The lockdown has made it possible for many of us to pay attention to the empty wall we have been planning on decorating for ages. If you are also planning on upgrading your home with fabulous home decor items but are not willing to spend a lot on it? Well, you have landed at the right place. You are going to come across the most amazing DIY Home Decor Hacks that will give you the desired personalized ambiance that you want. And the best part is that they are budget-friendly.


Make Use of That Empty Wall

If you think that a wall needs something to make it vibrant, then you have a variety of options to make it look lively. You can put anything on that wall from Your polaroid or framed pictures to a trendy canvas or even go for any DIY Wall hangings or string arts or a clock or even yarn wall hanging. You can go for wall hangings like a dream catcher with twine, feathers, and beads or a simple pin-up board to cover up the wall. These will give a classic yet personalized feel to your empty wall.

wall diy home decor ideas

Cozy up that Favorite Corner of Yours

There is always a favourite corner where one likes to spend time sipping coffee while reading a book or maybe work or even sit for peace. You can go for a rustic vibe by throwing in a statement rug with a sofa or chair, a coffee table alongside a lamp, and adding a pinch of comfort with some colourful cushions to compliment it well. Adding a vase or a plant with a table mat can provide a more homely vibe. You can create a rug at home and can use anything for your table. From remoulding a broken wooden window to using a cabinet, you can have plenty of options.

corner diy design ideas

Green It Out

No other hanging or décor can be as good as some plants. They always manage to give you a peaceful vibe and provides you a very cozy environment. You can go for a single large plant or a few small pots and arrange them in a certain way. You can put flowers in empty wine bottles or mason jars and decorate those with jute twines or glitter or paint them however you like.

DIY Plants Idea

Add a Pop Of Color to Your Walls

Painting the walls is an authentic way of adding a splash of color to the walls and making them pop. But now there are a dozen more options. You can always go for the traditional way of painting or can opt for the abstract wallpapers. There is a wide range of options, such as patterns with the paint, wallpapers, or any trendy art. You can choose from pastels or bright colors or even classic white that contrasts with the setting of the room.

Coloring Walls Ideas

Stand Out With a Statement Mirror

The statement mirrors are so trendy these days. They stand out, be elegant, and provide your house with a chic vibe. You can make DIY Statement Mirrors with the help of a mirror, jute twine, glue gun, spray paint, and wood shims. These mirrors can be hanged anywhere in your hallway, bedroom, or living room to give a whole different vibe. You can go for a few small mirrors or a combination of small and big mirrors or just a single mirror on a wall according to your choice and the availability of space on the wall.

Statement Mirror Ideas

Light it Up

We all will agree that lights can give a different aura to your room. There is no such thing as too much lighting so, you can put as many lights as you want. If you want something to cover a large space, then you can go for fairy lights and wrap them around in different shapes or styles. To illuminate, small space a variety of DIY lanterns or a simple balloon lampshade. They require twine or any thread, paper, adhesive glue, and a bulb to light it up.

Ideas to Light Up

Modify the Existing Shelves

To modify the existing shelve in a better way, you can choose a mix of colors to give a pop. You can furnish with a touch of different materials from ceramic to books, photographs to any DIY Art, or any antique piece you might have. A floating shelf can be added to customize any space and can be with vases, photographs, plants, books, or any DIY Décor. Don’t worry about the symmetry. You can arrange it according to your Keep a plant in the middle, keeping a few books standing and some lying on alternate shelves. Put colors that disperse evenly throughout the shelves.

DIY Modifying Shelves Ideas

Rearrange the Existing Furniture

The easiest way to give a makeover to your house is by rearranging the furniture in a new way. Moving a shelf from the living room to the hallway can change a lot. Rearrange the sofas to achieve the desired change you need. Swap the old sofa covers with a piece of new fabric to make it better. Throw in some new pillows with a bohemian vibe, or you can also go for something subtle. Even the change of curtains can be a great way to modify the whole look.

Rearranging Furniture Ideas

Before beginning the renovation, ensure to know what you want your house to like and avoid chaos with the makeover and put too much on risk. Do one thing at a time. Access the space you want to decorate, how much can happen with the current furniture or, an area and then start modifying it. Don’t rush or hurry. It’s a process that might need time, patience, and calmness. Happy Designing!


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