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Conservatory / Greenhouse Design Ideas

A conservatory is a particular room adjoining a house or a separate building made of glass or tarpaulin roofs and walls, which is used as a greenhouse or a sunroom. These conservatories or greenhouses are incredibly stylish and cost-effective, which helps us to enjoy life and all the pleasures of sunlight, rain, and gardening, inside the glass house. A unique weightless roofing system is used in these greenhouses. We can also add appropriate accessories and ornamentation to this glass structure as our desire. Light color schemes and styles are a more versatile option that can easily complement a conservatory space, which acts as a multi-purpose room. A conservatory will look elegant with a themed finish, more natural light, and windows. Decor and accessories of the whole design must be minimal. It should allow light and breeze freely inside, and the outdoors sights should be visible through the glass wall.

The conservatories mainly fall into two categories, contemporary and traditional.

Traditional Conservatory

A traditional conservatory provides an element of elegance to the adjoining contemporary house, and it also helps in softening the modern aesthetics of the property, presenting a captivating touch. The houses inspired from old eras are usually paired with the traditional conservatories. Today, these greenhouses are seen as a front area, which complements an older home, enhancing its whole appearance. You can have a classic and timeless appearance for your area, as the historical structures inspire the traditional conservatories. The major types of traditional conservatories include Victorian Conservatory, Edwardian Conservatory, and the Gable Conservatory.

Contemporary Conservatory

Contemporary conservatories provide simple designs and are very spacious when compared to the traditional one. These conservatories have clean lines and pitched lean-to style roofs. The contemporary conservatories are adaptable and will suit a wide range of properties, as the design can be as unique as the specifications. The Lean-To Conservatory and P-Shape Conservatory are the types of Contemporary Conservatories. Another new type of conservatory is the modern conservatories, which offers a diversity of designs, in different shapes, colors, and finishes. The modern conservatories provide various features including additional living space, increase in the value of the home, and a relaxing environment. Other conservatory types are Classical and Eclectic.

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