Indian Corridor & Hallway Design Ideas, Images & Inspirations

Corridor & Hallway Design Ideas

Corridor/hallway is a passageway connecting the parts of a particular home or building, which provides access between rooms. It is an elongated hall inside the front door of a house may be called a passage, corridor, or hallway, which could be wide or narrow according to circumstances. Corridor is an area of the home where everyone walks through, and there are no obstructions with enough space.

As the corridors are mostly narrow, filling several shelves, accessories or decorations can make them congested. There are different options from cupboards to racks, that can significantly contribute in arranging your space efficiency. If the hallway is by a staircase, beautifying it with long patterned carpet runner will be a creative idea. White will be the apt color for any hallway, and you can also brighten up the space with other light colors. Unique hallway lighting can be beneficial and helpful in creating a beautiful and balanced light flow throughout the home. It is the perfect finishing touch, and stylish lamps help in decorating the space. Several houses already have built-in storage closets in the hallways, which can be organized to fit the storage needs. Accessories like photographs, artworks, mirrors, table lamp, candles, flowers, can be used in the corridors for making an elegant feeling. We can also accessorize the area with a carpet, rug, potted plant, painting, tapestry, or piece of furniture. Creating a mini indoor garden on your corridor will be a great idea.

There are various design ideas to beautify your corridors in Kraftivo. If you have any queries regarding your designing, you can consult with our registered professional interior designers and architects. They will surely guide you throughout the design process and will also provide many essential bits of advice. By hiring professionals from our web portal, you can save money and time.

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