Every place has its own story and, designing is a way of providing that place with the means to speak up their story. How you design it and decorate it helps in formulating an opinion about the person residing in that space. Those days have gone by when pink paint and pink linens would constitute elements of a girls bedroom. There are a variety of essentials that are needed to design a girl’s bedroom. Here we present you some of the best, chic, elegant and much-needed interior design ideas for girl’s bedrooms. Here are the Interior Designs for a Girl’s Bedroom.

Interior Designs for a Girl’s Bedroom

Interior Design with a Vanity

One of the must-haves of the interior design of a girl’s bedroom is a vanity. It is a well-known fact to human that girls need space to get ready, put their makeup and a mirror with adequate lighting. Ensure that you keep the area for a mirror that is large enough, you can have it horizontally or vertically according to the available area. Keep shelves and cabinets to place your makeup and hairstyling equipment and make sure it is easily accessible to you. Do not forget to employ proper lighting so you can work properly. Depending on the age you can decrease or increase the size of the vanity.

Girl's bedroom with vanity

Pink Room that is Bold and Bubbly

A girl’s bedroom should be bubbly and bold, and pink is the colour that can help in achieving both. Make it subtle and calm as well to ensure warmth. You can choose any shade of pink, from pastels or vibrant pink or paint one wall into a vibrant pink shade, and the rest in pastel pink or vice versa. The colour scheme dictates the vibe of a place, so ensure the colour scheme matches your desired vibe.

Pink girl's bedroom

Room with a Large Study Area

Irrespective of the age, you are going to need a study area in a girl’s bedroom. Keep in mind the comfort, age, colour scheme to decide which type and colour of the study table you want to design. With pastel shades, you can go for white or dark wood and, vibrant shades choose light shaded wood. The seating should be comfortable as well. If the books are loved then, keep a bookshelf alongside the table and keep shelves handy to have plenty of storage on hand. The size can vary according to the age and the available space.

Bedroom with study table

Bed Room with a Gallery wall

As your little girl grows up, there will be moments in her life that you and her will want to cherish. This way, you can work this out in two ways. Cherish those memories and cover a wall with the interiors. You can have your pick at the design and colour of the frames and wall. Avoid doing any other interiors in the room if you are doing the gallery wall.

Room with a gallery wall

Niche for Creativity

This room is best suited for girls who embrace creativity and are interested in art. It can be their niche to explore their potential, embrace it and also act as a habitat. Choose a colour scheme that has constituents of the primary colours- green, blue and red. You can choose other shades as well, but ensure including these. A large study table with ample space is necessary for your girl to explore her potential. You can get as creative as you want with the walls while choosing designs and patterns. Linens and other decors of the room should also be in the same scheme.

Creative room

Embrace the Shimmer

Besides pastels and pinks, the shimmer is another thing that fascinates girls, be it in jewellery or colours. You can have your pick from any shimmery shade. The most trending shimmery sade nowadays is Rose gold. You can keep one wall in any shimmery shade and keep the rest in other shades. Choosing decor items that complement your colour scheme is essential. Vases, fairy lights and chandeliers are the ways of adding glitter to the room. A Pro-tip is to do not go overboard with the glitter and overdo it.

Room with a shimmer

Room with a Theme

Everyone has a theme in mind for their bedroom. It can vary from sea to beach or unicorns. Just think of the theme you want for a girl’s bedroom and bring it to life. You can go ombre for unicorns and sea. Combine the required shades, ensure while choosing the shades for ombre that one shade is darker and the other one is lighter. You can coordinate the room decor according to the colour scheme. Other themes you can browse could be cartoons, princess or even theme based on the colour.

Room with theme

Choosing Vibrant Shades and Patterns

A girl’s bedroom should be vibrant and bubbly so, there is the energy around the room. This interior design idea opens up a range of colours, patterns and designs. If you are looking for a room for a girl below the age of six, then you can choose bright and large patterns like squares, triangles or stripes. While going for a teenage girl, keep the patterns small and sleek to make the room more mature and elegant. Also, choose pastel or lighter shades for teenagers while bold and vibrant shades for younger girls. It will make the basis for the bedroom.

Room with vibrant shades

As the generations come and go, new ways of designing develop. The themes, colour pallet, patterns everything changes. There was a time when a girl’s bedroom only needed a mirror, bed, linens, and that was it. Now the needs, specifications and ways have changed and so have changed the essentials that are required while designing. Keep these elements in your mind and, you will never go wrong or miss out on anything in the girl’s bedroom. There might be a situation where you have more needs and consider features then you can add those elements as well and achieve your perfect room.



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