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We at DEEJOS INTERIORS, located in Marathahalli, Bangalore recognize that our strength lies in our highly motivated and committed team with knowledge, experience, creativity, thoroughness and professionalism. We have a combination of experienced and your talented team. All the members of the team have a strong and sound base of creativity. We have the expertise needed to address a broad spectrum of Interior services we offer DEEJOS INTERIORS through its projects guarantees classic finishes, innovative ideas and lifetime facilitation. In order to provide a streamlined execution in each stage of the project, our designing and execution team is outfitted with latest software’s machinery and hand tools which helps us to deliver quality output on time. We have a strong reputation for designing executing and delivering premium outputs. DEEJOS has touched the pinnacle of making many happy homes that satisfy the told and untold requirements of the customer across various niches.


B.Sc. Interior Design

Home designs

Office designs

Hospitality space designs (cafes/restaurants/bars)

2d/3d Designs

Space planning

Lighting selection

Accessories / Decor












Other styles


Overall Rating


3.9 average based on 8 reviews.


Worst interior company and team,they had office in marathalli before and now shifted to somewhere else,may be to ran from customers who are trying to follow up on their work.nThey will give you warranty that they will complete you work within 1 or max 45 days,for me it took them 6 months to complete my interior in which I ended up paying carpenters from my side for the materials otherwise they used to stop work.nWorst experience.nWorst support by Sundar, AlexnCan’t give less then 1 star otherwise I would have.nCarpenters have installed kitchen doors shelves with 1 screw so that we have to ask them again after sometime till we notice and they will ask the money again.nForget about warranty guys, they will stop taking your calls before the work will finish.nThe good reviews given by there own people I guess.

Saurabh Saxena

Highly unprofessional, unethical, arrogant, bad quality of work.nn1 star is a rating too high for deejos interiors.nPeople are strictly advised to stay away even from the compound where deejos office is located.nThey will treat you extremely well till u pay them a good part of the project cost following which they will start hanging up your calls blocking your number and other such arrogant things.nThere website says 45 days guarantee which they will also promise along with the promise of paying your rent in case of delay which is a total scam.nnFor me the project started 26 th feb . Half the amount was paid on 22march and I'm still waiting for my interior to be complete.nIn this period the material delivered was delayed by 1 month( which is too much when it says factory made product )nExecution is delayed like anything during which i have got atleast 4-5 handover dates( all missed ofcourse).nIf ill call them and tell them that its its getting too late they will start demanding full payment which will not be discussed(for which i had clarified in the design phase itself that full payment will not be made until completion to which they had agreed).nFor me only 40000 payment is left out of a 470000 project that is 10%.nnThey will tell that they will use all hettich accessories if u wish too and add the cost to the quotation. But later they will start arguing that hettich is too costly and they cannot provide .I literally had to call 6-7 times to get hettich.nnDuring quotation stage they will tell u they will give no. Of choices for wardrobe and kitchen handles but later will send u 1 handle(appears to be cheap) to be fixed i.e no choice.nnAnd even the quality of the work is not good .factory finished doors had to be cut to get to the required dimension which looks bad later .nnIf try to raise a complaint to deejos customer service for such issues it reaches to the same person who you want to complaint against. There is no higher official looking after the deejos bangalore team.nIf u want to speak to people regarding issues they will send junior site engineers or designers who do not have authority to commit anything.nnAll in all one should never go to deejos for interior if u want to keep your blood pressure normal and keep your money safe.nnIm under impression that same is applicable for deejos chennai as well.

charu sharma

Deejos defines class and excellence. Deejos is the right place to stop if you are looking for genuine and good quality work. The staff works hard to ensure the house comes up as per your expectation. We are very happy with the house and look forward to enjoy the beautifully decorated house once we move in.....THANK U DEEJOS.

Mohana Priya

Referred by my friend in chennai who has done interior with them.. They have done really nice work in my new apartment . Defenitely will recommend to more persons.

Surya Kumar

Good and professional team to go for interiors. Definitely will recommend to my neighbors in whitefield.

shailaga r

Deejos team work is very good with proper finishing without delaying in execution work. my home interiors was been completed within the scheduled time.

rakesh maharana

it was a very good experience working with deejos team, i loved all the works which they have done for me from designs to execution.


I would suggest deejos to anyone looking for an experienced and creative interior designer firm.They are very good at what they do best interior design. Hired them for a second project and I,m blown away yet again. Very friendly and full of ideas-thanks.


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