Small Kitchen Interior Hacks

While renovating your house, what would be the focal and exclusive place you would want to have? Yes, that would be a kitchen. Kitchen is the intrinsic place where everyone spends a lot of time. Someone said if you need a fabulous kitchen interior design if you want to cook delicious and creative food. Oh, I said it. But it is true. If you are struggling with the interior design of kitchen due to lack of a few square meters, we have the best Small Kitchen Interior Hacks to make most of the tiny space to help you have an elegant and spacious kitchen within the restricted little space.

Small Kitchen Interior Hacks to Make The Most of a Tiny Space

Light Shade of Colours

You can never emphasize the impact of a colour pallet enough in interior design. It is one of the foundations and salient elements in interior designing. How you perceive and put to use a shade of colour decides the whole vibe of the room. Since we are short on space in the kitchen area, opt for neutral and lighter shades. These shades will make the kitchen airy, bright and give the illusion of spaciousness.

Light shaded kitchen ideas

Extend the Cabinets from the Ceiling to the Top

To make proper use of the storage, extend the cabinets from the floor to the ceiling. It will give you a lot of storage. Also, have drawers in the cabinetry or go for a pull out pantry door. They successfully save space and give you the required storage facility as well. Your kitchen ceiling is the limit. Use every part of it even space above the stove for cabinets and around the chimney.

Small Kitchen Interior Hacks

Insert a Mirror and Glass Cabinet Doors

The most classy way of adding space in your space devoid arena is to add a mirror. Select one large mirror since we are already short on area, you might like putting a few small mirrors. They have the element of giving spaciousness. In case you do not have space for mirrors at all, you can choose glass doors for the cabinets which will do half the job of mirrors. If you want to shift the focus of people from the space of your kitchen, add a statement mirror to change the focal point.

Install the Over-the-Sink Dish-Drying Rack

To save the space of dish-drying rack, install one over the sink. It is going to make it more helpful and cover the area over the sink. Choose a double sink to save up space and make your work easier or a sink that comes with a cover to perform the multifunction of the sink and prep area.

Kitchen Interior Ideas

Break the Monotony with a Pop of Shade

If you want a pop of shade in your kitchen, add vibrant shades in a very unexpected manner. Choose a rug with vibrant shade which will uplift the whole vibe of the kitchen or choose an accent wall with a bright colour to neutralize the whites and nudes.

Kitchen Interior Hacks

Make it Bright with the Lights

One way to make space appear bigger is by lighting it up. Well lit places look bright and large rather than the dim and gloomy ones. You can add lights inside the glass cabinets and install pendant lights or scone lights. It will add light and also make your kitchen look bright and ingenious.

Small Kitchen Interior Hacks

Invest in Multifunctional and Flexible Storage

With the small kitchen space, you have the opportunity to remove all the excess items you keep in your kitchen for the future and invest in multifunctional and flexible storage. You can add multiple floating shelves or hang your cups and chopping boards. They will add to the decor and help you with storage as well.

Multi storage kitchen hacks

Add a Hint of Boldness with Flooring

If you think you want a vibrant shade with all the naked ones, you can add some colour and texture with the flooring. Choose some textured tile flooring with contrasted shades instead of mundane marbles. You can also select wooden flooring with dark shade textured wood to break the monotony of lighter shades.

Flooring for Small Kitchen Interior

Match the Cabinets with the Kitchen

To give an illusion of space, you can match the colour of the cabinets with the kitchen. It will work with the colour scheme of nudes and whites in the kitchen to make it airy and bright. The same shade of cabinet brings uniformity and makes it all look the same by blending into the kitchen walls.

Kitchen Interior Hacks

Go Compact or Go Home

Choose compact storage options to save space. Go for small baskets for storing fruits and vegetables inside the cabinets and smaller containers. An open- plan kitchen is a blessing since it is compact. Easier to find things and a better option to get rid of the clutter which we tend to store for the future. Select sleek and streamlined handles that will look elegant and compact, or you can go handless all at once.

Compact Kitchen Hacks

Never Ignore the Corners and Niches for Storing

Use every corner and niche of your kitchen. Often we ignore the space thinking that it is not for storage. Well, every corner is for storage in one way or another. Have a corner shelf or put a few floating shelves in symmetry to design. In every hidden corner is a potential to store, it might be tricky to find it, but it is there.

Small Kitchen Interior Design

Keep It Minimalistic

Going for a minimalistic approach is another way to make most of the small kitchen interior with sophistication. Pick a white shade for walls and reflective materials for cabinets contrasted with white stone or marble kitchen top will open up your kitchen. Try to keep it simple and sleek. You can also go for frosted glass instead of reflective material for the cabinet to keep it open for display.

Minimalistic Kitchen Interior

Make Way for the Greens

The greens can make everything fresh and happy. Select a few small pots of indoor plants to make your kitchen aesthetic and bright. Or instead of a few small plants in your small kitchen interior, you can go for one big plant and keep it in a corner where it would not use up much space and would require less maintenance.

Small Kitchen Interior Hacks

Kitchen is one area of the house that needs the most space and comfort with style and elegance. But you don’t need to devoid yourself of any of the elements just cause of the area. There are illusions to make believe your eyes that you are not low on space. You need to make full use of the efficiency and make it multifunctional to conceal the area and, it would not be as hard as it sounds. With the above mentioned small kitchen interior hacks, you can make your eyes believe.

Happy Designing!


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