Every kid has their imagination of how their room should look. Some get inspired by cartoons and superheroes others prefer fairy tales. Few want a creativity corner for their skills, while few aspire to have a sports corner. It is the job of kids to imagine about the kids’ room interior design and the parents’ job to apply practicality and make it come to reality. The pink and blue colour room have become mundane and need transformation to give wings to your kids’ creativity. To help you with the designing here are Ideas for Kids Room Interior Design. Your kid might have unrealistic hopes for the room according to you, none of them is impossible. The below-mentioned ideas will make their imaginations seem easier with these kids room interior designs.

Kids Room Interior Design Ideas

A room with Bunk Bed

Kids are fascinated by the bunk beds and, if you have twins or two kids of the same age group, this is the best option. This type of kids room interior design is a hack for small space houses. You can use the extra space for making a larger study table or play area or space for more storage. Another addition to the bunk bed can be making them in different colours to keep both happy. The bunk bed design is the ultimate sleepover place and makes one feel like they own a fort.

Kids Room with Bunker Beds


Kids Room Interior with Living Element

Kids cherish the idea of a room covered with flowers and living element. You can pick a floral wallpaper or wallpaper with some greenery on it or choose natural colours to give the natural essence. Pair them up with floral plywood for cupboards and decor that is vibrant and colourful. To make your kid fall in love with nature, place a plant in the room.

Kids' Room Interior Design

Elegant White Room with Pop of Colours

Some kids want elegance in their room but also desire some colour in it. We have got a perfect blend of both in this idea. You can paint the walls white and choose decor and linen that are colourful for the desired pop.

White room with a pop of colour

Kids Room Interior Design Inspired by Hobbies and Dreams

Is your kid fond of travelling and dreams of travelling the world? Here is the room of his dreams. Paint the back wall as a map or choose a wallpaper of the world map. Pair the room with white walls and decor inspired with the natural colours to give the ambience of nature around. Or if he has other hobbies and interests, you can keep them as the focal point. Basketball or football-inspired room and if they are one with artistic skill make one wall a blackboard that they can use as their canvas. Personalise the room with their favourite players or the paintings made by them. It will encourage them towards their goals and dreams.

Kids Room Interior Design

A Quirky Room with Colours

Children love the quirkiness that makes them look cool. If you have a teenager, they would want to look cool amongst their friends. Choose wallpapers or patterns that are fun or opt for stripes with single shade so it can look classy as the kid grows up. Choose a stylish bed with linens and decor in bold colours to stand out. These shades will make the room appear cheerful and energetic.

kids room interior design

Vibrant Room with Geometric

Vibrant and bold shades spread happiness, cheerfulness and energy vibes that match the vibes of kids. Inculcate some shapes with the vibrant colours in the kids’ room interior design to make it colourful. You can choose triangles of different shades and keep the rest walls white, take a few shades and paint them in asymmetrical shapes, or paint an accent wall in stripes of two to three shades and paint the rest of walls in a different shade that matches the colour scheme. Complement the look with the colourful and cheerful decor to make it an eye-pleaser.

Kids' Room Interior Design

Design a Room for a Bibliophile

Some kids are passionate about reading they desire a room full of books and require extra storage for that. For this type of kids interior room design, you can choose bunker beds instead of a queen size bed to provide you space and have a cornered or compact study area to give extra space for the bookshelves. Extend the shelves to the top and across the wall and, there will be an immense increase in storage space. If there is a room below the staircase, then you can design that room as the kids’ room and use the area below the stairs to make a bookshelf. It will give out some extra space for storage.

Kids' Room Interior Design


Customise the Kids’ Room

Everyone has a style and needs, so do the kids and, you can customise the room according to their taste and style. It will make your designing procedure easy. If your kid is the one who needs a pink coloured room, you can include pink wallpapers with patterns and decor that has shades of pink or other contrasting shades. Some kids desire a place that has elegance and sophistication. Pick a colour pallet that comprises of neutral colours and pair them up with linen and decor that has that little pop, so the room does not look dull and monotonous. You can also increase and sort the storage according to the needs. Add a vanity for the girls with a large mirror while adding a small gym for the boys that are into sports.

White room with a pop of colour

Designing the kids room is the most fun and entertaining experience of interior design. The room is a sanctuary one owns, that is their safe space where they feel comfortable, relaxed and themselves. Ensure they feel comfort in their sanctuary by using interior designs that encourage warmth and creativity. Let their imaginations run wild and help them by giving wings with the rooms they desire.



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