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Garden Design Ideas

A garden is an outlined and constructed wide outdoor area, with a large variety of plants, flowers, trees and the natural beauty, that is set aside for the display, and cultivation. This beautiful space mainly incorporates both natural and human-made materials. There are general residential gardens, and Zoos, which is formerly known as zoological gardens. The western gardens are based on plants, with garden, that is popularly known as a botanical garden. Most of the gardens mainly consist of a mix of different natural and constructed elements. The natural elements present in a garden comprises of flora, fauna, soil, water, air, and light. The constructed elements include paths, sculptures, lights and buildings, human-made flower beds, ponds, lawns, etc. Constructing a garden near your house enhances the cooperation with nature, plant cultivation, observation of nature, and invites small animals, birds, and insects. Gardens are relaxation spots where the family can dine, and the children could play, learn and read.

The front yard is a portion of land in the front of the house or apartment, sometimes with a garden or covered in grass. The area behind the house is the backyard or back garden. Designing the space with a beautiful will be a difficult task, which needs an expert help. Flooring is an important aspect of any garden. The floor is mainly filled with natural materials such as gravel or stone tiles in pastel tones or reddish-brown earthy shades. Creating a lush green lawn throughout the garden will be a great idea. We should use the right mix of trees, shrubs, and flowers in these nature-friendly spots. Walkways are another important part, which is a path through the garden one can walk, it is made out of stones, bricks, or pavers.

A garden pond is a small water resource which is usually spotted near the garden of a home or apartment. It mainly includes lily pads, fishes, and other aquatic plants, that complement the whole garden design. Another space that commonly seen inside a garden is a garden shed, which is typically a simple, roofed structure, that is mainly used for storage purpose. It comes in several size, shapes, colors, and styles.

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