In different Indian Households, Dining hall holds a varied place. In Some households dining hall act as the focal point of the whole house. While in some its a causal place for the family members to gather and eat. For some its a traditional place where they attend guests and eat. In any scenario, you need dining hall designs for the interiors to make it a perfect place to eat and have a formal get together for when you have guests over. Remember the warm environment with a good meal is necessary. To ensure you have delicious meals with a nice aura, we present you with some dinning hall designs including, the interior, colours and furniture. Everything you need to know is there in the below-mentioned style guide.

Dining Hall Designs to Beautify your Dining Area

Neutral Coloured Dining Hall

The neutral colour pallet is becoming favourite for the interior designs. The neutrals complemented with wooden flooring go well together like bread goes with jam and never disappoints. Opting neutral colour pallet with minimalism is another way to approach the shades. Or, couple neutral walls with bright coloured interiors and seating to give a high-spirited aura.

Dining Hall Ideas


Vibrant Hues with Wooden Table

Contrast the interiors of your dining hall designs to make it alluring. If you want a vibrant essence to the dining hall, choose a bright shade and contrast it with a lighter shaded wooden table. Go for colours like red, yellow and orange that contribute to increasing the appetite and spread positive vibes around. Include a rug alongside the whole colour pallet and, you will get the much-required grace.

Vibrant Dining Ideas

Dining Room with a Living Element

You can add a living element to your dining hall designs. It could be flowers in a glass vase placed on the dining table or even plants in some beautiful pots to provide aesthetics to your dining hall. And you can not skip on all the freshness in the hallway by those plants and flowers. They are a cost-effective way to decorate your dining hall and help to beautify the place with a positive vibe.

Dining Hall Ideas with Plants

Mirrors on the Walls

For a small dining hall design, combine mirrors on the wall with a nude colour pallet. Mirrors will reflect the light and make your dining room look big, bright and airy. It is the hack for lack of enough art pieces to put up in the dining hall as well. Pick mirror options according to space and requirement. Choose a tall mirror for a small area, a small mirror for decor purpose and mirror panel to add a little something to the walls.

Dining Hall Designs

Circular Dining Table

Circular dining tables are not very common in households since people choose rectangular tables over circular. But they look elegant and different than the usual dining tables. Also, they fix the lack of space by preventing clustering of stuff and provide a lot of extra space to use.

Dining Hall Designs

Dine-In Kitchen Area

This dining hall design is for casual and warm households who are low on space and like the idea of dining inside the kitchen. It is not necessary to keep the dining hall informal. You can make it elegant and stylish by contrasting the kitchen walls with a dining table or the marbles used in the kitchen with dining. In a neutral based kitchen, you can go bold with seating or cushions or a dark shaded dining table.

Dine In Kitchen Designs

Classic Rectangular Dining Table

It is a traditional way to design a dining hall. Bold hues complemented with a dark wood rectangular dining table. It is classy, looks majestic and gives the formal vibe. You can experiment with colours, contemporary lighting, modern interior and materials for the dining table but keep it classic with the rectangular shape.

Rectangular Dining Table

Contemporary Lighting to Uplift

You can always make a statement with a pendant light or chandelier. It can become the focal point of the dining hall and will run the vibe of it. A well-lit dining hall attracts visitors and gives them a warm and cosy feel. Consider sleek lighting options to provide a contemporary style to the dining hall.

Dining Halls with Contemporary Lightning

Shifting the Focal Point

Often the focal point of a dining hall is the dining tables and seating arrangements. To make a shift from the regular pattern, you change the focal point to some art piece, chandelier, or a beautiful vase placed in a corner. You get to decide how you want to appeal to someone visiting your dining hall, apart from the regular table and colours.

Dining Hall Ideas

Dining Hall with a Partition

Another hack for lack of space is putting up a glass partition between the dining hall and the living room. It will give you the much-required elegance and sophistication and, the separation provides the illusion of extra space. The glass partition will also look good as a shelf for keeping your art pieces.

Dining Hall Ideas

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Black and White Hues

Black and white are the quintessential shades that are always trending. You can accessorize them with golden interiors or any vibrant shade and, they will give you the majestic essence. A black wooden dining table with white walls or a white wooden dining table with black walls, both will manage to stand out and look enduring.

Black and White Dining Ideas

Make a Mark with Bold Velvet Seating

If you are the one for velvet fabric and bold shades, go for this dining hall design. It is not necessary to choose a vibrant shade for the walls. You can contrast white with bright colour seating and, it will look captivating. Pair the velvet seating with light coloured throw pillows to add graceful to the look.

Dining Hall Designs

Never Forget a Rug or Carpet

You can never ignore the essence a rug adds to the ambience of the room. In case you want to add warm vibes to the dining hall, choose a Rug and to add a pop of colour, a bright rug would do the job. There are a variety of options of handcrafted patterns, prints and shades to choose.

Dining Hall Ideas

It is not mandatory to have a particular style or taste for the dining hall. You might have it as a casual gathering place and go for a warm, cosy and stuffy area. Or if you are a formal kind of person, go for traditional dining hall designs. Your style depends on your purpose and usability. We have provided you with the best dining hall designs to choose from and make your dining hall a place your family and friends look forward to dining.



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