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Terrace Design Ideas

A terrace is a flat rooftop surface area which can be seen on the top of a house, apartment or any building. It can be an external, open, area near a building or as a roof terrace on a flat roof. The flat roof areas are presently used for social activities, gardening, and other such activities. Designing fantastic roof terraces of different styles, with various elements like gardens, fireplaces, play areas and dining zones for your house will be delightful. You can spend the most relaxing, and enjoyable, quality time of your life here. We should consider three essential factors while designing a roof terrace including wind, whether the roof terrace is strong enough, and the final thing is water for irrigation purpose. It will look beautiful if the area is environmental-friendly with lots of plants, trees, and other such natural resources. A well-raised terrace garden can become lush green with container gardening, automated drip irrigation, low-flow irrigation systems, and other outdoor furnishings.

Porch or balcony of a home should be creative, and stylish for having a unique residence. You can place plants or design furniture, decorations or other accessories as per your desire. The modern terrace designs offer various trends from which to choose. You can select any energetic wall color, and a wood deck or stone flooring in the terrace area, that fits the budget and suits the climate. One of the most important and essential item in the design of the terrace is furniture, which appears in the center of the terrace. The garden furniture gives a face to the terrace or balcony and provides a structure to the free surface visually. The most popular outdoor furniture materials are iron, plastic, aluminum, and natural wood. You should not forget the available space and try to accessorize and decorate it in a minimalistic and elegant manner. In the nights the garden and your outdoor space can be magical with good lighting, and it will make the roof look larger during dusk.

Kraftivo provides several terrace and outdoor garden designs which could help you people in creating a unique roof top spot. If you have any queries regarding the terrace designing, you can contact our registered professional interior designers and architects.

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