories:

Enchanting accessories

Just to outdo and magnify a person’s personality, accessories exist. An important step where a person tends to spend a lot of time picking up something that would stir up and reflect the room as a safe haven. A pale stain on your wall with the correct colour palette looks beautiful but with a brighter looking rug or mattress it would look fabulous.

There is a thin line between clustering up your room with textures and accessorising your room which should be taken into consideration while making your room chic. Prioritising in this element is quite important for example setting up your favourite side tables or vases vs family heirlooms; A choice in both would generate a cluster.


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