Wardrobes have surpassed their traditional motive of storage and have come a long way to be seen as a way of contributing your style to your Home Interior along with storage space. Your house is empty without the perfect wardrobe that compliments your home decor and Interior. As easy as it may sound, we know it is not easy to pick up designs for your wardrobe that are both trendy and modern and have a personalized effect. So, here you are going to find 15+ Wardrobe Ideas to help you select the perfect wardrobe design ideas to match with your Home Interior.

15+ Wardrobe Design Ideas To Match With Your Home Interior

Sliding Doors

The best feature of a sliding door is that they are easy to operate and do not cover much space which other doors do while opening. It also gives a modern look. If you want to transform your already built wardrobe, you can go for sliding doors. They will provide the vibe when coordinated with glass or reflecting material and make your transition worthwhile.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Ideas

Glass Doors

Glass has the quality of becoming a focal point of the area whenever put to use. Glass Doors on the wardrobe are both attractive and stylish. They look chic and classy. If you have a small room and want a Walk-In Wardrobe, a glass door wardrobe is your best option. They give the illusion of a Walk-In Wardrobe and make your room look larger.


Glass Door Wardrobe Ideas

Wardrobe Extending From Floor to Ceiling

To properly utilize every inch of space, Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes is a saviour. We all know there can never be enough storage. It is the best option available and, you can put your most frequently used things on the top shelves.

Wardrobe Doors Extending from Floor to Ceiling


Adding Shade for the pop

Want to add colour in your monochrome room with something elegant? You can go for a shade that perfectly compliments your Home Decor and personal style to give a customized effect. While adding a pop of colour, remember to keep it subtle. You would not want to end up regretting adding it after a while.

Ideas to Add Color Wardrobe

Frosted Glass Doors

The best feature of the Frosted Glass Door is that they complement every Home Decor. You can have Frosted Glass Door in any of your rooms and, they will give you the same fabulous vibe you desire. They are best suited for people who want a middle ground between opaque and transparent.Frosted Wardrobe IdeasImage Source:  Pinterest.com


Colour Coordination with Floor and Walls

You might be reluctant about coordinating your wardrobe with your floor and walls but, it is going to turn out amazing. It gives more subtle vibes of the shades you have chosen and look very elegant. You definitely won’t regret the whole contrasting scheme.

Contrasting Wardobe with Walls and Floor Ideas

Wardrobe with Mirror

Wardrobe with a Mirror has opted for several reasons. They are classy, give you the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light. Also, they radiate the shades of your room in a very ingenious manner. The best part is you don’t need a dresser if you have a wardrobe with a mirror.

Mirror Wardrobe Door Ideas

Going Minimalistic

The minimalistic approach never goes out of style. It is subtle and calm, along with a pinch of sophistication and elegance and, always manages to stand out. Go for lighter shades like cream white or beige that will make your wardrobes look larger.

Minimalistic Wardrobe Ideas

Going All Out with Wallpapers and Art

The way you add wallpapers and art to your walls, they can be similarly added to the wardrobe. While choosing wallpapers for a Wardrobe, try to keep it minimal if you already have wallpapers on the wall.

Wallpaper for Wardrobe Ideas

Classic Wooden Wardrobe

Wooden Wardrobes never goes out of style. They are authentic and classic and give a certain homily vibe. There are always in trend so you will never have to worry about keeping it modern.

Classsic Wooden Door Ideas

Contrasting the Wardrobe Doors

Painting the wardrobe doors in two different shades is amusing and fun. You can contrast bright shades like Royal Blue with White or go for classic Chocolate Brown with wooden touch and Cream white.

Contrasting Wardrobe Ideas

Reflecting Wardrobe Doors

In case you are a person who wants a Wardrobe to give the illusion of a mirror but do not want to use a mirror or glass, you can go for more opaque options like reflective materials. They provide the much-desired illusion and are not opaque.

Reflective Wadrobe Door Ideas

Carving the Wardrobe Doors

Carving out designs on the wardrobe doors give an authentic Indian look with a pinch of sophistication. You can add a bit of embellishment to make it look more attractive.

Carved Out Wardrobe Ideas

Going for Irregular Symmetry

If you want your wardrobe to stand out, you can add geometry aesthetics to your wardrobe. Instead of opting for traditional straight doors, you can go for some geometric designs to make it trendier.

Irregular Symmetry Wardrobe Ideas

Textured Wardrobe Designs

Looking for something artistic and classy that is not a classic wardrobe Design? You can choose textured material to give the wardrobe a sophisticated look. You can choose textured wood and use it for the wardrobe doors.

Textured Wardrobe Ideas


The transition from Mundane Doorknobs to Fancy Handles

Using the mundane golden or silver Doorknobs has become a thing of the past. To modernize your wardrobe, you need to ensure that you put some fascinating Handles.

Fancy Door Handles Ideas


Walk-In Wardrobes

If you have a larger area that can be utilized as a wardrobe and you have things you want in a single place, Walk-In Wardrobe is your go-to option. You can have a full-sized mirror in there, different shelves for your shoes, and drawers for your accessories along with proper hanging space for your clothes. You can also have glass doors or transparent doors to compliment the whole wardrobe.

Walk-In Wardrobe Ideas


Wall Wardrobe Design Around a Window

In case you want to waste the space around the Window? We have got the perfect option for you. You can build the wardrobe around the Window and make that your corner.

Wadrobe around Window Design Ideas

There are a variety of options that you can use to design but Before designing your wardrobe, keep in mind a few things. Evaluate your storage Requirement according to your need. You can choose if you want to go for a wardrobe that extends from floor to Ceilings or need more hanging space instead of drawers and racks. Also, assess your needs and style. If you think your room already has wallpapers and the wallpapers on your wardrobe will not look elegant, then you can go for Glass Doors or sliding doors or transparent doors. The most vital thing you need to acknowledge is that the design, colour, and pattern of the wardrobe go well with your Home Decor.

Happy Designing!



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