We can all unanimously agree that the year 2020, isn’t the best of the years witnessed by us all. Nonetheless, this year in the has seen some major comebacks as well as some refreshingly new trends in the domain of modern interior designing. Surprisingly, the old rule about interior designing, about sticking to one style is getting shattered with this beautifully designed mixe and match home spaces of this era.

2020 Modern Trends

Starting from the nudes and pastel walls to the edgy rustic headboards, today’s modern home aims to incorporate multiple elements from multiple styles. Thus, in today’s article, we aim to dish out all the fun trends that this has to offer you.

01. The Neutrals, But A Little More Funky 

Do you know what makes into the tending list? The unordinary, the exceptional one. Which is exactly why this particular colour palette is winning hearts. Why go normal, when you can do more fun. Let us break it down for you. Pick a theme, and colour palette, preferably something a little muted or borderline neutral. And then, accessorize the room with some colourful décor pieces.

In the following snap, we see how naturally those patterned and colourful cushions blend into the aesthetics of basic grey seaters and those black coffee tables. Now that’s a fun combo!

2020 Trend Funky


02. The Biblio-style

One of the biggest trends this year is the incorporation of bibliophilic styles in interior designing. This style brings in the raw elements of nature into the frame of the households through the décor pieces and furniture.

The goal of this style is to bring in the vibe of nature into the home space. That includes the raw and roughness in the furniture, rocky or stone-based or sculpted décor pieces, etc. We are talking about any and every piece that strikes as organically earthy to your eyes.

2020 Biblio Style

03. Featuring A Feature Wall

Feature walls are big this year. From drawing room to bedroom, get creative by painting a feature wall. There are plenty of options to choose from, geometric patterns, delicate floral prints, tiny doodles to paint-scraped art walls and many more.

In case you’re wondering of which wall to settle on, we suggest the wall on which faces your back. For example, if it is your drawing room, then paint the wall that faces the back of your seating arrangement.

2020 Feature Wall

04. The Green Aesthetics

We are talking about planting, but for the sake of your home décor aesthetics. This year the home plantations have made a huge comeback. Whenever you find an empty spot in any of your rooms and get a feeling of something missing, try putting out greens in the space. In your bedroom, you can try out an air plant in some porcelain jar and they don’t even need all that extra love!

2020 Plant Aesthetics

05. Elaborated Lounge Areas

The snacks and coffee sessions have gotten even better this year as there is a high demand for the large sitting and lounging areas. These days, more and more people are adopting the casual style hangout approach when it comes to living rooms. A comfy and spread out sitting space adds to the lightness in the moods and keeps the conversations going.

For starters, get a large but “not too structured” sitter and then all on the complimentary sets. Layer on with some cosy blankets and leave on plenty of cushions. Add a centrepiece table. Finally, add on some good lighting into the layout and then personalize the space to your likes.

2020 Lounge Space

Some fair words of advice, before you start working on your designing works. Always beware of your room statistics I.e. space available. It’s always better to scribble down your thoughts and ideas on a paper so that you can follow through the process in order. Keep patience, and have fun designing!



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