You always want your workspace to be comfortable and presentable. Comfortable for you to get acquainted with it and presentable for your clients to get acquainted with it. To build a safe work haven that matches your preferences, would take a lot of guidance and hard work. To guide you through this journey, of building your dream workplace, here’s a list of some of the best office interior designers in Bangalore

1. SGK Infrastructure & Associates

SGK InfrastructureYou are to build your spaces based on the amount of trust you have in your hired interiors and on how much experience have they gained in this field and how many projects have they dealt with. Well, SGK infrastructure & Associates have been working in this field for over two decades now. Serving with solutions from the basics to the tiniest details. With more than 100 projects executed it serves with the warranty of work from 1-5 years. With absolute eyesight for the best execution, they have worked with utmost sincerity. They offer their services in Office Interior Design, Restaurant Interior Design, Shop Interior Design, Salon Interior Design, and Small Office Interior Design.

2. One brick at a time

Best office interior designers in BangaloreWith a vision for creativity, One brick at a time brings to the client a creative implementation of their thoughts on how and what they desire their workplace to look like. With a team of young but extremely talented interior designers,  they have exceeded in designing & executing more than 30 office spaces with satisfied and happy clients. And with a variety of facilities like a warranty of work for about 5-10 years, loan assistance, and a minimal consultation fee. They have a wider approach in all the aspects of designing spaces.

3. Drafters Interiors

Best office interior designers in BangaloreDrafters innovations aces in every section and has been acing in it for 10 years now. With more than 30 commercial projects they have expertise in how to create and put a clients’ thoughts into reality with a warranty of work from 1-5 years. One of the leading designing companies to ace in all architectural & interior sources which offers construction, residential and commercial interior designs, floor planning, and more.

4. Mariam interiors

Best office interior designers in BangaloreTo build a powerful and at the same time comfy-looking office interior design, Mariam interiors tops the list. With its uniqueness, professionalism, hard work, punctuality, and dedication it has fixed its reputation in the clients’ minds filling it with satisfaction for more than 12 years now. It’s not just in harmony with its clients, but it also is in harmony with its engineers, creative team, & suppliers to create a unique but also sophisticated version of their clients’ comfort. With no consultation fee, 1-5 years warranty of work, & implementation of more than 100 projects it has proven its talent, time and again. They step over quantity for quality in all of their projects. 

5. Livspace office interiors

Best office interior designers in BangaloreTo design something of utmost patience is the best quality, which bears a greater outcome. Patience is what the clients expect when it comes to their dynamic choices. Livspace covers all the ends when it comes to quality and superiority in their work. An office is created as a sanctuary if it matches your vibe of work and motivates you to progress, this company has made it their motto to design something like that. Having experience of 2 years and numerous clients, they have acted professionally with top-notch project management, designs, & implementation.

It provides all sorts of services which are the essentials in making a space worth living. It also specialises in various styles like contemporary, modern, vintage, casual, and many more, preferably suggesting according to the clients’ choice.

6. Design arc interiors

Best office interior designers in BangaloreOne of the best and top-notch interior designer companies which serve altered choices for the customers according to their luxury and comfort. They are known to outgrow their designs and create more beautiful designs with 13 years of experience. There are various steps to the design projects which the Design Arc follows. From the planning step where they understand the clients’ interests to the concept planning, construction documents, construction phase, safety and precaution, and project evaluation & support. They deliver all of the choices in office spaces from bold, aesthetics, warm to fuzzy, luxurious, and peaceful spaces. The designs that they make are thoroughly designed and inspected by the clients which had caused all of Banglore to think of them as a highly executed company.

7. Ace interiors

Best office interior designers in BangaloreSpace that surrounds you with an atmosphere that screams “be productive”, and drills positivity within you is what is expected out of the interior of an office. They spend their time on the tiniest details to means all ends of the interior viz conceptualising, designing, & other details that attract and converts several people’s dream and desires into reality which matches their tastes and preferences and syncs their persona. With a holistic approach in several sorts of office interiors, it designs the spaces with a large creative side. Planning with a proper approach and punctuality for their projects had lead them to grow at great lengths.


Best office interior designers in BangaloreWorking with the contemporary world is necessary for every profession and to keep up with it and its evolving tastes and preferences. Therefore, the HCD dream makes sure that the traditional world isn’t forgotten along with modern textures and designs. They provide end to end solutions and services which include all the essentials i.e from construction to house interior, office spaces for all generations with their personal preferences, resort, restaurants, and even to the smallest details of painting work, electric work, carpentry work, plumbing work and much more.

They possess a legitimate process on how their interior designing works which start from project request, concepts go-to concept creation, design development, construction, project management, and lastly project turnover.

9. CentriX

Best office interior designers in BangaloreCentriX has a distinctive strategy for building a workspace or office space that motivates and escalates their performance, their efficiencies, and their trustworthy environment. Their belief lies in the power of how design is executed and how well the customer can aim and implement his/her goals. They follow the trends according to millennials’ preferences to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Their ultimate goal is to construct a place that would eventually make an optimistic difference among everyone. Being one of the top and prestigious interior designing companies, it aspires to outgrow its efficiency in all of its projects and make an efficient place for its customers to find their solutions that are highly backed by utmost technology. Their recent projects include Presidency University, Bits Pilani, Decathlon, and many more.

10. Office Interior Design

Your office space depicts your taste and your personality. And Office Interior Design is here to hone your personality but designing an elegant space would make the best first impression. They indulge in a lot of designing after office spaces, like Corporate Office, Hotel, Resort, restaurant, Spa Design, all at a price that is sufficient for all.

Best office interior designers in BangaloreThe increasing number of customers has unleashed the creative and unique side of their which has grown with it and implemented into a suitable place. It believes in collaborating with the customer rather than overpowering their needs. To attract customers now and then and have a good grip on them, these Interior designers develop this kind of attractive vibe. Their clients who have been submissive to their tastes and preferences are Byju’s, Yum, Toyota, NIITT, Wipro, and many more that have been showing the apt exception as that of the clients’ aura preference.


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