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A school is an institution or building, that is designed to provide learning environment and space for teaching students under the direction of teachers. Most of the countries have compulsory systems for formal education, in which the students progress through various classes and schools. There is primary school for young children, secondary school for teenagers, and the higher education is taught in a college or university. Schools commonly have various rooms and areas including Classrooms, Canteen, playground, gym, Auditorium or hall, office, library, laboratory, teachers room, computer labs, and bathrooms. The schools should have a well equipped water supply and sanitation facility as well.

A good school design has a clear link between the performance of the pupil and their behavior. Successful school design is the result of hard work and collaboration between designers, architects, contractors, and other workers. A high-quality design that inspires the students to learn is really important.  Good use and organization of the spaces, with buildings and grounds that are safe, secure, and protective for the children is important. Internal areas should be well-proportioned meeting the needs of the curriculum. The schools should have good environmental conditions with garden and natural beauty in the exteriors and interiors. It should have well-designed external spaces offering different leisure, learning, and sports settings. The classrooms and other areas of the school should have a well-set ventilation, for the easy flow of natural light.

Every classroom should have accessible workstations, movable furniture, fittings and other accessories. There should be easy access to study materials, computers, and other equipments as well. The school should have an additional health center for the well-being, personal care, and specialist medical and therapy facilities for the children. The spaces should be designed in a way to meet all the specific needs of students, teachers, and administrative staff. The walls can be painted with any vibrant color that can make the students active and energetic. Any flooring material that is comfortable for the children can be chosen. Additional artificial lighting is not necessary as there will be a good amount of natural light and ventilation with well-set windows and doors. Every classroom should contain several bench, table, chair and other pieces of furniture. Placing various accessories like toys, study materials charts and other wallpapers will give a elegant look to every rooms of the school.

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