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A museum is a building or an institution that takes care of the collection of various artifacts and other artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific objects. The major purpose of the modern museums is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display the artistic items, or unique things with scientific significance for the education of the researchers and public. There are several museums located in the major cities throughout the world, and lots of local museums exist in smaller city areas as well. We can find various types of museums including, art museums, science museums, natural history museums, war museums, children's museums, etc.

The designing process of museums involves the planning of museum design and space planning of the museum area, where the collections will be housed. The museum design should be seamless, evocative, high-quality and culturally sensitive. Designing process of the museum galleries, spaces, or new wings and buildings is really important. A well-designed museum space should accent the collection, and puts the people at ease. Features of the galleries like circulation, density, lighting, backgrounds, arrangement, and labels should be considered.

Individual objects and other accessories should be placed neatly without overcrowding, so that everything appears to have equal value and importance. The positioning, arrangement, and display of an antic, historic or scientific object is important. The place should be filled with appropriate natural light that is not too intense, as it will turn the space into a elegant one. Artificial lights that give a consistent and bright look can also be used. Backgrounds can be beautified with different props, paintings, panels, or a simple painted wall. These must be placed as complementary pieces, that shouldn't detract from the object on display. Museum label and explanatory accessories are essential for an excellent viewer experience, and a minimum amount of information should be provided for understanding the museum pieces.  Accessories like guides about overall museum, larger panels, and smaller panels can be used, for providing data regarding the objects displayed.
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