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Stadiums Design Ideas

A stadium is a place or venue constructed for the outdoor sports, various concerts, competitions, or other important events. It is designed in a round structure with seating arrangements around the ground, that will allow the audience to sit and watch the program or game. Most of the stadiums have a capacity of at least 10,000 people, that is used for the soccer, which is the most popular sport in the world. Other popular stadium sports include football, cricket, baseball, hockey, basketball, athletics, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, tennis, Kabaddi, badminton, cycling, polo, etc. The main types of stadiums include the Domed stadiums, which has roofs, and the conventional stadiums, that doesn't have roofs.

Different types of sports require fields with different size and shape. Some stadiums are designed primarily for a single game while others can accommodate various events, particularly ones with the seating, which can be taken back. When stands are placed all the way around the stadium, it takes on an oval shape, and when one end is of the stadium is open, it has a horseshoe shape. All three configurations including open, oval and horseshoe are common in stadium designs. Increasing the noise caused by fans in the design will help to create a lively atmosphere. Because of the electrical grids, proper lighting has become an essential element in the stadium design, which will allow the games to be played after sunset, and in covered stadiums that will enable less natural light and more shelter for the public.

The nearby areas of the stadium should provide some shopping and food facilities with an amazing view of the game. The stadiums are mainly constructed of aluminum, or other fabrics, that makes the stadium appear alive. The stadium interiors have a three-tiered profile, which includes most of the facilities. The middle part of the stadium provides a club and corporate seating with private hospitality. The stadium user accommodation is arranged in six levels, that includes various food, drinks, and beverages with restaurants, retail outlets, and toilet facilities.

The ground areas of the stadium should have a green grass carpet flooring, that enables comfort to the sports players and other performers.The stadiums also consists of some swimming pool, gym, practice area, etc

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