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We at Decorpot, not just make your interior space look appealing, but aim to bring utmost efficiency in design and value for money. We have a team of incredibly qualified individuals in the field of interior design, who have the passion to visualize your space and draw an exclusive ideology on its functionality. Our ideation is followed by a number of one-on-one discussions with our clients to achieve a great amount of satisfaction. We are devoted to personalizing an interior space to match our client requirements and standards, further realizing a design that complements both space and decor. We do everything in our power, to render a unique version of your space. Decorpot has been growing like no other company in Bangalore in Interiors industry. All of the quality checks and confirming of the best possible result for our clients have paid off. We take pride in completing over 300 residential projects in Bangalore with flying colours in a short span of 18 months. At Decorpot, we do not outsource any of our productions. We, in fact, in-source all our work and have our own factory with strict scrutiny on quality standards. Every item produced is supervised for excellence in order to provide best results to our customers. Our team has earned good reputation in providing end to end solutions to our clients. When the customers communicate their needs, we make prompt attempt to give solution without involving any other party. Not only wardrobe and kitchen, we also provide Décor solutions such as lighting, false ceiling, customized movable furniture, painting, granite, stone work and much more. Our products are finished with value addition by fittings of numerous reputed brands. Among the various interior design firms in Bangalore, Decorpot is one of the largest OEM for Hettich in Bangalore. We buy accessories from Hettich and other companies like Faber, Aristo, Frankie, Merino, Airolam and WOF to provide the best to our clients. All the above mentioned brands have recognised our mettle and made us their authorised partner. We have our Experience Center located at HSR Layout, Bangalore, to assist customers where we look forward to enlighten them about diverse range of materials and accessories available in market that can be used for their interiors. Here they can practically examine quality standards by touch and feel before implementation. We keep quality at the center of everything we do, that's the reason we use only high quality materials from leading brands in our products. Plywood of MR grade for dry areas and BWP grade for wet areas with Merino and Airolam laminates are used as the core of the furnitures we manufacture. All our furnitures are manufactured using state of the art German machineries with stringent quality checks. Installations are carried on at the site by highly skilled technicians, all hardware and fittings used during installations are from Hetttich - which comes with lifetime functional warranty.

Decorpot Decorpot Decorpot - Interior designer

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3.9 average based on 13 reviews.


Recently done interior from Decorpot. Design is very nice and people are liking it. Initially they have been assign some carpenters and we found those are not worth so than we approached the execution team lead, immediately they have changed the carpenters. This is how they give priority to the client. We very much impressed. Newly assigned carpenters are very helpful, polite and responsible towards their work as well as understand the requirements very well. Really appreciate the work done by them in a very less time with quality and perfection.nnI would like to appreciate Sowmya(Designer of my interior work) for her beautiful designs, we are very thankful to her, And with her beautiful designs made me to refer 5 clientsnI would also like to appreciate Bala(Site supervisor) for his timely response and taking ownership to complete interior work with quality and perfection

Gaurav Rathi

Hi All,nnI have done my interior with Decorpot. Initially, I was very happy i saw a great team with good and unique design they provide. And i waited almost a year as my builder delayed my handover. However during this time i have completed my designing. And as initially i like the quotes and the work in 1 year i did not approach any other interior company.nnOnce the quote is finalised, i really appreciate the team of Decorpot, as they did my interior with the same old quote and did not charged me extra.nnJuly 5th i started my interior work, and which was promised to me that after signing the contracts, it will take 60 days to complete the project. I signed the contract in May 20th sometime.nnEverything was as per plan, I paid the 90% of amount on time (Can produce the proof if any one need from Decorpot). Materials (60%) came on time, and work started and carpenter was assigned.nnHere comes the issues, when the work started, there was a PM called Suresh who was in charge of the false ceiling . That guy without putting the proper matts above the tiles in my home started the false ceiling work. Due to which my wooden flooring of mater bedroom was damaged. Also the false ceiling design was not given properly by designer called Bopanna. Causing the double work of false ceiling at my kids bedroom. Later when i escalated this, i came to know that they have fired that PM named Suresh and new PM was assigned.nnAfter this false ceiling drama, other one big headache was the carpenter. The carpenter was initially assigned with only one helper, but when i visited the site i see there were 4 man working at my flat, out of 2 were working somewhere else and came to my site and working. The issue with those is that they were not professional at all. They cut the wood in wrong dimensions and then doing work around by drilling the wood here and there. Caused me the look and feel of the wardrobe bad. There were extra holes in the wardrobe without proper screw being fit. There are still more than 20 places at my home like this where the hole in the wall or wardrobe was done without the need.nnThe carpenter while returning home caught by police and at night 10 PM the carpenter is asking me to come to police station and rescue. This is totally shocked me. All this happened within first week of the work started itself.nnSecond week, the carpenter completed the the material he was having and then there were no materials almost for next 1 week. When i called the escalation manager named Dibyan, he told me sir all in progress and we can expected the materials next week. Which did not come as per promised schedule.nnThe materials which came after a week, which was supposed to be the factory made, it came as raw plywood to my home ans carpenter was asked to fit all these manually at my home. (Please see the pics attached).nnThe dimension of the material was wrong multiple times. I have ordered CNC jali to fit into the pooja unit. They have changed it 3 times as the dimension and design were wrong. The clear glass to put on top of pebble tray came in 3rd week, however the PM named Ambrish did not bother to check the size of that clear glass, and when carpenter was suppose to put the glass he found the the dimension was not correct.nnContinue....nnI called up again escalation manager Dibyan, he told sir i will come and check. Meanwhile he also told that the carpenter has already screwed 3 other site. And i was like, boss i am paying you huge money and when you know that the carpenter is not good, why he was put into my site. I then spoke to the one of co-owner Shomil, he assured me all things will go smoothly from now onwards. However, he does not have most of the information about my site as people around him related to my site was not giving him proper information.nnMr. Dibyan came to my home (This is the time when my delivery date was already passed), I shifted my housewarming 3 times because of these cheaters.nnComing to the site, i came to know that PM#2 Ambrish was also fired. I have paid them amount for the Kitchen slab in the month of June. And i have asked for detailed quote, which they did not provide for more than a month. When they gave, i refused to take that quote as it was high and ask for the refund. After following up 100 times, they refuse to return my money and told that it will be adjusted in final billing. Mr. Dibyan promised me that, if the site was not given on time, they will refund my amount of the kitchen slab which they did not do.nnI asked them to fix some extra partition and replace the hinges from normal to slow. They started asking me money for that and said that they can not do until i paid them that amount. However my kitchen slab amount was still with them.nnI asked the designer Mr. Bopanna, asking for a design for the aquarium. That guy did not give me the complete design asking from almost more than 2 months.nnAfter 3 months of restlessness and lot many snags they told work is completed. They did not gave me any certificate of servicing and work done. nnPlease be aware, they are money minded people. Once you paid your hard earned money the completion of the work is not guaranteed. I was a genuine customer if anyone needs any details can leave a message here i am happy to answer this with proof. I am attaching few pictures and screenshot of the conversation for the reference.nnThey have blocked in Facebook as i started showing their awesome work there. If you have guts, call me and sort out the things instead blocking me.

