The cosiest and the most personal space to your entire nest is your bedroom. No matter how much hours around the clock you spend in your home, your bedroom is undeniably your safe place. And now more than ever, with the busy schedules and momentum of this modern world, you need an extremely cosy and comfy bedroom. Today, we bring you the absolute most six essential keys for designing a beautiful and serene modern bedroom. Most importantly, these tips apply to any and every kind of style you want to opt for.  

Minimal bedroom

01. Start on A Minimal Note

Try to make a mental note of the spacing or the measurements of the room and how you want to position the décor as well as furniture pieces. This step, in particular is very tricky. In most of the cases, one tends to mess up the planning part by including too many pieces at once. And this is exactly why you should try to stick to the basics initially.  

For example, our suggestion would be to start with the bed, side tables, shades and themes, lightings and mirrors. Then as things begin to look well placed, go on adding you an extra bit of aesthetics to make the room feel more personalised. 

Bedroom bed

02. The Perfect Cradle to Your Sweet Dreams

Picking up the right bed for your room is always a challenging task. A lot of factors contribute to finding the perfect bed. The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom. Some of the key deciding elements are: 

  • The style or theme for the room 
  • The measurements of the room 
  • The material one is comfortable with 

So, next time when you’re out for furniture shopping, try to keep a note of these few factors. 

 Bedroom storage

03. Hack To A Clean Space

Trust me when I say that, it is tough to maintain a bedroom or for that matter, any room. Fun fact, this hack applies to almost all of your home spaces. Get yourself one of those knitted baskets with lids and use them as your dump storage box.  

In case you’re worried about how these might affect the aesthetics of your room, it won’t. There are baskets like these for all kinds of room styles. These are used as subtle décor pieces. Think how much easier it’d get to clean up your room when an unexpected guest turns up. Go, get one already! 

 Bedroom lights

04. Make It A Safe Midnight Trip 

This might come off as absurd, but, it is one of the essential criteria to cover. You should be very careful with the spacings in your room so that while a midnight trip to the toilet you don’t trip over any furniture. Try to keep a minimum walkway passage from the door to the bed. Also, try to include the switches to the lights in the room closer to your bed. If possible, almost readily accessible. 

Bedroom to sleep

05. Serving the Sole Purpose 

Try to leave all your digital distractions out of your bedroom to enjoy the essence of your space. Thus, invest in some light reads, soothing music and comfy blankets. It is also vital to pick the right shades for your bedroom. If earthy tones bring you peace, then go for that. If you are a modern sleek and metallic lover, go for the smooth finish. The bedroom is your safest place, and thus, the layout of this room should be the absolute favourite of yours. 

bedroom plants

06. Unkempt Is the New Neat 

This one is more of a reminder than a tip. A little messiness looks good on a bedroom. This tip works best for the rustic, pastel, farm or boho style bedrooms. Layering upon the elements of the bed can add to the subtle dishevelled look. Try to incorporate at least two shades in your pillows and blankets, preferably a combination of the darker and lighter tone of a single shade. 

bedroom headboard

Some of the other tips that can add the cosy, casual vibe are:  

  • Pack on a little greenery in the room.
  • Maybe try a picture wall.
  • Invest in a good headboard.
  • For curtains, the heavier, the better.
  • Keep the ceiling lighter than the rest of the shades.
  • Check on the ventilation.

The last and probably the best one of all, keep a personal touch to it. 


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