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Have you been searching for ideas to revamp your small hall? From the entry hallway to the hall is one of the most important spaces and usually taken for granted. These areas should be carefully curated as it will be creating the first impressions on visitors. It is the area that you enter and de-stress once you are back from work. This is an area that doubles up as a social space as well as a cosy nook on lazy days. So arranging and designing a small hall can be quite challenging, especially if you are finding the perfect aesthetic to suit all moods. Small hall accessories

To make the most efficient usage of the room, you must have a good understanding of the space available. Before diving into choosing the right decor for your hall, evaluate the amount of time you and your family intend on spending there. While elaborate wall hangings, flowers and chandeliers are more eye-catching, a small hall requires small furniture. Like a sofa-cum-bed or folding furniture, which can serve more than one purpose.  Interior design combines the art and science of boosting the value interiors play in your house. Since a small hall has very little wiggle room to suit a spectrum of needs, it might be ideal to ask an expert in the field. These are a few ideas to kickstart the process of revamping your small hall.


This is one of the most simple and budget-friendly ways to creating a fresher look for your hall. Paints tend to get dull over time, so brush a fresh coat every couple of years. For a small hall, choose lighter shades like mint green or pastels. This trick will help create the illusion of a bigger space. The colour you choose will be pivotal in setting the Storage and functionalitymood and tone of your home.


A hall doesn’t have to be bare just because it is small. Instead, choose furniture with multi-use functions. For instance, a hall table would be an excellent addition for entry halls. They can be used to hold keys and other essential items. Or simply decorate them with flowers and welcoming knick-knacks for guests. You could add shoe storage which could double up as a bench. Coat and shoe racks work as great organisers and save more space in the wardrobe too. Figuring out the functionality and storage of your furniture are two important elements when revamping the interiors of a small hall. It allows for practicality while adding aesthetic. Decorate with plants


Instead of only sticking to furniture, try lining up some potted plants. This is a great alternative that will leave you relaxed as well as create a healthy environment. In a small hall, flowers and plants can act as natural mood alleviators. Replace the standard rectangle windows with French windows. Not only will it bring in more natural light and but also make the hall seem more spacious. It is a great way to add aesthetic with minimum decor.


Most entry hallways have at least one bare wall. With the right skills, you could turn this into a canvas for murals or creating stencil art. Or you could simply add a wall decal with a few fairy lights and jazz up a bare wall. Adding a creative concept to the bare wall will uplift the ambience of a small hall.


Mirrors are a great way to widen up your hall virtually. Placing it opposite a source of light will allow it to reflect and bring in natural light into the small space. Apart from using it as decor, by strategically placing a mirror, you can harness natural light to channelise it into the interior elements of your hall.


The wall of memory is a beautiful way to make a public space feel personal. For those who love keeping their memories alive, decorating the wall with pictures of family and friends is a simple and neat idea. It is an excellent alternative to hanging expensive paintings. While the frames occupy the upper half of the wall, a cabinet can be placed in the lower half. It allows for optimum utilisation of a space that generally goes waste.


Everyone enjoys collectables- be it artefacts, souvenirs, or cherished gifts. These collectables are worth adding to your hall and exhibiting them to increase its beauty quotient. This is still possible in a small home without taking up extra space. Creating a niche on the wall will provide more depth and add aesthetic value to the pieces you wish to showcase. You can also combine it with open shelves to give it a contrasting effect. Simple elegant hall


There are a lot more interior design ideas to revamp a small hall. The above-listed ideas should help kickstart the elements you intend to use. When deciding, keep in mind the elements available in the current layout of your house. This will enable the fluidity of design from one area to another. In the process of decorating your hall, don’t forget the hallway. Though it may be narrower in small homes, it is an important part. You can give the entryway a vintage vibe or keep it simple and classy with mirrors, based on the concept you choose for your hall. The advantage of having a small hall is that it requires fewer pieces of furniture and decor. A hall is an area shared for family gatherings and social events. So at the heart of it, it should be comfortable. By shortlisting the ideas early on, you can make the right choice and turn even a small hall into an elegant space.


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