Setting up your first salon is not an easy task. Especially when you have been dreaming about it, you envision everything to go according to plan. There are multiple decisions to be taken regarding the layout, design scheme, services, price lists -the process can seem overwhelming. But don’t forget, bringing the salon of your dreams to life is supposed to be fun. So here are some ideas to keep in mind as you breathe life into your dream salon.


Lighting is going to be one of the most essential features of your salon. The best way to harness this is through natural light. Although every building may not have the advantage of great windows, set up each station in a way to channelise maximum benefits from sunlight. There are other alternatives in case you are missing on those big windows. Your goal while choosing the right lighting is to make sure that your client looks good. When they look in the mirror, they should be happy with what they see, which will translate into satisfied clients. Warm bulbs make for more flattering lighting and ambience than cools ones. Perfect placement is equally important. Especially when placing lamps, the shadow cast should not overlap where the client is seated. You will have to choose between behind-the-mirror lights, overhead lighting and standing lamps.


A salon can be decorated in hundreds of ways, but choosing from a hundred can be overwhelming. Instead of stripping the place down and starting from scratch, embrace the advantages your space presents. You can create a rustic vibe to make do with exposed ductwork. Concrete floors and walls can be used to channelise a modern salon layout. Once you have figured out the existing vibe of your space, choose salon equipment to complement it.Salon mirror


Mirrors are a crucial element of your salon. These mirrors will reflect the satisfaction that every client entering your salon will feel once they have procured your service. While huge multi-station mirrors will widen up space visually, single-station mirrors will create a personal and intimate feel. Match your mirrors with the right aesthetic. Mirrors with frames are homier while naked mirrors provide a sleek look. Do remember to check the lighting before placing mirrors. Positioning one right opposite a source of light will potentially blind them, creating an unpleasant experience.


Your space is not limited to just four walls, then why restrict your designing. Add floors and ceilings to your design layout to complete the look. A colourful roof is a great way to brighten up the space while giving your clients something pleasant to look at while having Salon ceiling designtheir hair washed. Use light and dark shades of a similar colour on the floor and ceiling to create contrast.


Once you have decided on an aesthetic, stick to it. Make sure to curate a cohesive design structure to suit your salon. Be it a shabby-chic entranceway or a black-and-white themed waiting area; once you have chosen a design scheme, it should travel through the entire space alike. Your clients should not feel like they have stepped into another salon when moving between rooms. So when choosing a design, make sure that the style and colour you select flows well with the rest of the salon.


Just like cohesion, it is vital to get the flow right as well. You have to understand yourFunctional salon design space not only as a salon but from a client’s point of view. Is your layout practical? Would your client prefer having the waiting area right in the front rather than farther to the back? Do you intend on seating your guests at the washing station as they enter or discuss their hair requirements at an allotted station first? Making these decisions early on will be key to figuring out the way you will be curating your space for the salon to function.


Plants are a fantastic way to breathe life into any space. They help clean the air and supply oxygen while effortlessly adding a natural pop of colour to the decor. Adding plants will help Salon statement wall create a natural, calming feel to the salon.


Bring out your creativity by making the most of that empty wall. If you are not sure what to do with a bland wall, give it a makeover and turn it into a statement wall. Even adding a big, bold, eye-catching art piece should do the trick. It does not necessarily have to be limited to something salon-related.



Salon design detailing

Every detail you add to your salon matters. From the layout to the wall colour to the method you use to display your products – every detail showcases your brand. So do not miss out on any. Make sure that the towels match, the products are neatly displayed, and there should be uniformity in each station. From the cabinets to the countertop, every shape and colour involved is essential and every detail matters.
The interior designing process of your salon is an important first step to setting up your business. As long as the layout is consistent and the energy is fluid- the result should be fun and rewarding. Make sure to pay close attention to each detail- this makes all the difference.


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