The Covid situation has made us all work from home and attend classes at home and might as well continue for a few more months. Lack of a perfectly curated place to work, attend work calls and study in class is a challenge that one can not ignore. It has become necessary and, if you are one of the persons who is looking for a study room interior design, this is the right place. Here are the study room interior designs to get that perfect and fabulous study room that inspires you to finish the project you have been postponing for a week, study for exams with full concentration and get done with your assignments on time.

Study Room Interior Design to Get Your Brain Ticking

Vibrant Study Room for Kids

Kids desire a study room that is full of colours and liveliness. Paint the study room in vibrant shades such as green, orange and blue that are perky and inspire concentration and calmness so your kid can finish the homework with a happy mood. These colours remind us of nature. Keep the study room as lively and vibrant as possible to encourage them to work. You can personalise the colours according to the age and make the colour scheme lighter and more elegant accordingly. Ensure to keep shelves for storage. You can choose floating shelves or a book rack or shelves on the walls. If you have a kid who loves to spoil the walls, then you can have a large blackboard wall. It will give your kid his canvas and protect the rest of the house.

Vibrant Study Room Ideas

Compact Study Room

Having a comfortable and cosy environment to work and study is a necessity than a luxury. And the lack of space can not take away such a basic need from you. If you are on a lack of space, you can build a study inside your room if you have enough space there. A study room under the stairs or in the living room is another way to work the area. You can prevent the corner space going to waste and establish a study table and shelves that run across the corners. While being short on space ensure to have the fit-in furniture that will help you save some space. Put that extra space to prevent clutter in your room. If you are a bibliophile and have a book collection but don’t have space for that, use the area below stairs to build a book rack.

Compact Study Room Designs

Monochrome Study Room for Adults

Imagine getting a work video call, you will attend the phone call in the study room and would want it to look ethical and professional. For a professional study room interior design that resembles your workplace choose a lighter shade colour pallet. Avoid vibrant shades and keep it sleek, streamlined and ethical. You can add storage with book racks, floating shelves or fit in storage compartments. Ensure proper lighting and, you can go for greenery to make it look elegant and lively.

Study Room Interior Designs


Wall of Shelves

There is nothing such as enough storage. We always need more storage. There are a few ideas to help you with storage. Extend the shelves across the whole wall horizontally and add two layers of the same storage shelves. It will drastically increase the storage. If you are building a study out of a compact area, make use of floating shelves around the space and have a cabinet below the table as well. In case of available space, add a book rack to the side.

Study Room Interior Designs

Turning Study Room into an Office

With the current scenario, a lot of people struggle with the space to work and want to be as dedicated as they are in the office and feel encouraged to do the work. You can keep it simple with neutral and light shades, ensure to have comfortable seating and windows to provide natural lighting and fresh air. Accompany the whole office look with plants and plenty of lighting.

Study Room Interior Designs

White Study Room

It is another version of a professional and ethical way of designing your study room. A crisp white study room with a study table and ample storage complemented with windows for natural light and pendant light and reading lamp constitutes a perfect and peaceful study room. It can be personalised according to the usage and age of the person using it. You can add colourful cushions, vibrant shelves and greenery with plants to make it pop.

Study Room Interior Designs

Lighting is All We Need

Lighting plays a key role in the study room interior design. You can not study or work in a room without proper lights. Having a source of natural light works well with the study room. If you are building the house, then make sure you have a big window to allow natural light and use sheer and light colour curtains to let the light inside. In case you don’t have the natural source of light, we got you covered. Use pendant lights or reading lamps or any light you think complements the decor and colour. Keep as many lights as possible and ensure a reading lamp to give you the necessary reading light.

Lights in Study Room Interior

Study with a Living Element

Add a living element to your study room and, it will ensure you have the essence of freshness in your study room interior design. You can keep little pots on the shelves and use them as decor items. One of the best places to study is the one surrounded by plants that helps you focus, gives freshness and is appealing to the eyes.

Living Element in a Study Room

It is not easy to finish an assignment or study for upcoming exams or get done with a project if you don’t have the much-required environment for it. Study room plays a salient role in a house to make it comfortable and establish an area where you can work and study without any such distractions. It is one of the places we can not ignore in today’s life. I hope you get all the guidance and answers to the questions you were looking for here.


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