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About Kraftivo

We've helped make many matches amongst buyers and expert interior designers and architects. We are happy to inform you that we have provided you with the benefit of amassed information and a great deal of assistance in the interior design field for more than ten years. From our exclusive support and service to the interior design related assets on our site, we also offer various online design ideas and images, that are easily accessible to buyers searching for interior design services. If you are planning your home building project or renovation process of your home, you can find the right professionals on Kraftivo. We have been helping a lot of people in connecting with the professionals, and they have helped in building their dream home, through creating an excellent interior. You can trust us in every means as we are confident about our registered home service professionals and we are sure that they won't ever disappoint you.

Established in January 2018, Kraftivo has been going on with its endeavor on creating a platform for the people and home service professionals to meet up. This idea has lessened the struggle each person in finding a perfect expert for creating their home interiors unique. Our organization has been developed by the cooperation with other companies like our own. They have given us a base experience in extending the service in Bangalore city, and teaming up with them has benefited in achieving a great reputation and recognition among the customers, that you can rely upon.

Our registered service professionals provide their interior design and architecture services in almost all the major areas of Bangalore city. We are on a plan to expand our services to other leading Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune as well in a short while. We are also in thought to increase the number of our services.

The Benefits of Kraftivo

Our specialized service network incorporates the service professionals, who are proficient in the fields of interior designing, architecture, and interior and exterior decorating.

For finding the right service professional, you have to submit a brief description of yourself and about your service need by answering a series of questions in step by step format, through filling an online form. This time-saving process will help us in understanding all your expectations, and also lets you carefully consider all the aspects of your project. After assessing the form, Kraftivo then matches your specific need with a set of selected, refined and skilled interior designers and architects. Then the customer itself can choose one matching professional considering the budget and service needs.

Actually No. We provide a set of matching professionals that are skilled and interested in the work you have mentioned. The final choice is up to you, as you get the opportunity to pick the apt professional from the list of the matching ones we have already provided.

We have thoroughly checked the background information of the interior designers, architects and all other service professionals incorporated in Kraftivo. You can always be confident in your choice of the professional, as every one of them are well educated and skilled in their forte. If you want, you can use the profile information, ratings & reviews from past customers and you can search online, to decide the best professional for your dream project. The mission of Kraftivo is to create a better environment to make a secure connection between the right consumer and service professional. We are sure that our registered professionals will not disappoint you. They will provide a class work that will help you get your job done perfectly.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews are one of the most important services we offer to our users. Through this service, the users or customers will get a chance to rate the hired service professionals considering their skills and work. People can rate as per their own like, it can be very less or can be high enough. They can also write reviews, as per the work done by the particular professional on your project. This information helps us in keeping track of the quality of service provided by our registered interior designers and architects. For all the requests you placed with Kraftivo, we will ask you to submit Ratings & Reviews for the service professionals you have selected. Through this service, you not only help other consumers make the right choice but also contribute to the overall service quality we offer.

You can submit the ratings and review if you are ready to convey your thoughts to other customers and us. It is hard for us to know when your job will be exactly done, so we may constantly ask you to submit your ratings & reviews even before you're ready, but you should only submit it when all the work is completed, and when you are all set to do it. Once your job is all over, you can always visit our website, Kraftivo to close your job and to submit your ratings & reviews.

About Our Web Site

You can consider your Kraftivo account as your website space where Kraftivo keeps all your profile information and other details secure. You can use this space for:

  • Reviewing your Service Requests
  • Review your previously matched professionals
  • To add your new address, phone number, email address or any other detail to your profile.
  • Change your password or property profile information.

Managing Your Relationship with a Service Professional

The canceling of a specific project should be worked out between you and the service professional (interior designer/architect). The service professional will claim the compensation you should provide for the work which he completed. We also expect you to pay for the whole ordered materials up to that point. Please remember to come back to our website and complete your ratings & reviews survey.

Your feedback, rating, and reviews regarding the professionals, will always be essential for the high-quality service of the member professionals of Kraftivo and other customers. If you file a complaint with any credible problem note, we will first evaluate both sides of the story from the customer and the registered service professional before making any final decision. Growing up with a perfect team will be good for any organization, so if the professional is proved to be responsible for wrongdoing, we will immediately cancel his/her membership. Sometimes, an unpleasant experience can result in a simple misunderstanding between both parties. Anyway, if you have a negative feeling against the service professional, we reserve the core right to remove any service professional from the Kraftivo network.

Our Screening Process


Kraftivo team will make sure that all our service professionals carry any state-approved trade licensing for the services in which we match them with customers.


We have thoroughly checked all the websites that provide the state sex offender information of the state in which the owner of the company is located. It is to confirm that there is not a match based solely on the name of the owner of the company. We will also check the background information of all the service professionals, as to provide the consumers with perfect skilled employers


For the service professionals who run a corporate or limited liability company, we assure our customers that their business is duly registered in the state, in which the company is located.


We use the help of the third-party data sources to check each business owner, or service professional for bankruptcy filings, and property claims. We will also inquire about various significant state-level civil legal judgments occurring within twelve months before the service professional’s application for membership in the Kraftivo network. All these will be enquired in the state in which the owner of the company is located.


Kraftivo team will verify all the social security numbers of the business owners, primarily to small businesses, to confirm their identities. After this process only, they will be given entry to our network.


You people are not charged for this service because the service professionals pay a specific fee amount to purchase the leads, which are most appropriate for them under Kraftivo's network. The interior designers, architects, and other service professionals should specify the type of work they do and the area they serve. Kraftivo will provide new customer leads that match with the requests, and the service professionals will pay small fees for each lead they receive. These fees do not affect the estimate of the customer.

You should pay close attention to bids and contracts. As a customer, it is your responsibility to get bids. All prices you opt should be stated on the contracts. If something is unclear to you, it is your right to ask as many questions, till you feel informed.

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