They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, how do you make a beautiful house out of a small home space? You don’t need to worry about it, we’ve got you covered. We have the Ideas, and tips to add to your Small Home Interior to use your small house to the fullest, trick your eyes into believing its bigger and make it look exotic and elegant.

Small Home Interior Ideas to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Condense the Dinning Table

Managing the space in the Dining Area is a must. Get rid off those huge bulky dining tables and go for something lighter and better. The rectangle-shaped Dining Tables are out of fashion. Level up your Small Home Interior with round Dining Tables to give yourself some extra space and sass.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Lay Out Mirrors

Placing mirrors is the oldest trick to make your small space seem big and, your small home interior look more elegant. They reflect lights and make space seem bigger, brighter and airier. Placing a huge mirror in the living room makes it a bit more spacious to the eyes. If huge mirrors are not your thing, you can layout a couple of small mirrors which are hand-crafted to give a Traditional Indian accent to your living room.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Slide through Pocket Doors

The best thing about pocket doors is that they are compact, space-saving and elegant at the same time. If you don’t feel the need, they can slide back in the walls. Pocket doors with half glass or full glass look sophisticated, cover much less space and are very convenient to use.

Small Home Interior Ideas


Neutral It Out

The colour pallet plays a massive role in the home interiors. If you are aiming to make your small home interiors dark, your house is going to look gloomy and small. To make it appear bigger, go for lighter shades, preferably nudes and whites. The lighter shades reflect light, making it look spacious. You can contrast the walls with a textured dark shaded wallpaper or one wall with a darker colour to break the monotony.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Don’t Forget the Corners

While being involved in the fact that you have small space, you often disregard the Corners and niches. Put cabinets or stair racks on the corners which will help you with storage and your small home interior as well. It can act as a bookshelf or, you can take a cabinet, with Mirror on it, store your crockery inside it while you can put decor items on the top of it.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Up Your Window Game

The light is a source of illusion. The reflection of light in a room enlarges it. If you have the space for big windows, go for it or a few small windows. The natural light makes your house looks spacious and also radiate good vibes. While choosing the curtains to go for lighter shades or not so bold vibrant colours and keep it sheer so the light can seep in.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Wall Mounting is the New Normal

The most strategic way to save space is Wall Mounting. You can mount the television. Want some area for study table but short on space? Wall Mount the desk. It will take much less space and give a chic vibe. Avoid the table lamps for lightning and go for hanging lights fixed in the ceiling instead. Fold-out furniture is more streamlined and space-saving. Opting for them is a smart investment.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Go for Built-In Storage

Another way to save some space and have better storage is to opt for Built-In Storage options. They are going to be wall-mounted and customized according to your needs.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Right Size, Right Furniture

One of the challenges you come across with small space is the furniture. You have to be wise and considerate while selecting the furniture. You can’t go for bulky and massive furniture that covers most of the area. There needs to be a balance between compact and voluminous furniture. You can put an L-shaped sofa with two small couches or even one according to space and go for a compact-sized table. Another option is to go for Built-In Seating arrangement that will save the area and give way for seating as well. Instead of choosing a sofa, prefer settee. It reduces the bulky furniture, is cost-efficient, easy to move around and look elegant as well.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Add Aesthetics with Green

Plants make everything look more fresh and attractive. They give good vibes and acts as decor. Choose small indoor plants that don’t cover many areas but look aesthetic and beautiful. Keeping small pots or plants in mini glass vases on the tables give the apt amount of Vitamin- Green to your eyes.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Float it Out with Shelves

Floating shelves are chic, modern and storage-friendly. They don’t cover much space and provide you with plenty of areas to use for storage and decor purposes. They are a must for your small home interiors since we are short on space.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Use Reflective Materials with Cabinets and Wardrobes

Reflective materials on cabinets and wardrobes play the same role as mirrors. They enlarge the space by reflecting light. Cabinets with reflective materials in the kitchen will make your kitchen airier, brighter and spacious.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Opt Multifunctional Furniture

A strategic way to use the space and add something to your interiors is opting for Multifunctional Furniture that can do extra work and provide space. Adding a few drawers under your bed is a piece of classic multifunctional furniture.

Small Home Interior Ideas

Your style defines your house and not space. Paying more attention to Decor and Interior will open more possibilities for your Small House and will help you utilize your space more efficiently. Since every niche and corner is visible to eyes, you pay more attention to details and get the opportunity to make it more sophisticated. You don’t need to shrink your decor according to your space, but make use of that same decor in a way that brings out the area.

Happy Designing!


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