The living room is one area used for mostly every purpose. Want to host a social gathering? The living room is your go-to option. Want to read a book in a cozy environment? The sofas in the corner with the coffee table provide you with the perfect vibe. Want to watch a movie with the family on the television? Well, Living Room is your option. The living Room manages the whole vibe of the house and needs the perfect setting. In case you want a Traditional Living Room with warm colours and authentic Indian touch. We have got it all covered with Living Room Décor Ideas to ensure your perfect Traditional 

Traditional Living Room Interior Designs Ideas

Warm and Soothing Colors

Color Ideas for Living Room

The colours are the foundation of any room. If you like traditional living rooms, you need to ensure that the colours are warm and calm. Go for hues or any warm shades that make you feel soothed. Dark Shades are not off the grid. Any shade you use should be subtle. Don’t go for dark Shades that may overpower the whole traditional vibe. You can contrast m that are warm and go well with the aura. Avoid blacks and whites and go for something new.

Symmetry is the Basis

Ideas to symmetrically arrange furniture While designing your Living Room, keep in mind the foundation rule that Symmetry is the key. The symmetric living room provides a calm and sophisticated charm to it, and asymmetric living rooms are chaotic and messy. Keep the sofa as the centre point of the Living Room. A person should be able to view the whole Living Room just by sitting on the Sofas. Pair it off with a table between the sofas. A side table complimented with table lamps, a vibrant shade throw pillows with a pair of accent chairs will work just perfectly.

Fabulous Sofa as a Center Point

Sofa Ideas for the Living Room
The Sofas are the centre point of the living room and should be attractive enough to catch attention at first sight. You can go for elegant creams and whites or can go all out with lively colours to have a bit change in warm tones. Even textured or floral sofas will make your living room graceful. You can also go for an extravagant set of sofa to give the desired traditional Royal Look. The Velvet sofas are a classic, never go out of fashion.

Pair it up with a Carpet

Carpet Ideas for Living
We can not undermine the power of a carpet to provide comfort and a sense of peace. Carpet is the best option to complete the whole traditional look. An authentic handwoven Carpet with some vintage hues will complement well the Traditional Indian living room. The carpets can give a majestic look which is beautiful. You can also go for vibrant shades instead of hues or a simple carpet rather than a handwoven carpet. Also, they are easy to clean.

Embellish it with a Classic Center Table

Center Table Ideas for Living Room

Any Traditional Living Room is empty without a centre table to give it a Classic look. A carved wooden table is my favourite option, its classy and stylish, and is evergreen. A wooden table made of boxes with a metallic base with copper bowls on top of it has its fan base and has a bit of authenticity and tradition in it. Design your wooden table by customizing the shape, storage, and size. It will give you a personalized effect and make your dream centre table come true. Play with metals and contrast with the wood. Copper handles on the drawer of the wooden table or copper details on the wood are a great match. You can also go for pastel shades on wood for tables to maintain that monochromatic style or even other shades for breaking the neutral tone.

Glorify the Old and Outdated Mantelpiece
.Ideas to use Antiques in Living Room

Scour out all the treasures that you have been saving as your legacy but never knew how to utilize it. We have found the perfect usage. From large copper vase to large mirrors to lamps, everything is usable. You can put dried flowers with some scented candles in it to compliment the copper vase and put it in a corner. Don’t hesitate to keep the vintage vibe alive. Use large antique pieces to become the focal point in the smaller areas. The antiques add more appeal and charisma to an already decorated room. If you want to have a simple traditional living room, then these metal and glass mental pieces are going to be your focal and should be irresistible and difficult to pass by

Break the Monotone with Colored Throw Pillows

Throw Pillow Ideas For Living Room

Neutral shades have their charm but, if you want a pop of shade to get rid of the monochromatic scheme, you can add a pinch of colour with a few throw pillows. You can have throw pillows of different shades or go for printed throw pillows or coloured velvet throw pillows. A few of these are going to be enough for breaking the colour scheme.

Go for Large Furniture Pieces

Large Furniture Ideas

Traditional Living Rooms have had furniture that is Large overtime to give the whole Royal and Majestic View. To abide by that, go for furniture that is large to give your living room a streamlined and elegant look. Large centrepiece tables, accent chairs, and coffee tables with lamps work well. You can put Lamps with a tall harp and comparatively smaller lampshade in a corner. Statement mirrors are large and big art pieces or paintings that cover the area of the wall.

While designing your living room, you need to keep in mind the whole environment you aim at creating. Find your calling and then proceed with other things. If you are a person who likes vintage, traditional Living Room is what you need. Any of these ideas incorporated with your taste is going to do wonders. Your living room will become the focal point of every social gathering. Your friends are not going to stop praising it.

Happy Designing!


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