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New Year, new beginnings! That’s the motto, right? Moving into a new year can be overwhelming. You have all the thoughts regarding the previous year and how you weren’t able to meet your goals plaguing your mind, and then you also have to plan for the year coming upfront.

One change that homeowners want to implement as 2018 looms upon us is to get their house redecorated. The physical aspect of your house is important for your overall year and to change yourself, you will have to change the appearance of your house. Thus, it is best if you redecorate your house and wait for all other changes to flow smoothly. The first and foremost step to getting your house redesigned in 2018 is to get in touch with an interior designer. The designer will not only help you achieve what you want by redesigning your home but will also assist you in getting up to touch with the latest trends and patterns. So, with a designer ready to assist you, what can you do other than just chewing your nails?


Designers are very much like psychiatrists. We can confidently say that because designers get to know a lot of personal details about you, pretty much something you could say about a psychiatrist. From your personal needs, your preferences, your likes and dislikes, to your lifestyle in your home designers get to know a lot of information that you wouldn’t want to share with someone else. So, when you are looking for candidates, make sure that they ask you the right questions.

Interior Designers

Many homeowners have this flawed stereotype of a designer in their head. You might think of the designer as an arrogant person who walks into your home and abruptly declares that everything should go. Interestingly, most designers are not like that. Almost all designers want you to be part of the process and shape their creativity and knowledge of design, based on your preferences and personal likes and dislikes. To get to know you better, before changing your interior design in 2018, these many designers would ask you a plethora of questions.

Here we have a list of questions that you can expect an interior designer to ask you before they get started with the design. We also have the possible answers to these questions, so you can effortlessly point out all that you expect them to know and what your personal preferences and dislikes are.

What Do You Love In This Room?

Now, your first meeting with an interior designer could be in any room within the house (preferably the room you are planning to renovate or redesign). But, regardless of where you meet the designer would love to know what you like about the room. This question is not only important in gaining your trust but also assures you that the interior designer is keen on getting your perspective.

The answer to this question lies in being true to yourself. Look around the room and see what exactly matches your preference and your personality. Leave the trends aside for a while and decide for your personality. Even if you feel that an antique chair in the room best matches your preference then don’t shy away from letting the designer know that.

What You Hate in The Room?

Now this question lies on the flip side of what we mentioned earlier. How you react to this question would let the designer know of all that you would preferably want to be removed from your home. Answering this question is fairly easy like the one mentioned above. If you don’t find beige furniture or curved sofas interesting, then let the designer know. Remember to present an honest opinion, because what you say might have an impact on how the interior designer goes about what they do with the design in your house.

Color Inspiration?

All of us have a colour that we would want to be incorporated into our home. Not just on the walls, but the furniture could also complement that colour to make a good mixture. Interestingly, many of us are not too sure about all the colours that designers have on their checklist. The colours and the terminology they have might not be well aligned with what we are imagining. Since we might not be able to pinpoint the colour theme, it is advised that you define your preferable colour as delicately as possible. Delve into all the details and compensate for your lack of knowledge of terminology through the inference that you are trying to make.

Many homeowners are often undecided when it comes to selecting the perfect colour. Should they follow the latest trends? Or, should they just go with what matches their personality? Now, the relation between the colour of your house and your personality may be hard to comprehend for many. However, if you have an inspiration in your mind, you could directly let the designer know so that both of you could reach a consensus through mutual agreement. Eventually, you could either go for a mixture of brown and beige or you could opt for a perfect creation of white like the one below.

Living room interiors

Do You Have a Favorite Look?

Obviously, you might have an inspiration in your mind before you start with your redesigning process. Your preferred design could be a replication of a friend’s home with other additions or a copy of what you saw in your favourite movie. Whatever you have in your mind, it is good to spill the beans in front of the interior designers and let them know the pattern they could follow to get your approval.

The answer to this question may not be thorough, but it is advised that you paint a clear picture. If you have no specific look in mind, but just an amalgamation of different trends, then it is feasible that you communicate that to the designer with specific attention to detail.

There might be times when you just have no idea of what you love and what you don’t. These scenarios can often be difficult for the designer, so to rid them of their hassle it is good that you do a bit of research up front. Go over the web and select a wide array of photos with home décor that you like and those with home décor that you don’t like. Create an ideabook that has all these images in it. Once your designer has these books in hand, he or she can effortlessly join the premise and get a basic conclusion regarding your preferences. See how much their conclusion matches with what you would want the redesign to look like. If it does then your efforts and the designer’s eye have both been used.

How do you Use Your Rooms?

Now, this is an important question. Not every homeowner uses their rooms according to the role that has been set for them. In order to make more space or just for the sake of comfort, most homeowners often confuse rooms. The living room may not really be the living room. The dining room may just be for guests, as you and your family eat in the kitchen, so it is imperative that you realize this and plan accordingly.

For example, if you want to renovate your dining room and use it only for guests and other formal occasions then it is best to let your designer know this. Dining rooms can either be casual, formal or a mix of both based on your use. So, if you are not using your dining room for casual dinners, then the designer could cut down the casual aspect in the renovation and implement a more formal look that matches the need that arises from how you are using the room and complies with the trends in interior designing.

Do You Want This Done at Once?

Now, you might not think of it this way, but designers have a lot of projects that they are working on. The timing for them is a really important part of the whole project. So, they would ultimately ask you what your preferences are when it comes to timing. Would you like the job over with at once? Or, do you want to go one step at a time?

This is a good time to let the designers know what you would want to be done first and what you would want to be done at the end. Designers could also chip in here and let you know about the items that would come first and the items that would come later on in the process.



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