In India, everything needs to be profound and dramatic. We like it extra, spicy and majestic be it food or Home Decor. The Traditional Indian Home Decor is rich and exquisite has the charm to make things intense and royal and fits well with the fusion. It is vibrant, overwhelming and always adds a bit of desi drama to your sophisticated space. These are the Best Ideas to add that pinch of Indian Drama that will make your Home Decor magnificent and graceful.

Best Ideas to add Desi Touch to Your Home Decor

 Go All Out with Those Vibrant Colours

Vibrant Colour Room Ideas

Indian Home Decor is about being intense and vibrant. If you want to add that Authentic Indian Touch goes for the vibrant colour pallet. Experience with the lighter shades of Reds, Blues and Oranges to avoid any chaos and, you would not be disappointed. The Vibrant shades radiate positivity, help you get rid of darkness and reflect good vibes and, that’s the reason for Indian Home Decor having a Vibrant Colour Pallet. While choosing the bright shades don’t overdo it. If you are not a person who wants to go all out, you can go for a contrast between nudes and vibrant colours. It would look elegant and have that Indian touch you want.

Embellish your House with Traditional Fabrics

Traditional Fabric Ideasf the main features of authentic Indian Home Decor is the Handwoven and Embroidered Fabric. They are in every Indian Household. From carpets to cushion covers to curtains, handwoven fabrics leave the mark of authenticity everywhere. Handwoven rugs have their charm they are comfortable. Centrepieces are often upholstered in Handwoven textiles and Embroidered Fabrics to make them look ingenious. You can use cotton embroidered fabric for your cushion covers.

Rock the Solid Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture Ideas

The solid wooden furniture rules the Indian Home Decor. It is classic, elegant and exotic and goes well with every type of Interior Design. To make the wooden furniture look royal, choose furniture with stunning craftsmanship and carvings on the armrest and legs. Don’t forget to check your Treasury for the traditional mantelpieces which can be used with this wooden furniture and would combine perfectly well with each other. Apart from being elegant and stylish, they are durable and long-lasting.

Add Aesthetics with Green

Plant Aesthetics

Your house can not be complete without some greenery to make it aesthetic. If you have a small apartment, you can keep indoor plants inside and a few plants at the entrances. In the case of a larger place, you can have a proper lawn and have every type of plant with lighting and Decor. It will be your place for Sunday Brunch, Evening tea and a place for kids to play. Indoor plants in any Household look good. The greens look attractive as decorative material also are soothing and peaceful.

Make Way for a Captivating Pooja Room

Pooja Room Ideas

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In Indian Households, devotion Pooja rooms are a requirement in most Indian Interiors and hold importance to people. It is one corner that needs to be authentic and traditional. Match the Pooja Room decor with the home decor and try to keep it minimal. Carved wooden background, a glass-based Pooja Room and ceramic tiled Pooja Room are few traditional options and evergreen. Ensure that you keep the Pooja Room behind doors to maintain the sanctity.

Carve it Out

Carved Out Wardrobe Ideas

Wardrobes, cabinets and wooden chests in Indian Home Decor are incomplete without carvings and inlays. Wooden Carvings have a sense of finesse that combined with mirrors, ivory, metals and stones become graceful.

Style it up With Handicrafts

Ideas to use Antiques in Living Room

Indian Handicrafts have a different aura to them. Each one stands out individually. Use unique pieces that are carved or are embellished with stones, ivory or mirrors or are metal-based. Idols, cooper or brass articles, ceramic artefacts, oil lamps, mirrors with wooden carvings and hanging crafts are a few suggestions. The list goes on and on.

Emphasize on Patterns and Motifs

Patterns and Motifs Ideas

India has an exquisite fabric collection, and they are famous for patterns and motifs. They are creative and Fabrics with block, dabu look elegant and royal. Jute, Cotton and Khadi are the most used fabrics. In a neutral based room, bedsheets with prints add elegance to your room. The Mandala prints and nature-themed prints using flowers and wildlife are the go-to patterns and always look classy.

Artworks are an Addition


Artwork design Ideas

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Indian culture is very rich in artistic skills and, Artwork holds a great deal of importance in Indian Traditions. Don’t forget to include some artwork in your house. You can have a wall with the art or put paintings on the wall. A statement wall depicting Indian Art looks mesmerizing. Madhubani and Rajasthani Paintings add the Royal touch to the house.

Choose Granite, Marble or Tile Flooring

Flooring Ideas

The choice of Granite, Marble and Tiles is made, on the basis that India has a warm climate most of the year. So, keeping in mind that most people prefer these materials. They are cold, easy to clean, durable and gives a smooth finish.

Traditional vibes in Indian Home Decor manages to find its place. Indian Homes are incomplete without that Desi Touch. If you are more of a Contemporary person, you can combine elements of traditional Indian Home Decor with Modern Indian Home Decor and mix them up. If you have decided the theme of your house to be Authentic Indian then, these ideas are the best options for your Home Decor.

Happy Designing!


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