As of recent times, bohemian interior designs are growing extensively popular. The whole aesthetics of beautiful textures with a little bit of messiness makes bohemian home styles all the more attractive to this generation. The boho aesthetics perfectly transition into almost every complementary style or theme. Be it a laid-back vibe, a modern layout, or a regular teen’s bedroom, this interior design can ace it all. However, apart from the easy-chic styling of the rooms, you can also opt for a little more of the cultural or Indian alternatives. Especially when it comes to the decors. On today’s page, we bring you 10 easy tips on how to keep it a little desi while designing a boho home space. 

Indian Bohemian Interiors


01. Splurging On The Greens 

The whole essence of boho style lies with the rawness of the texture. Every little natural accent or detailing in the design adds to its beauty. Thus, plants are a minimum essential to the bohemian home space. Now, the question comes down to how you are going to style it. You can start by placing the potted plants around the vacant corners of your rooms. And then you can go around showcasing some fancy creepers or herbs in those mini metallic, earthen, or terra cotta hanging plant containers. 

Bring on more plants

02. Focusing On The Fabric  

Bohemian designs fit better in a rough and rustic frame rather than the polished or refined ones. The same applies to the textures and the look of the fabric. Satin finish and silky textures are a straight no. Go for the rattan, woven, patchy textures. A rough-textured made handloom rug with multiple shades will be a perfect addition to the boho aesthetic of your living room. Just taking care of the textures of the fabrics might not do it. Layering them up accordingly is equally important. Mix and match the different elements to find your favourite picks. Keep it personalized. 


Handcrafted raw textures

03. A Little Extra On The Lights 

In the case of lighting up a home space, it’s always better to abide by the style of the interior design opted for the layout. And a bohemian interior design vibe high with fancy lighting set up. Dainty fairy lights, wicker or rattan lamps are some of the choices from the platter. If you’re a fan of pendant lamps then definitely try out the ethnic metallic lamp bundles. They are supremely pretty and adds that extra little glam to your interiors. 

Antique metallic lamps

04. The Cozy Couch 

An informal laid back lounging area is the centrepiece of bohemian-styled home space. Bless your sitting area with some fun splash of colours. Don’t be afraid to try out busy and bold patterns, asymmetric styled pieces, and mixing up the textiles. Try to build up a layered combination of the rugs, cushions, and throws. If you are opting for a more modern bohemian look, then try mixing the furniture pieces with the other accessorized pieces. Usually, a typical boho sofa set or couch comes upholstered in fun and vibrant shades ranging from rich plum to bright mustard or even in some customized patterned fabric. This should be an easy task, given that Indian culture is rich in both colours and patterns. 

Boho themed couches

05. Unique And Vintage Décor Pieces 

Antique-styled décor pieces are minimal essentials to a traditional bohemian home. A subtle touch of rustic or vintage materialism can add an essence of warmth and familiarity. A typical Indian boho home designing includes a lot of mythology as well as culture-inspired decorative pieces. Statement pieces like large handcrafted bronze plates, metallic lamps, and candle holders cook an easy recipe for a classic Indian boho living room. If you feel like your interior design looks way too maximalist for your taste, you can opt for a lesser decorative item with more emphasis on its sizing. Investing in larger pieces of antique-Esque articles such as a vintage-styled gramophone or telephone, or even sets of pottery might be a good alternative. Personalizing the decoration grids with your own preferences will yield even better results. 

Original Vintage Decors

06. The Color Palette Fit For The Occasion 

Bohemian home space is all about bright, bold, and beautiful colours. This criterion is almost a blurred line between ideal bohemian home interiors and vintage-themed interior designs. The bohemian style is very original to the representation of one’s personality. Warm and earthy tones are beautiful base picks. For some fun splash of colours try a variety of shades like amber in yellow, apricot in orange, or even vintage greens. Some of the violets and blues also play off the contrast with the gravity of dark browns or greens. You can choose to stick simply with the plain whites or even lighter tones as base colours if you want to go a little funky on the accessorizing part. Especially if maximalist is your brand, both in colours and decoration, going with some warm light shades as your backdrop might work the best. 

Boho themed shades

07. Handcrafted Article Is The Key 

The word “home” is always very reminiscing of familial sentiments and welcoming warmth. The best way to incorporate this essence into your home space is to pull in some handmade items. These objects can be of any variety, ranging from souvenirs you’ve collected on your travel trips to a very personal heirloom piece. Every piece that holds any personal value to you can make it on a bohemian accessory list. It could be a vintage map on the feature wall of your Indian drawing room or fancy mismatched China on your dinner tables. The bohemian theme is a common room for blending multiple styles. So, you can totally have a crystal chandelier on the ceiling and a handknitted rug on the floor, in the same boho-themed room. 

Cute handcrafted rugs

08. Building On The Layers 

Layering is one of the most natural characteristics of the bohemian style. Walking up to a bohemian-themed home interior, the first thing you will most likely notice is the placement of the rugs and the contrast in the variety of patterns. If you are planning for a colour-coordinated theme, then we suggest that you decide on what will be the dominant shade. You can go with the dark tones as the base. And then you can layer it with the more vibrant and lighter shaded articles.

For example, you can lay out a traditional designer carpet on top of a larger single-toned vibrant rug. To tone down on the maximalist approach, you can also try out modern and geometric patterns in the more muted shades. The layering theory applies to everything in a room. Make sure that every object in the room plays off each other; starting from the couches, throw cushions, floor rugs to the little pieces of trinkets, and other vintage decorative articles.  

Classic Bohemian Interior

09. Sticking To The Elements Of The Theme 

When you are going for a theme as mismatched as bohemian, it is easy to get lost in the variety of styles it can combine as a whole. While it is okay to mix different aesthetics occasionally, creating and sticking to a pre-planned combination of styles and designs might help to keep it clean. For starters, you can start setting up a mood board based on your favourite picks. And then, try to stick around to that particular layout. Love for vintage, rustic, and neutrals is very trendy right now. But as bohemian is a uniquely eclectic style, pop of colours with a little touch of traditional pieces are also very common. Hence, pick the theme of your choice. Try to have a preference on which theme you exactly want to centralize. Then proceed with the layering and personalization. 

Tastefully vintage

10. Keeping It Neat 

This is a very common problem that people run into while creating a boho-themed interior space. The problem starts with the accessorizing part, where one is not aware of when to stop. Most ideal bohemian-themed home interiors carry a maximalist essence with them. But on the same note, they should never feel overdone. This is a mistake that you would want to avoid unless you want your drawing room to look like an antique store on exhibition.

Try to start with a minimalist approach and build from there. With objects involving fabrics and textures, you need to go no further than three layers. Note down the list of articles that you absolutely want on display. And add more only if the space feels too vacant for your taste. Last but not the least, stick to the visual aesthetics that you started with. This will help you to cut off the items that do not fit the theme and help you stay on the grid. 

Personalized layered home space

Some Extra Pointers 

Well, that wraps up all the super easy 10 tips that you need to create a beautiful Indian boho-themed home interior. However, there are always additional sets of troubles that you are going to struggle with. One of them might be the lighting in a room. The bigger the space for natural lighting, the better. In bohemian-themed interior design, accessories as in furniture and décor pieces dominate the space hence, blocking most of the natural light. Another issue that might come into play is the sizing of the rooms. There is an easy way to cheat that problem. Keep the number of objects in a room proportional to its size. Anyway, there is no scope for mistakes when it comes to interior designing as there is no playing by any rules. So, just pull together the basic layouts and wing it. 



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