Vikrant Urs

Although interiors is a very subjective matter, i appreciate the way even the sales team and the design team hand holds the consumer. Even though it took lot of rework on design as i wanted something really exclusive, my designer just didn't back out and gave me the design that i loved. Even the delivery got delayed due to our requirement of some specific types of design elements, but they arranged it in time for the my Gruhapravesha. Thank you and good luck guys!


We have been with Decorpot since Dec 2018. They are perfect in delaying each and every process of theirs to delay the customers. Sales, designers, project managers and MD of the organisation also does not have business ethics. We have been following up on with them on the completion of the contract work daily basis from last 6+ weeks and their response is all poor. They seems not at all interested in delivering at all even delaying the initial promised date of May 2019. We have to shorten the items from the contact and stop giving our future requirements and they are not even bothered about the same. Even they mentioned they have enough customers. These days they are avoiding our calls also and if they pick they are showing their attitude. Would never recommend this organisation for anyone. Better go to local carpenters than Decorpot.

Jyotibabu M

I signed the contract approving the quote and drawings on 15th July and the work was completed after 4 months on 16th November. Needless to say they had said that they'll complete the work in 45-60days after signing the contract and I lost Rs50,000 in rent due to the 2 months delay. Decorpot is one of the most unprofessional organisation who just uses sugar coated words and has no conviction or responsibility towards the clients needs. The quality of the execution is also very bad with the panels not aligned properly. There is no post implementation quality check. The Outsourced carpenters of decorpot are least bothered of the client's property. They spit their Gutkha out of every window thus painting the neighbors walls. I had faced a lot of embarrassment because of this from my neighbors and the builder.nLast but not the least, please check the delay penalty amount in your contract. Rs5 per sft does not compel Decorpot to complete their work on time. If you are looking to get your work completed on time, get it revised to Rs.100 in your very first meet itself. I trusted Decorpot with the timelines but was betrayed big time. Creation of Whatsapp group is a farce. They do not reply or answer your calls once the payment is made. It's a trap with no exit policy. BEWARE! I had hired their services so that I can concentrate on my office work while they do the interiors for me. I must say that I had a very tough time having the carpenters to come to work. The carpenters whereabouts were not even known to Decorpot. Unless I tell them that the carpenters have not turned up, they didn't even know about it. Least bothered people. No urgency shown in completion of the project.

Sanjay Jain

Very good team with excellent leadership. Creative and at the same time cost effective. They invest so much time on each customer despite their hectic schedule, which is very rare in this industry. They just don’t serve a customer, they win customer in fact with their behaviour. Excellent post implementation service. Thank you deepak ji and team for making my house a home with your lovely creation.

Christina Gomes Saxena

Great team of people. We had a short timeline and they delivered within that. We are happy with the work, quality and service and it was fun working with them.

Surendra Dugar

One of the best interior decorator in town with a group young and enthusiastic designers, with top class manufacturing factory, reasonablly priced.

Romeo Nayak

Work is very neat & the ply quality used are very good. They cater to your requirements very aptly. rnNeed more variety in laminates but have wide range of designs available. Teams are in place, designers & factory workers & their supervisors. Friendly gesture helps things much smoother. Very professional though!

Praveen Chandran

From the 3D design creation to the final implementation they were very professional. I am really happy with the final outcome also satisfied with their prompt post implementation support. They do bring a lot of creative thoughts on the table which helped us during discussions.


Great team of people. We had a short timeline and they delivered within that. We are happy with the work, quality and service and it was fun working with them.


Is a very good interior solution for every kind of your requirements. They're professional and good at what they do.


From the 3D design creation to the final implementation they were very professional. I am really happy with the final outcome also satisfied with their prompt post implementation support. They do bring a lot of creative thoughts on the table which helped us during discussions.


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