The Modern Rustic Interior Design is becoming a thing of the day. Everyone is into the homey vibe and aesthetic created by this interior design. In this type of interior design, there is a blend of two very different ideas to make one alluring and elegant interior design. Rustic design is all about simplicity and modesty with the natural element. Combined with modern interior design that stands for clean lines, open layouts and luxurious finishes. Not everyone is aware of the essentials of modern rustic interior design. If you are one of the persons who is looking for the homey vibe and want to opt for this design, we have the perfect guide for you. Here are the Elements and Must-Haves of Modern Rustic Interior Design.

Elements of Modern Rustic Interior Design

Neutral and White Colour Pallet

The modern rustic interior design tries to keep it natural and warm. What better way to keep it simple with neutral and white colour pallet. Colour plays a salient role in this type of interior designs. It decides the vibe of the place. Keep the tones neutral or white they will enhance the look complemented with wooden furniture in the natural shades and bring out the rustic ambience that you want. Wooden floors or panelling will make your neutral or white pallet stand out. To give a vibrant finish to the whole look, pair them up with vibrant shaded cushions.

Colour Pallet For Modern Rustic Interior


Cosy Fabrics and Textiles

Other elements to bring cosiness to your place are fabrics and Textiles. It is a myth that colours alone change the vibe your fabrics and, textiles also modify the warmth of an area. Rugs, carpets, light coloured linens, sheer curtains with white colour pallet all contribute in making a place cosy and warm. Rustic handicrafts are handmade, upholstered and authentic. You can make Do it yourself rugs to add your efforts. Prevent yourself from using any patterns or textiles that are bold and harsh.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

Keeping it Natural

Naturalness is a vital element of this type of interior design. Everything is more or less natural and in its raw state. From colour scheme to fabrics to furniture, they are all-natural and radiate warmth in one way or another. The wooden accent in the natural shade included in the house decor amplifies the beauty and naturalness of the house. Plants and flowers also help in enhancing the element of keeping it raw.

Modern Rustic Interior Design


The Must-Have Furniture for Modern Rustic Interior Design

The furniture that is a must-have for this interior design is modern. Wooden benches for lawns and balcony featuring cushions with bold shades and natural fabrics are a perfect combination. You can choose contemporary furniture for your living area and blend it with fabric and textiles that resemble cosiness. Keep a wooden dining table as the focal point and enhance it with siting arrangement that resembles modern touch to have a mix of both modern and rustic in your interior design. Avoid choosing furniture that might come across as harsh and has bold lines to prevent it from spoiling the vibe.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

Combine the Insides with the Outside

The rustic interior is all about being natural and, what better way than keeping close to nature. Include plants and greenery in the insides of your house, apart from adding the living element they will keep your home fresh, airy and elegant. Another way is a lawn in your balcony or outside your house. Opt for big windows that bring the natural light so you can have a warm vibe and illuminate your home well. Faux greenery can also add the illusion of living element if you are not interested in keeping plants.

 Modern Rustic Interior

Wood as the Element of Modern Rustic Interior Design

For establishing an ideal house with modern and rustic features is the incorporation of wood in every way. From wooden ceilings to the wooden floorboard, you can include wood in every form. Since we are all about supporting natural ways of decor what could be better than wooden accents. It is easy to design and use in the house than any other element. Ensure to keep the wood in their natural tones and do not hamper their colours at any cost. Wooden flooring in brown shades, dining tables in their natural colour, wooden ceiling in chocolate tones and wooden panelling is the best options to bring out the wooden accent in your modern rustic house.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

Modern Furniture and Amenities

The main aim of this type of interior design is to add warmth and cosiness to the comfort and convenience provide by the modern amenities and furniture. The Contemporary this interior design stands for the comfort and convenience that the amenities provide and, stands as one of the crucial elements. Opt for Modular Kitchen with all the features, wooden cabinets that run smoothly. Bathroom fittings should also be modern to give you look.

Modern Amenities for Rustic Interior

Accessorise with Antiques

Antiques are the best way to incorporate something exotic in your interior. Any interior design gets enhanced with antiques since the rustic design is about warmth and, being old- hat it is the perfect element to add. You can go for antiques like cabinets with carvings, vases, or any antique collection you have been saving to decorate. Old photographs are not antiques but bring out the personalised effect of the house. If you are considering to buy some statement pieces, ensure that they are old and complement the theme and vibe of your house. You can not afford antiques that make your home decor go south.

Accesorization With Antiques

Say No to Shining Materials

Metal is another element you can use to embellish the decor of your house. Brass, iron or copper would work with the vibe. Brass pots for plants is a must-have for the interior. They beautify the freshness of the plants. Say a big no to shiny metals. Rustic decor is about being natural and simple. With lustrous metals, it will try to catch the attention and, our focal point is the warmth and not the shiny things. Also, avoid any reflective materials for the wardrobe and go rogue with wood only.

Decor for Modern Rustic Interior

In modern rustic interior design, we cherish and embrace the warmth, comfort and charm of the rustic with the mix of modern layouts, furniture and modern amenities. The rustic interior design brings the natural element of a place while modern decor enhances it with a hint of sophistication and elegance. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and finesse that people desire today. We hope that this guide on elements of modern rustic interior design turned out helpful to you.


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