The role of a perfect design within the office cannot be neglected. With workers and employees spending so much of their time at the office, employers have to provide the perfect environment for their workers to perform effectively.

The year 2020 was a step forward in this direction as many offices experimented with some of the most trending designs to get the most out of the employees in an aesthetically pleasing office space. Now that the year is over, we can actually look back at all that transpired in this regard and find out some of the most trending designs that met daylight in the contemporary workplace. These interior design trends in 2020 are also expected to go into 2021, so you can also take inspiration from them if you plan to revamp your office space for the better.

Hiding the Wires

One of the most notable interior design trends in 2020 when it comes to office space and structure is how designers realized the need to hide cords and wires. No office space, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing you want to make it, will look good with wires hanging all over the place.

In fact, one of the most sought-after solutions from most clients coming from offices and corporate buildings was that they wanted to be freed from the hassle of wires lying all around the place. Interestingly, some of the clients looking to revamp their office structure wanted to make their organizational workplace look as light as possible. And, there is no better way to achieve a lighter look than getting rid of all the wires and clutter present near desktops and in conference rooms.

Even if the room has been made light through the use of limited fixtures, the clutter on the desks including wires, laptops, electronic devices, paperwork, personal items and docking stations can make the room look disorganized and full to its core. Designers feel that even the most expensive $30,000 table in the conference room can look disorganized and unattractive if the wires are not concealed properly. Luckily, 2020 saw an end to this mess as organizations have realized the importance of reducing the visibility of wires and clutters from the room and are carrying out steps to implement designs that are clean and simple.

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Bringing in the Outdoors

Nature is having a serious influence on the design being implemented by organizations within their workplace. Nature has always been an inspiration for designers, but the last year saw a massive tilt towards office interior designs inspired by nature. Panel installations, reclaimed wood, exposed concrete floor and other efficient incorporations of natural flora patterns within artwork and fabric have become really prominent. Along with plant life through living walls, many other natural designs were really liked by both employees and employers during the year 2020.

Designers are often instructed by the management in an office to make the space as cosy as possible. What the natural setting does in this regard is that it gets people to form a bond with their basic roots, and by doing so it helps them give the best they can. Moreover, the trend for setting a naturalistic tone within the office is part of the overall trend of bringing the home into the office. It is the natural feeling of cosiness exuded by these designs that are also expected to be a part of the trends for office design during 2019 as well.

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Multipurpose Workspaces

The changes we have seen when it comes to the workplace of the contemporary era are just miraculous. We get to see so many advances on a regular basis. In fact, even during the last 2 decades or so, the advances were never as fast-paced as they are now.

The newest trend in office interior designs is that of a multipurpose workplace. The multipurpose workplace is a trend that aims to completely revamp the design of the workplace and alter it with something that offers more multipurpose functionality. This has meant that cubicles are literally disappearing from the workplace. As a replacement for these cubicles, we first had the concept of the bench, but that too is being replaced by the concept of non-assigned seating setups within the workplace.

The concept of the multipurpose workplace has actually meant that organizations can utilize the space they have in a more prominent manner than before. By using the same area for daily work, meetings and casual breakouts alike organizations would save on space costs and get to effectively use their current resources. This trend is slowly catching up and would be even more prominent during the year 2020, as many organizations jump on the bandwagon towards a multipurpose organization.

Multipurpose Workspaces

Designated Lounge Area

The role of a designated lounge area has come to fulfil the need for making the workplace a more enjoyable experience for all of those involved. With employees having a lot to do during the day, they would happily greet the idea of designated lounge areas for themselves. With designated lounge areas, employees can easily communicate with each other without the pressure of work crowding over their minds.

The convenience of employees is the main reason behind the success of designated lounge areas in achieving a cordial relation between all team members. Team members often go and sit in these dedicated lounges to discuss issues and talk about external affairs not related to work. This could not only increase the scope of relations between all employees but could also serve as an occasional breather for employees who are tired from following the monotonous work regime that they have to adhere to.

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Organized by Color

Besides just the changes in the architectural design of the workplace, organizations have also introduced a lot of colour to their workstation. The colours incorporated into the structure of the office would go a long way in ensuring that the thoughts of the employees are more colourful and organized. Interestingly, there are numerous studies that have been conducted in this regard. Many studies that came out during the late 20th century emphasized upon how the colours in a workplace could help boost the productivity, creativity and happiness of all the employees working in the organization. The employees would feel more relaxed in a colourful environment than they would do in an environment that is dull and void of any colours.

The realization that colour could work well in motivating employees has dawned upon organizations as they incorporate a large range of colours in their organization. The colours popping from all corners of the organization would be a good way to boost the performance and also increase the aesthetical appeal of the interior you have in your office. Since the theories regarding the use of colours in the workplace are not going away anytime soon, you could expect this trend to very much be part of the office environment in 2020 as well as the years coming after. We surely can expect the office of the future to have a certain blend of pleasant colours in it.

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Community Tables

The trend for community tables is back and it is stronger than it ever was. More and more organizations are incorporating these tables in their workplace as they promote more interaction between all employees. Not only in organizations, but these tables are making an appearance in cultural hubs such as restaurants and hotels.

The trend behind the community table is not new as its concept spurs from that of shared tables or a symbol of kinship in the days gone by. People used to form alliances based on these tables as these have now become an integral part of the office in 2020. The tables have emerged as a feature of a workplace that is constantly evolving. Its use can be defined as an attempt to make the workplace more relaxed, collaborative and congenial.

Community Table

Different Textures Together

Gone are the days when office interior designs were focused on a monotonous tone that reflected through a single texture in place across the firm. Organizations and interior designers are now willing to take risks when it comes to experimenting with designs and contrasts. The aim behind the use of different textures is to create an environment that promotes productivity and wellness.

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The presence of a variety of textures within an office environment would also mean that all employees can relate to the texture. A monotonous theme means that either some employees love it or some hate it. The trend for colourful textures has surely taken 2020 by storm and if its popularity is anything to go by, we could see this texture continuing in 2021 as well.



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