Vintage means something of high quality and, at present people associate the word vintage more with old school than elegance and have forgotten how elegant it is. In case you are a fan of vintage style and want to include it in your interior design without making it look like some old house, we have you covered. There are designs where, you can contrast vintage interior with modern interior design and make your decor look stylish, elegant and breath-taking. Following are the Ways to Pull off Vintage Interior Design with a Modern Touch.

Ways to Pull off Vintage Interior Design with a Modern Touch

Strike a Balance between Vintage and Modern

The foremost thing to remember while pulling off the vintage interior design with modern interior design is striking a perfect balance between the two. If you choose bold colours, you need to pair them up with contemporary decor with a lighter base. Do not go overboard with one design and ignore the other. Choose elements from both and mix them up. Colours, decor, patterns, textures and furniture everything will add up to the vibe. So, keep in mind which interior design stands for which decor, colour, patterns and furniture.

Mix of Vintage and Modern Interior Design

Choose Neutral Shades for Vintage Touch

Vintage interior design is about going all out, being bold as well as elegant. It consists of light and soothing colours paired up with statement antiques and decor. To put together both interior designs, you can keep neutrals and whites for the walls for the sophisticated look and complement vibrant shades with the rest of the decor. Ensure the statement antiques as the focal point.

Vintage Interior Designs

Pick the Velvet Flair

Velvet is an evergreen element that exists in both vintage interior design and modern interior design. They look elegant and appealing. You can choose velvet seating with a heavy dark shaded wooden dining table to the look while light shaded velvet seating to add the modern touch. Avoid having velvet sofas, if you do not want to keep them as the focal point.

Velvet Flair Interior Ideas

Make the Antiques a Focal Point

Antiques are the backbone of the vintage interior design and, you can not miss on them. Include antiques and make them the focal point. Take out all the treasury you have been keeping in to keep your parents and grandparents happy and flaunt them. Ensure the antiques go with the colour scheme and interiors that you aim to have. Handicrafts, Indian artwork, mirrors, and statement pieces are the best way to enhance the vintage look you desire.

Vintage Interior Design

A Vintage Look with a Side of Vibrancy

Vintage interior design is about maintaining elegance and chic outlook, while the modern interior design is about being subtle and minimalist. They are opposite styles and, that is what makes combining them both fun. You can choose bold hues that are intense and neutralise them with lighter tones. In a room, you can have a pink colour and white or neutral linens to make a perfect blend of both. You can also add the contemporary vibe by adding an accent wall with bold hues and blending them with neutral tones. Have the rest of the room in colours that complement the colour scheme.

Vintage Interior Design

Mix Modern Furniture with Vintage Furniture

Furniture plays a dominant role in developing a vintage look. Choose furniture that is heavy, wooden and has detailed designs. Coffee tables and cabinets are a must in the living area to create the ambience. Majestic looking sofas and chairs are one of the fabulous elements of vintage era and, it is a must-do. Decorate your hallways with bookshelves, cabinets or chest of drawers and top it up with antiques, statement mirror or photos. Royal and majestic looking beds with detailing will give you comfort, warmth and the royal feeling.

Furniture Ideas For Interior

Using Patterns and Textures

The best option to create the vintage look is by using patterns and textures that resemble the vintage look. Have your sofas designed with Upholstery fabrics in light shades like beige, pastel pink, nudes and earthy tones. They will become the focal point of your living room and uplift the whole ambience. Floral drapes in pastel shades with bright coloured room and velvet drapes with neutral walls are the choices for the vintage look. Cushions and pillows with the patterns will amplify the vibe. You can add rugs and carpets to add warmth and comfort as well as elegance, handcrafted carpets with look good with the look.

Vintage Interior Design

Wall Painting Ideas

There are only two options in this arena. Either you go overboard with floral wallpaper or keep it low with neutrals and light wallpapers. If you for floral walls then avoid having detailed ceiling and go for white or marble floors. In case you choose to go by neutral wallpapers enhance the look by adding a wooden floor and ceilings with designing. Ensure some plants to add the final touch to avoid end up looking incomplete. You can have your pick from metallic pots like brass in gold or classic glass vases or give a modern hint with ceramic vases.

Wall Painting Ideas

Lighting Fixtures as a Cherry on the Top

Your look is not complete without lighting fixtures that help you amplify the ambience. It is your pick if you want lighting that resembles vintage style or, go for contemporary lighting. Ensure to neutralise the look with lighting and not go overboard with it.

Light Fixture Ideas

Everyone loves the vintage feels, the style, songs, food and interior design but, fears going overboard and end up looking like your grandma’s house. Vintage style has always been an elegant way to style without looking mundane and boring. Sophistication is the salient feature for vintage interior design and, if you want to include finesse in your interior design, you can opt for it. Keeping in mind every scenario, you can not make it all vintage. There has to be some contemporary element to avoid making it outdated. Go for those vintage elements that are never out of fashion and, pair them up with modern features.



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