The saying “First Impression is the Last Impression”, happens in real life and the Interior Life as well. Your entrance is the foundation of how a person is going to perceive your house and its decor. If the doorway doesn’t leave an imprint on the person’s mind, then your home and the interior is not going to stick. To ensure you don’t suffer any such disaster, we have sorted out a few elegant, classy and impressionable main door interior design ideas that you can use according to your choice and the home decor.

Main Door Interior Design Ideas

Classic Wooden Main Door

The big Wooden Door is a classic. They are found in a lot of Indian Households and give a vintage look. If your home decor is traditional and authentic, you should go for a Large-sized Wooden Door for your Main Door Interior Designs. Using large metallic handles with such doors makes them more attractive. Contrast the warm wooden tones with light wooden tones with matt panels will fascinate you.

 Main door interior Designs

Wooden Door with Carvings

Indian home decor is incomplete without handicrafts and carvings done on the wood. There is always a hint of Carving’s cause of their majestic look. A carved out the wooden door is a must for traditional Indian homes. Carvings help to establish an antique look. Complement the wooden carved out main doors with golden statement round shaped handle doors to make it royal.

Carved Main Door interior

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Wooden Door with Art

You can transform a basic wooden main door into an authentic-looking door by adding some Indian folk art, patterns, and traditional motifs. They uplift the whole appearance of the wood by adding a desi touch. You can add art with metal grillwork or add a jaali to enhance the look.

Wooden door with art


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Wooden Door With a Modern Touch

Experience your hand on modernity with your Main door interior designs by adding metallic grills with the wood. Another way of adding a modern touch to your wooden doors is by giving them laminate a glossy finish inculcating geometric and linear patterns or go for the metallic finish to shift the mundane wooden finish.

Main Door with modern touch

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Playing Around with Wood

Another option to add authenticity and traditional feature to your main door interior design play with patterns and shades. There are a variety of patterned and motif doors. Weave pattern, panelling the doors, or motifs with bold colours like gold to add elegance.

Main Door with modern touch

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Add a Statement Door Handle

If you are the one for simplicity and wooden doors, you are going to love this option. To a plain wooden door, add a statement handle door. It could be golden to refine the simplicity or add a handle door with smalls mirrors or stone to make it alluring.

Main door interior Designs

Incorporating Glass with Wood

Sometimes, wood becomes too much to take in and, one wants some part of transparency along with opaqueness. If you are one such person, then this is your pick. You can have a few accessible options. Wooden frame with glass in between and a gold good traditional handle will give you the much desired rustic look.

Main Door Interior Design

Vibrant Shades

Who said vibrant shades on the main doors make them look over the top? Vibrant colours like blue and red are bold, colourful, and make a statement on themselves. Its a rarely used option and the easiest one to add colour. You can keep them simple with bold colour and a metallic, sleek handle to do the job.

Vibrant Shades for Main door interior Designs

Door with Reflective Materials

Reflective materials as a part of Main Door Interior Design is becoming famous day by day. They are glossy and sleek that appeals to the eyes. It goes well with all types and shades of Home Decor and looks classy and chic. If you have a minimalist based home decor, reflective materials will add sophistication and grace to your home. You don’t need to worry about the patterns or handles since the glossy finish does the work to give a charming entrance.

Main Door with modern touch

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Frosted Glass Door

In case you are the one for a British minimalistic look, this is your pick. Choose a frosted glass door with a wooden frame. A white door with frosted glass is a go-to option for your Minimalistic design. You can have your choice from plain frosted glass or patterned frosted glass for a shift.

FrostFrosted glass main door designs

It is natural to get confused while selecting any of the Main Door Interior Designs and we are here to help you out with it. Before choosing any design, wrap your mind around the style you want and then see if that goes well with your Home Decor. In case it doesn’t then try for other options. Keep yourself open to new ideas and experimentation. I hope this Design guide will be helpful to you.

Happy Designing!





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