Bangalore has always had a knack for architecture and design. It holds a lot of beautiful and mesmerising historical places that depicts its unexplainable art. The modern architecture and interiors that possess impeccable eyesight for designs and aesthetics now are making Bangalore a much more beautiful place to live in and also amidst the ravishing art. Here is the list of the 10 most talented interior designers in Bangalore out of many.

1. Wudzo Home Interiors 

100 Krafts Interiors

An amalgamation of services provided by the award-winning interiors with utmost quality and clarity. Keeping in mind customers suggestions and queries with apt theme-based solutions that would make the work hassle-free. Abiding by a scientific approach towards their profession in interior designing, they have progressively designed spaces both aesthetically and with technicalities. Experience gives the best outcome while keeping in mind all the consequences, that’s how Wudzo holds an upgrading experience of over 750 projects turned into reality. Customer satisfaction according to their preferences and tastes, is their prime priority along with affordable services with punctuality. A platform that offers a solution to all the questions that are a hindrance for the clients to reach their goal of perfect space. For this, there is a well-involved team of expert designers, experienced consultants and thorough execution. Services offered by them are interior designing consultation, execution, renovation, decor and furnishing and lastly, virtual Design service too.

2. Pancham Interiors

Pancham Interiors

Creativity can take you through all of your customer’s choices and demands in the field of interior designing and Pancham interiors is filled with extensive creativity. With about 900 successful execution of projects, it has gained experience that would bring an end to end solution for the quaint choices and requests. It is deemed as one of the leading firms to provide outstanding services in residential, office, apartment, commercial, home, villa, flat, healthcare, showroom & corporate office interior design. You name it and they customise it into a fantastic place with an exemplary fusion of aesthetic and functional feels with a commendable price.

3. Pebblewood Interiors Pvt Ltd

Pebble wood interiors

Pebblewood homes reflect their personalities, their source of motivations and how would they treat others. Pebble wood interiors are on the tips of their toes to make sure that your house is the perfect quintessential of your personality by turning your dreams into reality. Technicalities in defining the smallest and tiniest details which attract the attention of the people is a tedious job, but this Pvt ltd steps in, giving their hardest,  to make the tiniest details worthy enough of the attention. It gives guaranteed exemplary services, worthwhile and time-saving solutions, and punctual delivery of services. Along with execution projects, it aces in residential, commercial, corporate and modular kitchen designs. They also offer precise services like construction, metal fabrication, aluminium works, painting works and other civil works.

4. The Studio

The studio

The Studio always seem to admire what other countries have, but they also love their country enough to appreciate the designs that they have. To get a solution for this, The Studio brings a perfect blend of contemporary Indian finishes and materials but with a world design touch. Being the most trustworthy and renowned interior designers, it now matches and serves the demands and distinctive tastes according to customers’ living styles. It is essentially known for Home Interiors which works over the mark than just Carpentry and Modular Furniture. It precisely pays attention to the lifestyle of the family that is to reside more than the exposition of the house. It luxuriously gives alternatives and suggestions in services like customised modular kitchen, designer sliding wardrobes & turnkey home interior Design.

5. Puran Interiors

Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore

To put a stop to your search for superior quality interior designers. Puran Interiors is here to provide you with a compound of quaint designs in aspects like residential, commercial, and apartment interiors. It has a reliable choice of designers, top-rated professionals, with a considerable budget, commendable design suggestions, & professional knowledge. They have certified professionals under its guard to provide you with contemporary, modernist, traditional and every design preferable for you which also works hand in hand with the trending designs. It utilises less time and effort while finding an interior designer that matches your description in architectural, design and decor suggestions and it also helps you sort out your marvellous space.

6. Fabdiz


There used to be lesser scope for customisation, furnishing and options in designing because of a lack of quantity of materials and knowledge on small details. That’s where Fabdiz decided to step in and change the world through its designs covering other qualities that it lacked. Adding professionalism, knowledge & communication to upgrade and give a holistic approach to the minute details of interior designing. With a period of 45 days for the outcome, it has successfully executed over 300 stunning projects with precise knowledge of the psychology and technicalities of the spaces. It offers both residential and commercial services, with explicit detailing of every nook and corner of the existing space. This award-winning firm expands its horizon towards sharing its knowledge about how to choose the apt products from the choices given.

7. Design arc

Design Arc

One of the best and top-notch interior designer companies which serve altered choices for the customers according to their luxury and comfort. They are known to outgrow their designs and create more beautiful designs with 13 years of experience. There are various steps to the design projects which Design Arc follows. From the planning step where they understand the clients’ interests to the concept planning, construction documents, construction phase, safety and precaution and project evaluation & support. They deliver all of the choices in office spaces from bold, aesthetics, warm to fuzzy, luxurious and peaceful spaces. The designs that they make are thoroughly designed and inspected by the clients which had caused all of Banglore to think of them as a highly executed company.

8. Ace interiors

Ace interiors

Their motto is to carefully scrutinise the space, conceptualise, thoroughly design and lastly execute without jeopardising the quality. Being one of the renowned interior decorators of  Banglore has its perks, of being strongly acquainted with the craftsman, customers and suppliers. Due to this relationship, they get splendid quality of raw materials, workforce and the substance of the work. You can achieve your ideal definition of your dream house with the least sources and expenses. They offer services of residential & office interiors and also home renovation services. They believe that residential interiors are created to generate an aura of serenity according to your definition of peace with lots of conceptualising. With office interiors, they design something that pleases both the eyes of customers and the owners’ with multiple stunning designs. And lastly, with the home renovation, they hold experts who can transform their space into a comfortable space the way the clients’ interests hold.

9. Aristolite

Aristolite Interior Designers in Bangalore

Luxury is something that everybody desires and if it comes with creativeness then it serves the purpose of a human’s dream life. Aristolite is here to serve the same purpose. To bring a light of luxury and sophistication in the simplicity of designs and mere concepts. Since 2005 it has been nailing in the field of creating and building a sanction of both residential and commercial projects with utmost superiority. It collaborates and works for hand in hand with people with excellent eminence professionals and experts. They, with their highest expertise, help you to design a luxurious place by saving your time with the experienced team making your space a wider one ultimately transferring into your desired space at the minimum expense but with premium quality. They follow a systematic decorum while making any of their projects to keep the project from missing any of the clients’ preferences. They major in residential and commercial interiors more specifically in the detailed structure of both the interiors.

10. Beveledge – the Interior Design Studio

Beveledge interiors For when you decide to build a place, you want it to be phenomenal, which do not age when it comes to its authenticity and mesmerising. Beveledge designs a place that looks just like the formerly mentioned description. They set quite bountiful ideas for the clients to choose from and make a beautiful space out of it. Their collaborations with the clients, consultants and artists are the prime priority in making an elegant space. They create space with utmost grace and class that speaks and talks about luxury giving in their 100 per cent in forming a space so spacious. Their speciality lies in commercial, residential, & hospitality interiors. What all have in common is the impeccable interior that they create keeping in mind the clients’ choices without compromising. They prefer to keep it simple rather than adding more and more resources.




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