Home just isn’t a place made of bricks and concrete, it is one’s heart and soul. People often focus on the colour combination, curtains, decor, stylish amenities etc, all these are basic requirements but the minute detailing do enhances the optimistic surrounding. All that people see and observe is recognized by according to their state of mind. It is extremely important to introduce yourself through the source of purity and serenity. And as you spend most of your time at home, that place needs to be customized the same way. All the essentials should be planned to maintain the principle theme of the home.

Does painting illustration show your personality?

Ideas to use Antiques in Living Room

Hanging wall painting or wallpaper art could be a source of what you desire to be or what you want to be. These sculptures inspire you to function at your best. Be it the one who you worship or abstract, mosaic. It could poetry of your favourite author or a picture of your entertainer. A place should always possess an inviting atmosphere. These elements could be one of the factors to make a room quite interesting.

Greenery is evergreen!

Scientific Research had supported a theory that plant do release chemicals which encourage the elimination of toxins. Syngonium plant, Sansevieria plant, Money plant, Jade plant, Lily plant, Bamboo plant are few of them which not only reduces stress and promotes sleep but purifies oxygen through phytoremediation. These plants not solely enrich beauty but also cure a few respiratory disorders.

Pastels are peace.

Colour combination of walls implicit a lot of one’s character. The trendy coral tones give warm hues to space. Even the pairing of grey and white depicts elegance and formal stare, primarily suitable for the study area. Few subtle greens shades, for instance, lime, fern, seafoam, pistachio are good to use in the balcony.


Why not include lesser-known brands or indigenous craft? There are several boutiques which provide you personalised stuff. They are relatively enticing, skilful and budget-friendly at the same time. Pottery, handcrafted articles, antique vases, photo frames, brass cutlery for dinner, old iron hangings and a lot to mention could give a new

Lights. Mirror. Lamps.

A house should always have a proper ventilation system. A nicely structured home allows maximum entrance of sunlight which also plays a role of natural disinfectant. Sunshine triggers serotonin hormone from the brain which increases cellular activities and boosts bodily functions.

Nowadays mirrors are available in all different shapes, size and colour. Mirror with the border creates a whole vintage look.Glass reflection could showcase a different angle of your room even in dim light.

Lamps with varied designs like hanging lamps or wall fitted one or maybe one attached to the ceiling altogether changes the mood.

Eventually, when you wish to illuminate your inner positivity to your home, a place where to calm your mind, to relieve the stress, to live with absolute bliss that is the moment when the walls fencing you becomes a home. Try and encompass contemporary features that look pleasant and feel good.


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