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A window is an opening seen in a wall, door, or roof of a house, apartment, vehicle or any building that ventilates and allows the passage of natural light, sound, and air to the inside areas. Selecting the perfect window style for your home is not at all a simple process, it requires time. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered while choosing windows. Windows are the front gate to the outer world, and they should reflect unique style must allow the sunlight and fresh air to the interior. The window treatment materials include fabric, wood, metal, vinyl, and other composites. There are an endless array of styles, colors, patterns, and different configurations available, and you can find plenty of options that complement your interiors. The types of windows include the fixed windows, single-hung and double-hung sash windows, tilt and slide windows, tilt and turn windows, sidelight windows, skylights, roof windows, bay windows, picture windows, emergency exit windows, stained glass windows, panel windows, double and triple paned windows, etc.

An ideal window design depends on the weather, place and the architectural style of the house that carries them. Your windows will help define your personality and the style of your home whether it is traditional or modern. You can easily customize any window as per your changing tastes and desires. Accessorizing the windows with Shutters, Curtains, Window Guards, Grilles, and others, helps in adding the versatility of controlling the brightness of the light. Curtains are long fabrics that cover the entire open space that hangs in front of the window. We should keep our windows in good condition, ensuring a longer life. Try to select the window treatments that offer privacy in your house, especially at night. Keep in mind that the window treatments aren't just viewed from interiors of the house, but also from the exterior.

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