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Balcony Design Ideas

Balcony is a small platform, which projects from the wall of a house, apartment or any building, usually above the ground floor. Balconies are accessible from the inside area of the building through a door. A balcony can be beautified from a dull facade and can be changed into a housing garden, workout area, storage unit or reading space. Staying in terraces and balconies have always given a happy feeling and relaxation to the residents of the house. It is easy to make a huge and beautiful balcony area but to design and accessorize it creatively has always been a real challenge. A clear and thoughtful plan is necessary for designing the space gorgeously.

As most of the balconies are small in size, it is a tough job to determine the best design, keeping your taste and style. There are limitless options when it comes to design this little space. Try to create a refreshing, beautiful, comfortable and relaxed hangout spot where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. There are three main balcony designs available, True balcony which is a traditional type, Faux balcony that can’t hold a person and is used purely as ornamental window decorations, and False balcony, with a fence and small deck that is about six inches deep. There are a variety of balcony railings to choose from, including Wood railing, Aluminum railing, Vinyl Railing, Wrought iron railing and Glass Railing.

You can make the area more comfortable and stylish by adding a small cushioned chair, a tiny table, a hammock or hanging chair, an l-shaped sofa, and such small pieces of furniture. Balcony should be designed with simplicity, giving importance to the smaller nature. You don’t want to make it crowded, especially if you are also hoping to use it for some storage. Balcony lighting with unique lights is an essential component that will instantly upgrade your space. A glass lantern or large pillar candle will also provide light and create an elegant ambiance. Balcony gardening with lush green landscapes, botanical retreats, herb gardens, flowering shrubs and much more makes the balcony attractive. You can make the balcony area interesting with an outside depository or storage space. Cabinets and shelves can also meet your needs. Through all these new ideas you can easily create your own personal space.

Kraftivo provides a wide variety of Balcony design ideas and other tips, which can be helpful for your house construction. If you want any information regarding the Balcony designs and styling, you can immediately contact our registered professionals.

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