For most of our life, we reside within the walls of our home. So, even though your home is your comfort bubble, having to deal with the same interior for a long while can get pretty boring. Especially, the year 2020-21 has compelled us more than ever to stay indoors. And in situations like this, the best thing you can do is to revamp your home interiors and try out all those customized designs that you wanted to try out since forever. Interior designing is always more fun when experimented with. And thus, today we bring you a few pointers on one of the trendiest interior styles that have been doing rounds from quite a while now, maximalist interiors. This one’s a perfect mix of personalization and modern aesthetics. Let’s take a look at how you can adopt this unique and fun look for your home interiors.

Maximalist Living Room


01. Go Crazy and Big on the Walls

Maximalism is all about embracing art. With a plethora of options, starting right from the bold and beautiful accent walls to the large framed wall-sized framed paintings, accessorizing your walls are no more a difficult task. You can go for the popular gradient walls, wall motifs or even textured graphic walls. The following snap captures a rather unique French captioned wall art. If you like to go with the option “less is more”, you can try this kind of walls as well.

Wall Arts


02. Using the Contrasting Pieces

The only rule to maximal styled interiors is that “there is no rule at all.” That in totality defines interior designing in general. But unlike the other styles and themes like rustic, country, vintage or earthy interior designs, maximalist interiors do not have any specified structure to it. That is mostly because this style is mostly a blend of all the defined styles altogether. Thus, you can totally go all out with the mix of variations in styles that you want in your interiors. In fact, contrasting and mismatched pieces sometimes can create beautiful combinations. The room captured in the frame below has little elements of country styled interiors, a few earthy tones and a lot of pop-art inspired designing. Now that’s a fun space!

Contrasting Decors

03. Blending Out the Spaces

This simply suggests you blend in the various corners of your home into a common space. Suppose the dinning set up can be easily opened out to the lounging area. This trend is one of the currently popular concepts of a modern living room. The actual idea is to create a close-knit as well as a planned-out space. This practice makes it easier to incorporate miscellaneous styles into a single home space. In the following frame, we have a common kitchen and diner which opens out or rather leads up to a sitting area.

Blending Spaces

04. Bring on Some Bohemian Decors

Guess one interior theme that lets you get messy to your heart’s content? Bohemian interiors. The effortless chic aesthetic of the bohemian decors and furniture adds on to the home layout. Maximalist style home interiors require a great deal of layering of elements. It is important to make sure that the pace doesn’t get too much crowded in that process. Thus, as the bohemian pieces are pretty easy to naturally layer up, they make a great choice for maximalist home interiors.

Bohemian Interiors


05. Piling on Some Vintage Vibes

Modern vintage decors are one of the biggest inspirations for the maximalist interior style. Vintage in itself brings in an effortless and luxurious elegance to your home space. With the modern techniques, it’s very easy to get a faux vintage look for your abode. Another way to style vintage furniture or decor is to go with the bohemian vintage templates. This will give you a wide variety of options with decors like rugs, pillows, vases and even walls.

Vintage Aesthetics

06. Your Energy Bubble

If you’re going into detailed maximalism, you need to keep a check on the tones and shades that you’re going for. The maximal styled home typically has big bright energy to them. Hence, bright colours, a blend of soft sweet pastel shades and patterns are a definite yes for the purpose. Try to avoid the gloomy or cool-toned greys, shabby nudes and non-matte blacks and browns. Wallpapers are a great pick, and the best way to go around if you want to design an accent wall.

Positive Vibes

07. Build Up The Layers

This one is mostly about revising and reconsidering the basics. And that includes the architecture, colours, build, spacings and most importantly the symmetry, material and even sizes of the décor and furniture. It is very important to pick the right fabrics, the right size of art pieces. Always try to assemble and build a mood board of what you want your rooms to portray. One more essential dynamic is to balance the lights in the space. Make sure to open up your spaces to the max limit.

Layered interiors


08. Let’s Discuss Colors

When it comes to maximalism, matte is the way to go. Dark matte walls with a pop of accent in decors or white vintage walls with contrasting furniture are the vibe that a maximalist interior usually channels. Materials like velvet and linen are great picks for furniture fabrics. Whereas, for walls, vintage tattered looks, crazy motifs or rather simple matte shades are some good picks. There isn’t any hard and fast rule as to exactly how you should go with the colours. But we suggest you keep it bright and popping.

Wild Colors

09. No Compromising on Comfort

Even though maximalist interiors are a bit elaborative on the detailing, they have a very cosy touch to them. Elements like rugs, pillows, cots are common elements of maximalist home interiors. Especially with the ever-evolving ideas of living rooms, sitting areas now are more so laid back than ever. For example, in the snap below we have a beautifully arranged living space. That grounded sofa loaded with a pile of pillows and the subtle accent wall perfectly ties up the dreamy aesthetic of the space. To top it all off, there’s even a little rattan lamp hanging on.

Comfort First

10. Personalization Over Perfection

This one’s as self-explanatory as it gets. Do not try to incorporate styles and items that you’re personally not a fan of. Maximalist interior style mainly aims to motivate you to create a niche for your own self with your very own favourite picks. Use this creative liberty to bring a personal touch to space. Look for inspirations, there are plenty around. As we said, it’s more about what you love than the overview itself.

Personalized Look

Now, that was all about a little glimpse into some maximal themed interior designs. Hopefully, this helped you to pick a trick or two on how to go on and about it. Make sure to let us know of your doubts and concerns regarding the same. And have fun designing.


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