Interior design is a great way to transform your home and personalize it to exhibit your unique taste. While you can use your own thinking and creative muscle to improve the aesthetics of your home, following the latest trends is even better. If you follow these trends, you can find ideas that never popped up in your mind, but fit your taste perfectly.

Let us reveal to you the hottest trends in interior design to transform your home.

Environmentally Friendly Designs

These days, a number of people are going green. The trending green interior designs not only look lovely, but they are engineered to ensure best health of your family and home. Research shows that the air which we breathe inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside. The newest green elements, from floor to furniture to paint, are designed keeping this reality in mind to make our homes healthier.

Another popular interior design trend is the adoption of natural fabrics. Wicker, bamboo, hemp and similar natural materials are prepared in an environment-friendly way to reduce harmful effects and add an airy and light look to your home.

Contemporary Sofa Bamboo Seating Area

If you don’t find these materials appealing in their raw form then search for these products and you’ll be surprised to see how different finishes to these materials can give them a truly magnificent appearance.

The use of patterns and fabrics inspired by menswear are one of the hottest trends in interior design. You can be delicate with tweed prints or fabrics or go bold with classic gold and rich purples. Accent pieces are also trending and if you don’t want to pattern your entire room, these could be a good option for you.

Technological Designs

Technology has literally taken over the world as today it is found in every aspect of human life. The technological advancements that have taken place in the last few years seemed almost unreal a decade ago. All of this has shaped a way for some truly elegant interior design.

When someone mentions technology, we think about smartphones, laptops and all new gadgets, but in reality, technology can also be used to transform our homes by making them more beautiful, enjoyable and convenient. This why the use of technology is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2017

When it comes to technological design, architectural speakers are a great example. You can find these speakers in shapes and colors which match any décor and eliminate the unsightly look of traditional speakers. You don’t need those bulky unattractive speakers to ruin the magnificence of your home when you can get your hands on stylish architectural speakers.

Another way you can use technology to make your home more attractive is with televisions. Some televisions masquerade as mirrors when they’re off. If you don’t like that bulky wall-mounted television, get yourself these televisions which will act as stylish mirrors to make your room visually appealing.

Another major technological trend is home automation. The home automation panels can be mounted on the wall to give a stylish touch to your interiors. These panels remove the need for unattractive light and fan switches in each room. Home automation allows you to control sound, light, security, climate and other things from a central touch screen installed in a convenient location in your home.

Programable Electronic Thermostat

Painting is Trending

Painting is an interior design trend that has always remained popular. It is an easy way to alter the appearance of your room and give it a facelift in a single day. Whether you do it yourself or utilize the expertise of a professional to get the job done, paint can put a new life in your home at a low cost.

Color is always personal and you should not follow trends if you don’t like them. After all, you must live with the colors in your home every day! However, you can check out the hottest painting interior design trends as they are truly stunning and may match your style or offer you an inspiration to come up with your own design.

Blue and violent are trending right now. These relaxing, soothing hues give a welcoming touch of peace to your living space. While they are great for bedrooms to ease the transition to sleep, they also look gorgeous in dining areas or living rooms.

Murals or decals and stencils are a popular alternative to painting in interior design. You can personalize your living space with stencils. Wall-sized stencils offer a good alternative to decals while small stencils can be used to create accent pieces and borders.

Mural Stone Wall Sofa Floor

Murals and decals are good if you wish to test out a particular look before committing and many people find them valuable for long-term decoration as they are long-lasting and durable.

Application of the murals can be quite tricky and it is best to avail services of a professional to help you with installation. When properly applied, murals give a gorgeous look that mimics an enchanting illusion.

Professional’s Help or DIY?

The need for professional interior designer varies depending on the difficulty and size of your design project. Sometimes you cannot even decide which style best fits your home and considering that it is a major investment, you should not hesitate to avail services of professional interior designer.

If you’re tackling a large project and require the expertise of a professional, don’t try the project out yourself and ruin your perfect home. Always look for a professional interior designer. You can look through profiles of freelance interior designers and read the reviews by former clients to see if they meet your requirements

Another option is to publish your project on the web and wait for the interior designers to contact you. Professional interior designers will reach you and you can take their details to make the best decision based on your requirements and budget.

Always talk to a professional interior designer before the work begins. Talking about expectations and requirements ahead of time will help your project progress without any costly delays.



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