Wood has been an elementary component of home interiors since ages, both in the architectural and designing space. Simple wooden features to your home can instantly elevate the standard look to a more refined and elegant space. If you are someone who loves clean lines, rustic finish and a little touch of earthiness in your home interiors, you should definitely try out some wood-based interior designs and styles. And thus, in today’s article, we bring you 10 beautiful ideas on how to incorporate and use wood in your home. There are numerous options for styles, textures, furniture and decor in the wooden interior layouts. These ideas are very easy and minimal, so let’s get started. 

Woody articles


01. A Wooden Themed Minimalist Bedroom

You can design a very simple and serene bedroom by including the basic wooden furniture. Wooden furniture typically tends to themselves act as central décor pieces and brings a natural elegance to your space. Finding a perfectly chunked wooden bed and a pair of complementary side tables will save you all the brainstorming that you usually have to go through while deciding your bedroom interiors. To tie up the place, bring in some potted plants and a warm-toned rug. You can also go in with some wooden framed wall pieces to bring out most of the style you are going for. 

Wooden Bedroom Aesthetics


02. Wooden Panels for the Walls

Wall panelling might not appeal as tasteful for all. But, with the right composition, a sectioned wooden wall panel looks absolutely beautiful. This style usually fits more into a bohemian, country or a rustic home space. One of the main reasons for picking wood panels over any other kinds of panelling is because of how easy it is to install. They are extremely durable and easy to maintain and does a lot to add richness to your interior walls. These wooden panels also naturally insulate your home and make it easier for you for in both cases of extreme heat and cold. Thus, this investment is an all-rounder champ. 

woody panels


03. Back to Basics: Wooden Cabinets

Cabinets carved out of woods have a subtle raw and rustic touch to them. Wooden cabinets might not be the best pick for the kitchen but, they work great in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. An antique-styled cabinet which doubles as décor table can bring out the vintage elements to a classic drawing-room. It is very essential to have an organized section in bathrooms. And to serve this purpose, wooden cabinets work better as a storage space. It can elevate the essence of a basic bathroom and add a soothing touch to the room. 

Wood Cabinets


04. Biblio-styled Furnishing

One of the latest modern interiors designing trends is incorporating natural elements to your home. The biblio-style interior designs bring in a lot of nature-based and earthy pieces, for both decors and furniture. These include a huge range of earthly toned components, natural products and asymmetric modern pieces. Thus, wood is a very elementary material for this style.  

Biblio styled pieces


 05. Framing the Doors and Windows

Who said you can’t bring out some classical elegance from a modern home? Polished wooden doors and framed windows in a modern interior can immediately boost up the rustic essence of the space. If you feel that solid carved doors are too much for your taste, then you should definitely try out the wooden framed glass doors and windows. The wooden doors do not only exude a luxurious feeling but also perfectly blend in with every modern interior design without taking away the original style of the theme. Moreover, these pieces provide great security and last ages.  

Wooden framed doors


06. Personalized Office Space 

If you are searching for ideas to create a formal, classic as well as cosy office space, a smooth wooden interior would be your best pick for a base. Wood, both as a material and texture has a very raw touch to it. These qualities might come handy while deciding on the other décor pieces of the room. Moreover, these wooden layouts are also very easy to design. Firstly, start with the central furniture pieces and then just add complementary shaded décor pieces into space. One minor advice, in this case, would be not to overdecorate your room. Create an open space and let each of your customized furniture stand out.  

Wood based Office


 07. Asymmetric and Geometric Shelves

Shelves are one of the most important furniture in a room. They fit the décor criteria of almost every room and comes in various style, shape and material. So, what’s so special about wooden shelves? The unmatched expensive and aesthetic appeal. With many modern designers stepping in, now you have a plethora of options to choose from. You can go with the sleek geometrically carved pieces or the scraped vintage finished ones depending upon the style of your interior designs. 

Wooden shelves


08. The Modern Bathroom Aesthetics

This home styling trend has been doing rounds for a while now, and for all the right reasons. This tip will help to give your basic bathroom a quick makeover in the easiest way. You just have to replace your regular products with wood-based ones. This styling tip leaves you with a very minimalist yet stylish bathroom. Wooden textured toiletries usually have a very natural and luxurious feel to them and thus, elevates the whole aura of the room.  

Woody Toiletries


 09. A Warm Woody Corner

This one is for the modern and chic home interiors, where there are no conventional limitations for designing a crib and creative liberty takes the front seat. If you want to add some unique details and layers in your abode, this one is absolutely perfect for you. We are talking about creating a particular corner of your home created to balance all the other sleek modern features. In the following snap, we see a beautifully crafted, little sitting area, with a customized wooden shelf and a backdrop of wooden panelling. This style perfectly blends in with rustic and boho home styles. These tiny corners in your home add a raw and personalized touch to the place and make it uniquely beautiful. 

  A personalized corner


 10. Playing Out Pastel Palette

Including woody elements in your home space doesn’t always have to go by the shades of browns. You can easily opt for the more pseudo vintage and bohemian styled wooden furniture and décor. A wood-based interior necessarily doesn’t always equate to a classically styled home. You can have softer tones and pastel boards in your wooden interior designs. In the following snap, we bring you a very soft and pastel bohemian styled personal study. This room has most of the major elements carved out of wood and exudes the simplicity of a cottage styled room. 

Cottage Styled Space

Wood in itself is one of the most versatile components and material in both home designing and architecture. If rightly used and placed, they can make the most gorgeous interiors for both modern and vintage styled houses. In addition to the aesthetic value, they are one of the sturdiest material, shows great durability and are natural insulators. The only backlog to this element is that it comes a little pricey. But at the same time, we assure you that, if you finally settle on spending a few extra bucks for the right designs and materials, it will be worth the expense. A final word of advice, make your choices with patience and love and don’t be afraid of experimenting with all kinds of style. Now have fun designing. 


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