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Hotels Design Ideas

Hotel is a small or big establishment that provides paid lodging facility by offering rooms for the people on a short-term basis. These buildings have the facilities including mattress, higher-quality beds, upholstered chairs, a refrigerator, a dresser, other kitchen facilities, television and an attached bathroom. Small hotels with lower price will only offer the basic services and facilities. But the larger, higher-priced hotels provides various additional amenities such as a swimming pool, childcare, conference halls, business center, tennis or basketball courts, gymnasium, restaurants, day spa,  and other outdoor facilities with social function services. The major types of hotels include Luxury hotels, Boutique and lifestyle hotels, Full-service hotels, Focused or select service, Extended stay, Economy and limited service, Timeshare and destination clubs, Resort hotels, Motel, Microstay, etc.

The process of hotel designing involves the important stages including planning, drafting, design, and development. Hotel interior designs and styles are much diverse, with the numerous existing variations. The contemporary hotel design is most sophisticated and functional, as the hotel owners involve specialist interior designers, architects, environmental and structural engineers, skilled contractors and designers. The process of designing a hotel can include refurbishment of an existing hotel building, the conversion of other buildings or the construction of new buildings. The contemporary hotel design efficiently integrates various aspects of hotel operations within a location to minimize the interference with one another. It is usually designed to ensure the practical functionality and relationship of its parts.

A perfect hotel design has to be homely and comfortable, and it should be pleasing to the customers. A correct balance between different rooms can be achieved by giving similar colors, shades, and textures in the room. Pops of bold wall colors and mild colors are capable of brightening the space and making the whole area look far more interesting, and even those simple color schemes can provide a luxurious look. Selecting modern wooden floor material is suitable for the hotel rooms. The room needs a perfect natural light illumination, and the installation of certain specific lighting can bring about a cozy feeling. Hanging some wall paintings, a large mirror, or any other unique accessories can bring about the beauty of the room.

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