Our home is our safe space, our habitat where we reside, grow and transform ourselves. Apart from playing the role of a place to sleep, our house also protects us from the outside world. You would not want your sanctuary to look mundane and boring. It should look captivating and beautiful that makes you guilty for leaving it and feel at peace whenever you return to it. Every room has a story to it, your storyline and, to enable you to say that story without using words we have the interior wall painting designs to speak that story out loud without words.

Interior Wall Painting Designs for Your House

A Pleasant Touch of White

White added in any room uplifts the whole aura of that room. Using white living rooms is preferred than any other part of the house. Keep it all white and add a pop of colour with the sofas, centre table, throw pillows and rest of the interior. If you want to add a little colour to the walls itself, then choose a geometric pattern or, stripes and add a single shade so white gets to keep an upper hand. A crisp white paint is the best option to get away when you have confusion regarding colours.

White Wall Painting Designs

Neutrals to Help with Minimalism

It is personally my favourite wall painting designs. There are so many ways to use the colours and designs and, each of them stands out. You can keep your whole house neutral and, it will become the vibe of the home. Ombre works well with neutrals and minimalistic designs. Textures, wallpapers, tiles, wall panels anything combined with neutrals looks classy and appealing. Another option is combining neutral with vibrant interiors to bring out the colour.

 Wall Painting Design Ideas

Accent Wall to Complement Nudes

It’s a common opinion that nudes bring down the vibe of the room while they minimize the effect. It is common in Indian Households to inculcate bright colours in one way or another. It is for such houses. Pick an accent wall to complement the lighter ones. It should be vibrant to bring out the colours. The grace in this wall painting design is the simplicity of colours and let it be that way without adding any wallpaper or pattern or tiles.


Wall Design Ideas

Tiling is Another Idea for the Design

You can tile the wall in a single shade or a pattern combining two or more colours. Such type of designs looks graceful in living areas as well as the rooms. Choosing a dark coloured tile pattern with a lighter shade of walls add artistry to the walls. Another option is choosing textured or patterned tiles to add creativity to the room.

Tiles Wall Painting Design Ideas

Classic Combination of Black and White

Combination of black and white is a classic and never goes out of fashion. You can put them as colours or add any pattern or design to make it unique. From geometry to stripes to checkered pattern, anything can work well with the black and white combination. There are a dozen ways to put black and white around the room. Painting the room black and keeping the ceramic pieces to bring out the white.

Stripes Painting Designs

Combining Colour with Stripes

Stripes in the room of kids add a hint of playfulness and look appealing to the eyes. Instead of single coloured stripes, combine a few colours and then use them as stripes. You can choose any amount of colours and put them as horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. Another option with the stripe pattern is their width, thick stripes or thin stripes. Both have their way of adding mystery and flair. In case you want to use this interior wall painting design in your master bedroom, choose horizontal stripes with neutral or pastel shades. They make the design look mature and sophisticated.

Stripes Wall Painting Design Ideas

Striking a Balance between Bold and Subtle with Blue

Blue is the perfect way to strike a balance between bold and subtle hues. There are a few shades of blue that give the ambience of the sea, that in itself is a very peaceful vibe. Blue adds liveliness and has a subtle vibe to it, blue combined with another shade will bring out the room. You can paint a whole room in blue, or use blue with another shade and play with patterns, geometric, wallpaper as well.

Vibrant Colour Room Ideas

Playing with Colours and Geometry

If you want to experiment with colours and shapes, you can try this interior wall painting design. You can pick a few pastel shades or vibrant shades put them around the wall in different shapes. Neutral colours with random curves, pastel shades with varied geometric shapes, bright colour blocks or triangles are some classic examples of how you can contrast different symmetry with different colours and use them. This type of designs look creative and act as a focal point. So, using them for your living room would be a better idea rather than using for any other place. These designs will make the room happy, cheerful and energetic.

 Wall Painting Design Ideas

Opt for Wall Panels for the change

Paint, wallpapers and tiles have become common these days. If you are looking for something new, stylish and elegant with variety in colours and textures, wall panels are your pick. The best part about them apart the variations is their ease with cleanliness. It looks best in bedrooms and looks majestic in the dining hall with neutral shades as well. Also, they are not expensive.

 Wall Panel Design Ideas

Gone are the days when painted walls would appeal to your eyes. Now one demands some style, design and pattern that is unique and elegant and makes your interior look fabulous. It is a genuine concern and confusion to find the best-suited wall painting designs to match the decor and vibe you want to create of the house. Regardless of the trends, you should select interior wall painting designs that go with the purpose and requirements of the room. Hoping this guide helps you in choosing your wall painting designs that will enable you to speak your story with the help of colours.



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