Best of Bar and Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

We all need a getaway now and then from our regular life and, mundane homemade food and the restaurants are the getaways we all seek on the weekends. Not only the food attracts us to a Restaurant but also the vibe and ambience it has to offer. If you are a person who has the hand for good appealing food but lacks the eye for interiors, you managed to reach the right spot. Here are the tips to keep in mind while planning the Bar and Restaurant Interior Design to help you with the whole process.

Ideas for Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

A Well Designed Layout Plan is a Must

Your whole Bar and Restaurant Interior Design is according to the layout plan for it. How well you plan the space for kitchen, seating, bar and entrance decides a lot of other factors. Being chaotic and messy instead of appealing the customer discourages them. Apart from the bar and restaurant space, You need to plan the kitchen where the actual magic happens. Make sure there is enough space for all the necessary equipment and extra space so that people can work with ease.

Layout plan for restaurant

Targeting the Perfect Colour Scheme

Your colour palette here decides a lot of factors. The colours around you make you hungry. If the shades are dim and gloomy, you feel upset and sad instead of hungry. With vibrant colours, you feel excited, hungry, and your appetite gets increased. Increasing hunger and making sure they have a great time is our main concern. Add the shade red to your interior in some way or another. They are appetite stimulants and, you need to include in your bar and restaurant interior designs. Oranges and yellows anticipate warmth and happiness. You can add them in slightly less ratio, in the throw pillow or couches. Strictly avoid black, brown, purple and blue however fabulous they might look. They suppress the appetite and, that is what we want to avoid.

Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

Bar Furniture Never to be Ignored

Selecting bar furniture is not as easy as it sounds. You need to keep in mind a few points. The bar is your focal point so, the furnishings have to be comfortable as well as captivating. You can not expect them to hang at your bar on some usual furniture. Before selecting the bar furniture, decide the location of the bar. You can keep the full set up bar in front of a wall or can make it the focal point with a roundabout bar. It gives more space for the bar and serving tables. Go for bar stools that are the average height and not too high for your customers.

Bar Furniture Ideas

Alluring and Elegant Furniture

Comfort is another thing one seeks while selecting a fabulous place to eat and drink. Since you already have a theme, jazz the furniture according to the essence. If its contemporary, choose teak based round tables which give the antique vibe, maybe carved or with a hint of gold. You can add a pop of colour with vibrant shaded sofas and chairs. Ensure proper spacing between the dining tables. You don’t want customers and waiters tripping over each other and customers eavesdropping on the conversations.Furniture Ideas for Bar and Restaurant

Rock the Entrance

The entrance of the restaurant should be such that invites the customers. If the entranceway is not appealing to their eyes, then it may not work well with the rest. Customers make up their mind the minute they enter. So, you need to ensure that your entrance makes them feel warm and gives the indication of the theme. You can put a big main door at the entranceway or an art piece on the entrance to attract the crowd. Mirrors around the hallway are the easiest and classy way to allure the customers.

Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

Never Forget the Restrooms

The restrooms give a sense of satisfaction to the customers that you care about them. The bar and restaurant interior design are going to be incomplete without an elegant powder room. There should be big mirrors in the restrooms, or you can go for a few small mirrors placed in symmetry to attract. Be creative with your powder room. Add some art or maybe something that complements the theme you have planned out.

Restroom Ideas

Lighting Will Add The Perfect Element

The interiors of any place are incomplete without the proper lighting. A place that lacks lighting looks dim, dark and gloomy which tone downs the vibe and discourages a person from ever visiting. The one thing your customer is going to want is a well-lit table with a soothing ambience and picture-perfect lighting for tons of selfies. If you crack this, you are going to become their favourite getaway place for weekends.

Lighting Ideas For Bar and Restaurant Interiors

Flaunt the Liquor with a Classic Bar Top

Bar tops often get disregarded while planning the interiors and they often play a role as a part of interiors. They are the focal points of your bar. If they do not appeal to the customer, nothing else will. Pair them up with the theme or go for something contemporary and classy. Stones and marbles are common and evergreen but lack flexibility. The glass leads to total disaster if you are not careful. Wooden Bar tables look good with a sophisticated choice of wood. Metals look lustrous and elegant but are high maintenance. While deciding the shape, keep in mind the edges so, they do not cause the glass slipping. Flaunting the liquor is yet another way to attract your customers. Seeing their favourite liquor exhibited the cabinet makes them forget a lot of things.

Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

Plan Out the Theme for Your Place

Before you begin the process of designing, think about the themes. If you have a theme in your mind or want a themed place, give a thought to that. When you reach the pivot, then you can plan the bar and restaurant interior design based on that theme. In case you have an essence in mind, you can go freestyle and design the whole place with a vibe you want the customers to have. In the end, your food complemented with the ambience is going to appeal the customer, we need a perfect blend of both.Theme ideas for bar and restaurant

It is not an easy task to design a Bar and Restaurant from beginning to end and manage the food and ambience altogether. Interiors play a salient role in any Bar and Restaurant to appeal to the audience. These tips and tricks are the musts to do to create a perfect getaway for your audience. If you ever feel stuck on the ideas, consider yourself as a customer and think you would find it captivating.
Happy Designing!


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